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The selby - photos in your place. featuring photographs, paintings and videos by todd selby of interesting people and their creative spaces. Photo by zeynepcankanergunay. Zeynepcankanergunay #fulloflight #vision #balance #truth #bliss Likes No likes yet. Comments zeynepcankanergunay #fulloflight #vision #balance #truth #bliss. The Coveteur. Blog de mode transversal, luxe, tendances, art. Apartamento - an everyday life interiors magazine. Egoiste Magazine. Solo Exhibition by the New York Artist Liam Everett at Paul Kasmin Gallery Project Space. NEW YORK, NY.

Solo Exhibition by the New York Artist Liam Everett at Paul Kasmin Gallery Project Space

-Paul Kasmin Gallery Project space, in collaboration with Romer Young Gallery, San Francisco, present a solo exhibition by the New York artist Liam Everett. Everett’s installation Cura consists of a recent group of paintings, which the artist refers to as the “eclipse paintings.” Working with acrylic, salt and alcohol, Everett’s paintings both “record and arrest a seemingly alchemical process” and reflect his continued exploration of the perceptual experience. Focusing on the motion of light and its inherent ambiguity as an entity tied, inseparably, to our temporal reality, Everett establishes an immediate, hyper-present relationship with the now.

“The eclipse paintings engage the appearance of light rather than the image of light.” Working with a spare palette of whites, grays and blacks, with hints of underlying color, Everett’s paintings exist at the interstice between deliberate and provisional - at once form-full and formless, finished and unfinished. GoSee - Creative News Services. Le Creative Sweatshop. Fashion, Art, Fashion, Music, Film, Ideas. The selby features photos + films by todd selby of creative people and their spaces. HUH. Magazine. Keri Smith. Confetti System : Home. AnOther Magazine & AnOther Man. The Online Home of Fashion: News, Runway Shows, Trends, Fashion Models, Designers, Shopping, Beauty & More.

TRENDLAND: FASHION & TREND BLOG + ART + DESIGN + PHOTOGRAPHY. Materialiste Paris, Le Magazine Élégant. THEINSPIRATION.COM l THIS IS WH▲T INSPIRES US. NOWNESS. Identical twins Valeria Napoleone and Stefania Pramma pair up for a vibrantly off-kilter portrait series by cult Swiss photographer Walter Pfeiffer. Styled by Fantastic Man’s Jodie Barnes, the fashionable siblings wore complimentary Alaïa, Margiela and Céline accessorized with Chanel, Fabergé and designs from their own line of jewelry, “SvP”. The willowy Italian sisters are a fixture on the international art circuit, where they can be found lighting up a room in colorful, matching Issey Miyake and Prada outfits. London-based Napoleone is a respected collector and patron of female artists—the works of Jill Spector, Nicola Pisano and Rebecca Morris fill her living room—while Pramma is an independent luxury accessories designer and consultant in New York.

Growing up close to Milan, their mother would take them to the family's jeweler to have individual pieces made to mark special occasions. View full credits for the shoot here. Blank-mag. Tate: British and international modern and contemporary art.