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eRentPay is a user-friendly online property management tool for landlords to fully manage their properties on their own.

Tenant Features. Property Management Tips: Attract the Right Kind of Renter. When it comes to the rental game, you’d like to think you have it all.

Property Management Tips: Attract the Right Kind of Renter

You managed to not just secure a great place for you and your family to live, you also have another property in a hot city or town that’s just waiting for renters. You’ve spread the word to friends and family, have a post with plenty of photos on your local Craigslist page, and now you’re just waiting for the renters to show themselves.

You know that these things take time, but you feel like you’ve been waiting to rent it out for a while. If you have a rental in a popular location, you have a lot of competition. Consider a staging Your rental apartment or home looks gorgeous when there’s furniture or decor, but right now it’s a bit sparse. Fix it up (more) You may be the kind of landlord that doesn’t mind if renters do some repairs or decor changes to make their homes look beautiful. Be the right kind of landlord. Get Your Home or Apartment Rented Out Fast. Rental Property Management Software for Properties in College Towns – College Rental Property Management. Next month will mark the beginning of another college school year for millions of students across the country.

Rental Property Management Software for Properties in College Towns – College Rental Property Management

And as we speak, many of them are looking for apartment rentals, especially if they are upperclassmen. According to the College Board, 40 percent of full-time college students at public universities and 64 percent at private universities live on-campus. Although some do live with their parents, the rest choose off-campus housing. Off-campus housing provides these students with greater freedoms and more privacy.

If you ever went to school and lived in a crowded dorm, you understand how interesting those times can be. Rental property owners have the opportunity to take advantage of this demand, but they will need the right management tools in order to maintain optimal landlord-tenant relations. But What Happens If a Landlord Doesn’t Have the Time or Live Close to the Property? In many cases, it might be a better idea to consider using property management software. Property Management Tips — Should You Collect Rent Online? The Short Answer...

Online Rent Collection. Tenants never have to worry about finding a check or going to the bank to get a money order ever again. eRentPay provides tenants and landlords with an easy-to-use online payment system that allows tenants to pay their rental bill online quickly at anytime of the day.

Online Rent Collection

It is a modern solution for an increasingly digitized customer base that conducts most of their banking, shopping and bill payments online. Tenants have the option of making a credit card or ACH payment to pay their rent online for a small $1 charge. They can set up a one-time payment or opt to sign up for recurring payments, so they never have to worry about missing another rent payment again. eRentPay also makes tracking all payments due and paid easy and accessible on one centralized dashboard. Landlords can benefit from a smarter, more affordable way to collect rent payments – no more collecting checks or using manual systems to track rent payments. Landlord Rental Property Management Software. eRentPay. eRentPay was established in 2015 as we saw the need for an affordable online property management tool that provided Landlords all the services they would need to successfully manage their properties.


Like you we got tired of the high fees, the hassles and the lack of real service. There was nothing out there to really give a landlord or tenant a break. Tired of the never ending cycle of people with their hands out trying to get your money without actually earning it. eRentPay puts everything a landlord would need in one place, allowing them to save their money and use their time more efficiently.

But eRentPay offers more than just that; we also offer landlords knowledge. With eRentPay everything is transparent, allowing you to see immediately what is specifically offered. When you bought your property you had plans. Contact Us. Contact Home » Contact Make Your Job Easier!

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Address: 3009 Sunrise Bay Ave Las Vegas, NV 89031. Frequently Asked Questions. Is there a monthly fee?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, when you sign-up, there is a monthly recurring fee of $12 per unit per month charged to the landlord. This fee is generally charged as an admin fee to the tenant making it a free service. Do I have to sign a contract? No, there is no long or short term contract or obligation. Can I cancel at any time? Yes, you can cancel at any time. Are there any hidden fees or obligations? There are other pay-as-you-go fees associated with your account other than the monthly recurring landlord fee and any transaction fee. What are the services offered? Included Free in Monthly Fee: Receive Credit Card and ACH Rent Payments Online Payment History Email Messaging Maintenance/Service Requests Online.