Animation Types When tweening properties with MC Tween, there are several different animation types (or easing equation or transition types) that can be used . They are all based on Robert Penner's easing equations, so if you have played with other tweening systems, chances are you already know them by name (I even used his own words to describe most of the transition types here). If you don't, don't worry; they're quite simple to learn and use: just specify the type you want depending on the transition you want to achieve. How to chose the best transition type? MC Tween | Animation types MC Tween | Animation types
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0inShare Using a simple example I’d like to show you main principle of working with Papervision 3D and tell you the truth of it’s power and strength. In my previous posts you’ve seen tons of awesome flash galleries using 3D effects. So I created awesome simple papervision gallery which is using XML file as an images database in this case in 3D! I hope you’ll find this flash gallery interesting. I’ll try to do my best and write detailed tutorial in few days to help you study the papervision gallery code. Papervision 3D Flash Gallery | Flashmoto Papervision 3D Flash Gallery | Flashmoto
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