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Poll Booth Live Webcast. Epitome’s Bandwidth Aggregation Technology. PRLog - June 19, 2015 - AHMEDABAD, India -- Epitome Solutions has recently started offering bandwidth aggregation technology for its wide range of clientele.

Epitome’s Bandwidth Aggregation Technology

Bandwidth aggregation is a rather novel piece of technology that has found a wide usage amongst companies. Smaller companies especially will find it to be of use as it can decrease their internet costs. Bandwidth aggregation technology allows the merger of two or more connections to the internet. This allows internet based applications a complete access to the total bandwidth. This in turn increases the reliability with the help of link redundancy. Epitome Solutions ensure that the technology is implemented in a manner that is easy for the clients. Link bonding, also known as channel bundling, is the older kind of bandwidth aggregation. The second kind of bandwidth aggregation utilizes the connections in a different way.

Webcasting Is Benefitting Organizations across the World. Web Conferencing Is Becoming a Popular Solution for Institutions. Virtual Meetings Require Special Attention from Their Hosts. Virtual Meetings Require Special Attention from Their Hosts.

Virtual Meetings Require Special Attention from Their Hosts

Students Are Using Web Conferences to Reach Out To International Counterparts. Why Epitome’s Video-On-Demand is attracting more and more for Education Segment? Video on Demand has become one of the most popular methods of conveying media to audiences across the world.

Why Epitome’s Video-On-Demand is attracting more and more for Education Segment?

It has gained tremendous popularly in the entertainment sector but other sectors are now becoming active users. The education sector is rapidly assimilating this technology. Epitome is helping schools and instructions to make the best use of the video on demand technology. Epitome ensures that the data is stored on the cloud servers for easy access by educators and students. Of course, the data is compressed and secured to prevent privacy issues. In order to keep the data free from corruption and other potential security risks, the video cannot be played on any 3rd party media player. Video Conferences Are a Savior for Employees and Employers. Cloud Based Monitoring and Surveillance.

Things to Consider While Implementing Video Streams. Students Enjoy the Distinct Effectiveness of Web Based Training. Web based training is a rather new method of providing training and instruction through the internet.

Students Enjoy the Distinct Effectiveness of Web Based Training

There is no need for a human instructor to be present for training the student or the employee. Various businesses and institutions are taking advantage of online training technologies. Apart from industrial ventures, healthcare facilities, medical schools and even educational institutions are using this technology to provide training. Excellent Web Seminars Lead to Increased Exposure for Businesses. A web based seminar can be a great way to get the word of a business out.

Excellent Web Seminars Lead to Increased Exposure for Businesses

After all, the internet is a powerful communication tool which has connected the entire world together. Live Broadcasts. 24×7 Web Channel Web channel Grow your audience with the leading solution for live streaming.

Live Broadcasts

It is a global, carrier-grade, HD quality live streaming solution that is easy-to-implement, scalable, and cost-effective. Organizations large and small have relied on Epitome to broadcast one-time events, weekly meetings, 24/7 broadcasts, and more. A global reach allows us to build a fully distributed, massively scalable architecture at affordable prices. What is Live Webcasting.

Live Webcasting refers to the process of distributing a webcast media file over the Internet.

What is Live Webcasting

The term ‘webcast’ literally means broadcasting over the web. Video on Demand. Video on Demand Epitome Solutions offer Professional Online Video Services start-to-finish consulting, strategy, design and development services to bring your vision to reality in the shortest time possible. ” In my nine years at Showtime, I’ve worked with countless companies on implementing solutions for Showtime.

Video on Demand

Epitome has hands-down been the best vendor I’ve worked with during that time.” Jim Mcnathan Sr. Director of Online Production The Importance of Video Hosting. Event Broadcasting and Webcasting services. Event Broadcasting Event that matters to you the most Epitome can broadcast your live event over a secure web feed, giving everyone a front row seat at their computer.

Event Broadcasting and Webcasting services

Using high quality video, pre-produced video roll-ins, and even your own PowerPoint slides, we can produce a live show that looks and feels more like a professional network TV show, not a fuzzy, poorly produced webinar. Create online tests for timely assessment Give your students timely, detailed feedback nearly in real time with straight-forward assessment tools. Video Conferencing Software and video conferencing services. Virtual Surveillance Services. ES Virtual Surveillance ES Virtual Surveillance Product Portfolio Epitome offers network-centric virtual video surveillance software that supports video transmission, monitoring, recording, and management.

Virtual Surveillance Services

ES virtual surveillance solutions work in unison with the advanced features and functions of the IP network infrastructure to enable secure, policy-based access to live or recorded video. Modern Patient Care Systems Can Incorporate Live Online Conferences. Medical centers are always in the search for methods through which the satisfaction levels of patients can be improved. Patients, these days, expect the medical services such as hospitals to provide a professional level of care. They do not want comfort to be compromised as it can help speed up their recovery time.

By providing modern conveniences, hospitals can improve the level of care they give to their patients. Among the conveniences required, communication is essential. Learn Everything about Online Teaching and Learning Jobs. In today’s world of advanced technology, competition has become violent with online teaching and learning services. It’s easy to get lost in the competitive market.

In order to stand out, you have to be stay updated with the changes in the Internet marketing skills. Every business wants to rank their site on the top pages of search engine like Yahoo, Bing and Google. Companies Are Promoting Their Brands with Online Seminars. Online Web Based Virtual Classroom. ES Classroom A complete solutions for your online courses Quality courses require planning, preparation and dedication.

Then there’s marketing to find students, and administration for signing up and scheduling. If you’re offering your courses online, there’s the technology as well, and you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Let Epitome’s tools help you design, manage and deliver compelling courses. Deliver engaging classes live or recorded Teach and collaborate from any distance and any time with ES Online Classroom. Easily publish, share and distribute courseware in any standard format Publish courseware in any format to the Epitome content library, then share it in your virtual classroom or distribute it directly to students.

Epitome Among The Fastest Growing Companies in India. It has been a few years since Epitome launched its services in India. Now the company is considered to be among the fastest growing providers of SAAS currently in the country. If you are looking for Software as a Service provider, then you must have surely heard of Epitome Solutions. Epitome started out helping institutions and companies to reach out to their customers by making use of modern internet based technologies. As those technologies evolved so did Epitome. The company has redefined the possibilities and potential uses of the otherwise simple video streaming technology. Live Webcasting, Live Video Streaming, Live Online Tutoring, Live MeetingEpitome Solutions.

AudioEpitome Solutions. WebinarEpitome Solutions.