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With the dynamic trends in online selling and to fulfill the strain of contemporary technology for our clients, EPixelSoft offers custom Website solution, Mobile App development, Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistant and many more services across the globe. Having experience gained over the years since our institution in 2013, we take proud in announcing a huge list of our happy clients based in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and many other countries.

Top Mobile App Development Company. Top Mobile App Development Company. Top Mobile & Web App Development Company in India & USA. No. 1 Cloud and Blockchain Services Providers. Top Mobile & Web App Development Company in India & USA. No. 1 Cloud and Blockchain Services Providers. Google Launches Six New Digital Well-Being Apps to Cut Down Your Screen Time. 22-Nov-2019, 5 Min Read , 92 Telephone manufacturers are free to develop their own apps to serve the purpose of digital wellbeing, but Google has been forging ahead and releasing a suite of experimental tools to show how it can be done.

Google Launches Six New Digital Well-Being Apps to Cut Down Your Screen Time

The apps are available for all Android devices, as reported by Android Police, although most require you to run at least Android 8.0 Oreo. Last year at Google launched its Digital WellBeing program. It has since expanded its reach by adding new features such as Wind Down and bringing more apps and services, such as YouTube, to its scope. Digital WellBeing Experiments has now been launched by Google, a program that encourages app developers and designers to build digital wellbeing into their products. User Interface Design vs. User Experience: What’s the Difference? 21-Nov-2019, 5 Min Read , 89 It is very important to have an online presence as a small business owner.

User Interface Design vs. User Experience: What’s the Difference?

With more than 2.14 billion online shoppers expected to purchase goods and services by the end of 2021, you can see why all your efforts should be to build the website of your company. If you want to attract clients, you need a website that operates superiorly. How Cybersecurity Frameworks (CSF) are Essential in Healthcare Industry ?

19-Nov-2019, 6 Min Read , 94 As with any other sector, cyber-security is common even in healthcare, posing a lot of risks, such as critical patient data, bills, and much more.

How Cybersecurity Frameworks (CSF) are Essential in Healthcare Industry ?

These are all sensitive information that needs to be protected, but today's healthcare industry is vulnerable to security threats due to these widespread cyber attacks, and therefore healthcare organizations need urgent attention. There is no need to explain that if the data of the company is lost or stolen, a lot can be at stake, and it can be lethal to the credibility. It is precisely for this reason that it is the duty of healthcare agencies to ensure and show that the systems, tools, and strategies they follow pose zero risks to consumers. What is the cybersecurity framework? Boost the Media and Entertainment Industry with a Vital Punch of Mobile App. 18-Nov-2019, 5 Min Read , 69 Starting your business with a mobile app is one thing, and making it actually fulfill its purpose is another great thing.

Boost the Media and Entertainment Industry with a Vital Punch of Mobile App

This will definitely help you increase revenue. Boosting the media and entertainment industry using a vital punch of the mobile app is part of the marketing strategy. To raise your sales and increase your business income, you need to concentrate on where customers are spending their attention: with the rise in smartphone numbers, more people are choosing mobile apps over Internet browsing. The media and entertainment industry with its fascinating charm is known to stun the world. Android 9 vs Android 10, Which One is Best to Pick? 15-Nov-2019, 5 Min Read , 140 If you're hunting for new android phone you are likely to have a lot of options and features to look on.

Android 9 vs Android 10, Which One is Best to Pick?

How to Develop a PCI DSS Compliant Fintech Mobile App? 14-Nov-2019, 6 Min Read , 84 You may be a full-fledged Fintech app like PayPal or a media streaming app like Netflix that asks users to pay for subscriptions in-app, it is important to note that there is one thing that you can't afford to miss- PCI DSS Compliance.

How to Develop a PCI DSS Compliant Fintech Mobile App?

