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Epsilon is a digital media agency in India specializing in turning data into personalized customer experiences, effectively connecting brands with customers.

Introducing SheRises 2020 - Returnship program for women professionals. Epsilon India announces the 2nd edition of SheRises, a returnship program for women on a career break in India.

Introducing SheRises 2020 - Returnship program for women professionals

During the six-month paid program, five women will undergo an immersive training program that includes technical and soft skills training, mentoring and on-the-job learning with live projects. At the end of the internship, the returnees will have the opportunity to explore full-time roles with Epsilon India, on the basis of performance. Speaking about the initiative, Seema Padman, Vice President, Human Resources, Epsilon India said, “Gender equality in the workplace is a key business imperative for us and helps build a stronger organization. A workforce with diverse skills, experiences, ideas and perspectives naturally leads to a more inclusive culture, and SheRises was launched to celebrate diversity and foster inclusivity. The program will kick-off on 13th April. Interested? 6 step approach to deliver seamless digital customer experiences. CX-as-a-Service: Taking offline personalization to the next level. Today, excellence in customer experience has become the chief determinant of a brand’s success.

CX-as-a-Service: Taking offline personalization to the next level

Consumers who score a brand higher on CX are up to three times more likely to spend on that brand. With tangible business value at stake, delivering superior CX has become a key objective for organizations. Two questions act as the starting point for designing exceptional customer experiences - “How do I best understand my customers’ needs, expectations and perceptions?” , and “How do I meet my customer’s insatiable appetite for experiences?” Leveraging data-driven personalization can achieve both aims. How Email Can Be Your Key To A Successful Rewards Program. Despite the advent of more advanced marketing technology in the last few years and its subsequent adoption by both marketers and customers, the relevance of emails has not waned at all even in 2020.

How Email Can Be Your Key To A Successful Rewards Program

An Adobe Campaigns survey revealed that 61% of consumers would rather receive communications from brands through email versus any other channel. Similarly, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2018 B2C Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Report, 72% of marketers agree that email is their most successful channel for distributing content.

Also, it is important to note that despite what some marketers may sometimes assume, email is no less attractive to millennials. Measuring The Success Of Your Email Campaign. Email marketing has been and remains an essential part of campaigns for most of the successful marketers and business owners.

Measuring The Success Of Your Email Campaign

The great shift, in the last decade, from stationary digital devices to mobile ones has also come to mean that people are able to access their emails anytime and anywhere, making the relevance of an effective email campaign all the more important to businesses. Here is a statistic to give you a perspective on this: according to a report by The Radicati Group, in 2017, the total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day is forecasted to grow to over 347 billion by the end of 2023. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you take some pains to ensure that you have an impactful email campaign strategy (read about some of the best strategies for email marketing campaigns). Moreover, in addition to a consistent overarching marketing goal, various individual campaigns may also have their own independent objectives. What Data-Driven Creative Means For The Future Of Advertising. Up until a couple of decades ago, advertising and data were not closely associated terms.

What Data-Driven Creative Means For The Future Of Advertising

However, as the internet became commonplace and year-by-year the use of handheld devices like smartphones boomed, marketers began to realize the potential of using technology to supplement their efforts. Now, in the year 2020, it is quite common to use data for planning as well as analyzing marketing campaigns--and yet, the creative domain of marketing continues to lag behind in adopting data-driven advertising for delivering better results. What Is Customer Journey Mapping And How To Start? For most marketers and business owners today, customer journey mapping and customer persona development are no longer entirely unfamiliar terms.

What Is Customer Journey Mapping And How To Start?

However, it is true that most of us are hesitant in making use of these excellent approaches to improve our marketing efforts because we imagine them to be too time/resource consuming without properly understanding them. How Can A Retail Store Implement Omnichannel Strategy? The benefits of doing so are apparent from the available statistics: a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that as many as 73% of the surveyed customers used multiple channels for shopping.

How Can A Retail Store Implement Omnichannel Strategy?

Similarly, a study by Business Insider concluded that customers who engage with a business through multiple channels tend to shop more than other customers. Can An Omni-Channel Approach Boost Your Customer Engagement? Building and maintaining healthy customer engagement is crucial for any business for retaining existing customers, and for acquiring new ones.

Can An Omni-Channel Approach Boost Your Customer Engagement?

How To Balance Marketing Automation And Personalization. There is no doubt in the current market scenario that automation is beneficial to a business’s marketing efforts in a lot of ways.

