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Rhetoric and Philosophy II. Size Acceptance. SGI. SGI. The Well-Rounded Mama: gastric bypass. One of the most distressing things about Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) I have observed over the years has been the tendency of many people who get WLS to disappear after a few years.

The Well-Rounded Mama: gastric bypass

I've been thinking about this a lot and have debated voicing my concerns in a public forum. I don't want to add to the stigma and shame that some post-WLS folks experience, yet I think it's important to highlight this issue. Over the years, I've had several friends and acquaintances undergo WLS, usually gastric bypass. I always express to them my strong reservations about the possible long-term consequences of this decision, but I also believe that people are the boss of their own lives and it's not my job to police their choices. They are adults and they get to make their own life decisions, whether or not it's a choice I would make for my own life. I try to be supportive of them afterwards without being judgmental, although it's not easy sometimes because I am not a fan of WLS. Let's be honest. Reference. How Obesity Became a Disease — The Atlantic. Health And, as a consequence, how weight loss became an industry Please consider disabling it for our site, or supporting our work in one of these ways Subscribe Now > Weight loss is a big business, and, since it’s rarely successful in the long term, it comes with a built-in supply of repeat customers.

How Obesity Became a Disease — The Atlantic

And doctors have been involved in the business one way or another for a long time. The national obsession with weight got a big boost in 1942, when a life-insurance company created a set of tables that became the most widely referenced standard for weight in North America. And compare they did, using increasingly clinical-sounding terms like adipose, overweight, and obese. By the 1950s, even as Hollywood glamorized voluptuous actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, medicine was taking a different stance. Buddhology. Schools > Students > Ages 17-18 > The Buddha > Buddhology Written for the AQA syllabus by Robert Ellis, formerly a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and a former Head of RS in a 6th-form college.


The term 'Buddhology' has been constructed by some scholars of Buddhism by analogy with the Christian term 'Christology'. Christology is the study of the nature and attributes of Christ, and likewise 'Buddhology' refers to the study of the nature and attributes of the Buddha. Theories about the nature of the Buddha developed increasing philosophical sophistication in the Mahayana, culminating in the Trikaya or 'Three Bodies' doctrine of the Yogacara School. Before we look at this, though, we will have to put the whole question of the nature of the Buddha into context. The Buddha in Early Buddhism and Theravada As you may already know, the Buddha can be seen either historically or symbolically.


'We made a mistake': Instagram apologizes after removing plus-size woman's photo - Health. Wellness Marisa Kabas TODAY contributor 1 hour ago Meghan Tonjes is proud of her body, and was trying to show off her curves in an Instagram photo when she ran into a roadblock: The social network removed the image.

'We made a mistake': Instagram apologizes after removing plus-size woman's photo - Health

After posting a picture of her rear end, the plus-size musician and vlogger received a message from Instagram that the photo had been removed "for violating our Community Guidelines. " Tonjes was upset at what she felt was unfair treatment because of her weight, given that celebrities like Kim Kardashian and models like Emily Ratajkowski often post similar or more revealing photos. So she took to YouTube on Monday to share her message, posting a video as part of her web series "F.A.T. "


Shamanic Journey, Shamans and Shamanism. Health. Facebook. Finances and Stuff. Pedagogy. Committee. Writing and Publishing. Practical. Spirit. Rhetoric and Philosophy. Pearltrees. Lonie McMichael's Blog. Well, Talking Fat is now in print.

Lonie McMichael's Blog

Acceptable Prejudice? : Fat, Rhetoric and Social Justice is in review and about to go to Pearlsong Press. It’s time to start on my third project, The Unlovable Child: Collateral Damage in the War on Obesity. Here is the synopsis describing my goals for the book: “Think of the children!” It was tough to be fat when I was a kid; fat children today have it even worse.

For those of us who want to help the fat kids, there is a way. I could write this from my own experience, and it would help someone who went through what I went through. EVERYONE’S STORY MATTERS! EVERYONE’S STORY MATTERS! EVERYONE’S STORY MATTERS! If you have a story, it matters! If you are interested in participating, please email lonie dot mcmichael at gmail dot com. Please feel free to pass this call on. About DuckDuckGo. Our Story With our roots as the search engine that doesn’t track you, we’ve expanded what we do to protect you no matter where you go on the Internet.

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