Diffusion de l'innovation

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La diffusion d’une innovation La diffusion d’une innovation D’après les théories relatives à l’innovation, une innovation se diffuse dans la société en suivant un processus qui touche différentes catégorie de consommateurs, des plus enthousiastes jusqu’aux plus réticents face à la technologie. E.M. Rogers a modélisé ce processus par une courbe de diffusion (dite courbe en S ou courbe en cloche) en y associant les différents profils de consommateurs correspondant aux différentes phases du processus d’adoption.
Business Innovation Speaker, Author and Consultant: Stephen Shapiro Every organization says it wants to be more innovative. But few truly understand how to make it happen. As a leading keynote speaker, author, and advisor on innovation, Stephen has developed a proven approach for increasing speed, reducing risk, and improving innovation ROI 3x to 10x. For any organization that requires rapid and predictable change – from developing new products/services to creating new business models – his challenge-centered philosophy accelerates innovation. Stephen has two decades of practical innovation experience, including his tenure at Accenture where he created and led a 20,000-person innovation practice. Business Innovation Speaker, Author and Consultant: Stephen Shapiro
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E ROGERS - Diffusion of innovations - 1995
Influences sociales et diffusion de l'innovation