How To Balance Marketing Automation And Personalization

It reduces the amount of resources required to perform repetitive jobs, and it frees up precious man-hours to be spent in more creative endeavors. However, when businesses begin to think of automation as a cure-all, they run the risk of losing a personal touch and appearing distant to their customers. Most businesses come to rely so much on automation tools for personalization that they dilute the strength of their message and end up sounding very generic. But, according to HubSpot, personalized calls to action convert 202% better than default calls to action, and Statista tells us that the share of U.S. consumers who find marketing content personalization ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ appealing is 90%.

The distinction between automation and personalization. What Is The Best Strategy To Do An Email Marketing Campaign? In spite of the increasing focus on social-media marketing, businesses all over the world continue to rely on emails for engaging with their customers, and it’s not without reason.

What Is The Best Strategy To Do An Email Marketing Campaign?

Is Personalized Marketing The Way To Go? When a 60-year-old woman and a 14-year-old girl walk into a typical retail store, both of them see the same products on display there. So does everyone else. For buying what they want to buy, the customers have to walk around the retail store, see products differentiated by generic product categories (if even that!) And depend upon the courtesy of the store’s employees for any recommendations. Until a few years ago, the scenario used to be some on the Internet.

What Does The Future Of Location-Based Marketing Look Like? A few years ago the maximum that marketers and business owners could do to narrow down the set of their targeted audience was to target specific cities, or maybe move a step further and target specific pin codes. However, with the massive growth in the number of smartphone users over the last few years, and the correspondingly increased scope for using technologies like GPS, the future of location-based marketing is now full of opportunities. According to eMarketer, marketers are expected to be spending as much as 38.7 billion USD for location-based marketing by 2022.

Similarly, Factual reports that almost 9 in 10 surveyed marketers said location-based advertising and marketing resulted in higher sales for them, followed by growth in their customer base and higher customer engagement. Preparing Your Loyalty Marketing Program for 2020. According to statistics from The Brand Keys, businesses spend up to 11 times more on acquiring new customers than they do on retaining existing ones. This is despite the fact that the cost of retaining old customers is 5-25 times lower than the cost of acquiring new customers. Business owners and marketers are of course not ignorant about the importance of customer retention, so then why do they choose not to focus on it? Simply put, because it’s more difficult and less glamorous to do so. Why Your Marketing Needs to be Data-Driven. In the technology-infused marketing scenario of today, there really is no alternative to optimizing your product or service offerings, as well as the shopping experience, for your customers’ specific needs.

A personalized, smart, and easy customer journey is no longer a novelty but something that’s expected by default from any business and brand. According to a survey conducted by Invespcro, 64% of marketing executives strongly agree that data-driven marketing is crucial in the economy. This perspective has developed over recent years in marketing across different business domains through experiencing the benefits of utilizing data in marketing and also on account of the supporting technology evolving at an unprecedented pace.

The results look promising too: 75% of companies experience increased engagement when they use data-driven marketing, according to Hyper Island. Let us look at a few ways in which you can use data to improve upon your marketing efforts: Implementing personalization. Brief Guide on Market Research vs Market Analysis. What is Market Research? Market research, in essence, is an exercise undertaken to gather feedback and information directly from the customers, generally for judging the viability of specific business decisions. It helps in addressing strategic questions about brand management, product development, and consumer perceptions.

McDonalds, the globally popular fast-food chain, for example, uses on-going market research to focus on: what products are well received? Benefits of customer loyalty programs. How to improve customer loyalty using Email Marketing. What do the most effective online consumer loyalty programs have in common?

CPI model in affiliate marketing. Cracking the code of customer insights. Are Indian marketers meeting the increasing demands of empowered consumers? How to create an effective win-back email campaign. As per an HBR study, the cost of acquiring a new customer can be 5 to 25 times higher than the cost of retaining an existing customer. This statistic alone speaks volumes about the need to have an effective customer win-back strategy, but inactive customers pose a further risk of giving you a poor sender reputation.

Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) take note of inactivity trends and mark sender email addresses as SPAM based on the same, making it crucial for a sender to minimize the number of inactive subscribers. Here are a few things which can help achieve this: The art of creating successful customer loyalty programs. There is nothing like the rush of winning new business or getting a new client on board. That’s the reason why marketing departments across industries are pouring energy and resources in developing communication and product positioning that can lure new people to their brands. For long, it has been the underlying basis of their growth strategy.