Failure to examine effectively the PCI safety standards that leads to a data breach can actually lead to devastating financial consequences such as fees, fines, and even business losses. Meaning of PCI DSS The PCI Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a highly prescriptive technical standard aimed at protecting credit and debit card details, which is normally known as cardholder data" in the industry. The purpose of PCI DSS is to save payment card fraud by securing the data of cardholders within those organizations that accept card payments. Range of PCI Compliance Requirements Maximum PCI DSS requirements affecting the Fintech app development process are covered by Requirements 3, 4 and 6. Build a Beautiful Website: Three Tips for Attractive Web Design. 13-Nov-2019, 5 Min Read , 60 The majority of people say the design of a website is the number one factor that determines a company's credibility.

Build a Beautiful Website: Three Tips for Attractive Web Design

The first impression of your audience comes from the design of your website. Beautiful websites are crucial for making the first impression for your audience impactful and positive. They should be drawn in by an attractive web design before they read anything on your site. 5 Things B2B Market Researchers Need to Know.

12-Nov-2019, 5 Min Read , 52 It is difficult to discover the desires and needs of today's B2B customers.

5 Things B2B Market Researchers Need to Know

Developing an appropriate research model is based on a B2B decision-making unit's perception of the specific factors at play. It is important to take a good look at the decision-making process and explore how buying decisions are made and the participation of internal and external influence. Research on the value of the business-to-business market gives businesses the insight they need to build stronger customer relationships, increase market share, and shade competitors. Nevertheless, although similar research methods and tools related to B2C research, B2B research is a very different method. Below are five things B2B market researchers need to know in order to discover consumer insights that make a real difference to the performance of the business. How B2B Companies Outsource Managed Security Services. 08-Nov-2019, 5 Min Read , 64 While security personnel is becoming constantly being used to plan for enforcement reviews and handle security incidents, B2B businesses is a business that has started inquiries for the outsourcing of managed security services.

How B2B Companies Outsource Managed Security Services

A recent report by analyst firm IDC found that Canadian companies will become more focused on SaaS third-party and controlled security services. According to IDC, 61 percent of security professionals also note that the main reason for outsourcing is to ensure 24-hour staffing, while 39 percent say that security is not the core of their business. To CISOs, the most important shift is that they are now working on the presumption of being hacked.

As a result, we see them increasingly turning to advanced behavioral analysis tools that detect unidentified anomalous events, such as servers interacting with each other that have never previously interacted or data exchanges with external sites that have never before existed. Best DevOps tools of 2019. 04-Nov-2019, 5 Min Read , 25 DevOps ' development pace is one of the best decision-making processes in development, especially when using external software and platforms.

Best DevOps tools of 2019

Individuals working in the DevOps world rely on effective techniques in managing certain projects. The techniques enable them to contribute codes to a common objective. These allow team members to leave or join easily. The Who, Why and What of a Minimum Viable Product. 01-Nov-2019, 6 Min Read , 39 A minimum viable product, or MVP, is a product with enough functionality to attract customers from early adoption and validate an early product idea in the product development process. The MVP will help the team that is developing the product by enabling them to gain user feedback in industries like engineering to iterate and develop the product as quickly as possible. Since this approach is focused on user-based input validation and refinement of goods, the MVP plays a central role in agile development. It is the version of a new product that allows a team to obtain with the least effort the maximum amount of verified consumer training.

Hire your own team with us - EpixelSoft - Medium. All organizations are set up to give their administrations at the doorstep of this cell phone globe by squeezing a catch. This change happened fundamentally inferable from the improvement of innovation on request. This innovation has made things straightforward for customers, and they have everything readily available. There is a quick increment in the requirement for very good quality on-request web and versatile other options. We have had some expertise in the plan and improvement of amazingly intuitive on-request web and versatile arrangements.

What’s New in Angular 8.0 : Introducing the Ivy Rendering Engine and its Features. 31-Oct-2019, 5 Min Read , 55 Angular 8.0 is the first version that offers an official Ivy change. Right now, there are no real gains to do it, but you can try to see if there is something in your application that is not interrupted. Because Ivy might be the default at some point in v9. The Angular team, therefore, expects the community to anticipate the change and comment and detect all the remains. We all know that only a few days ago, Google released its new version of Angular, that is, 8.0. Angular 8 is Google's first major release in 2019, focusing primarily on the toolchain and also making it easier for users to create different types of applications along with improvements in performance.

This update shows in the final stage that the new version of Angular is much simpler, quicker and easier. The angular open-source web application framework has developed the latest version, Angular 8.0, consisting of a heavily commented renderer. How Blockchain Technology will Reshape Mobile Apps. 30-Oct-2019, 5 Min Read , 36 Blockchain technology has made major inroads into sectors such as healthcare, immovable property, education, and even in the legal sector. This technology will soon have a significant impact on the entire mobile app ecosystem as well. Its decentralized architecture provides some amazing advantages that nearly all industries can take advantage of this technology.

Blockchain is the latest hot trend technology, as it makes it easier for companies to securely distribute data across networks. As we have seen above, it has transformed all industries such as healthcare, real estate, education, and the legal field, and it will also soon have a major impact on the entire mobile app market. How Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Logistics, and Supply Chain. 29-Oct-2019, 5 Min Read , 83 The advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning is rapidly taking over the most resources in the modern-day world. Automated systems that can deliver precision-based instructions with effectiveness are built to take over some of the most popular activities.

One of the fields, emerging is engineering. This has had an impact on supply chain and Logistics. The meaning of Artificial Intelligence. Automating Artificial Intelligence for Medical Decision-Making. Man-made reasoning is a seaming change that catches pretty much every advanced field in the mechanical current world. Simulated intelligence’s job winds up unavoidable all the more particularly in disentangling the therapeutic space’s strenuous hazard. Can Big Data and Blockchain Work Together? Here is How. How do Chatbots Help the Businesses. Automating Artificial Intelligence for medical decision-making. October 16,2019, 6 min read , 98 Artificial intelligence is a seaming transition that captures almost every modern field in the technological modern world.

AI's role becomes inevitable more especially in simplifying the medical domain's strenuous risk. AI is actually the technical wizard's need to seek immaculate results in few hours. How Mobile Payment is the future of Money Transaction. How Artificial Intelligence can boost your product. October 15,2019, 5 min read , 83 Globally, economies have radically changed in the wake of technological advances that are revolutionizing the very lives of people in this modern world. Artificial intelligence is a major booster in the development and growth of products.

With proper application and use, artificial intelligence can simply boost your product. How to launch an app in the right way. How much does it cost to build an app like UberEats/ Swiggy/Zomato? October 3,2019 Restaurant and restaurant companies are among the first to grow and expand in the hospitality industry. App Development Services for a new generation of iPhones and iPads. Apple has a major portion of the telephone and the different devices industry.

How much does it cost to build an app like UberEats/ Swiggy/Zomato? How much money can you earn with an app in 2020? - EpixelSoft - Medium. A ton of money is accessible in applications. How much money can you earn with an app in 2020? Website Re-Design. There are numerous reasons why an overhaul of your site might be required. Looking For eCommerce Website Design. We Develop Mobile Apps For StartUps — Looking For eCommerce Website Design? Looking For eCommerce Website Design – EPixelSoft’s Excellent Mobile App Development Services. EPixelSoft - EpixelSoft - Medium. How Much Does it Cost to Develop Multi Vendor Grocery app? How to Develop Own Dating Mobile Application : epixelsoft — LiveJournal. How Much Does it Cost to Build a Market Place Website. Regardless of anything else, Uber is the taxi mentioning application used by millions as a result… How much does it cost to build a taxi app like Uber or Lyft? How much does it cost to build a real-time location-based app.

How to Launch iOS Application Effectively – EPixelSoft’s Excellent Mobile App Development Services. Give Your Startup A Flying Start With Us. How to find the best Android Application Development Company. Mobile App Development Services. Mobile App Development Companies are Integrating Wearable and App.