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Denis Kortnev

ESRI Developer Summit 2016. Dates: December 6-8, 2016 | Register herePrices: starting from EUR 100,-Location: Berlin, Germany The Esri Developer Summit (DevSummit) is a conference for developers who want to learn more about the tools and technologies for creating mapping applications or adding maps to their existing apps.

ESRI Developer Summit 2016

Optimize your LinkedIn profile. Before you begin making any effort towards optimizing your profile, you need to develop your complete LinkedIn strategy and answer 2 very important questions: 1.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

QtCon 2016: The biggest Qt event in Europe in 2016! Dates: September 2-4, 2016 | Register herePrices: starting from EUR 250,-Location: Berlin, Germany Welcome to the biggest Qt event in Europe in 2016!

QtCon 2016: The biggest Qt event in Europe in 2016!

More than a gathering of communities, but a coming together of shared values and excellence to share, learn and discuss. Find out about the future of Qt development for embedded and desktop, explore issues around security across all platforms, learn about the latest trends in UI design, participate in the open source and free software debate and much more. Is SEO really worth learning about? The short answer to this question is probably yes.

Is SEO really worth learning about?

With the advent of a digital age, it’s fairly logical that your business should be where customers are: online. Following that logic, in order to draw people to your business via the Internet, you need to use digital marketing techniques; and one of the most common and lucrative ways of doing so is investing in SEO. But there are situations where it’s not worth the trouble; consider a few examples: When SEO is not worth the trouble Every business has its own unique situation.

Some are looking for stability, not for growth – they distinctly do not want growth. How to create a business if you have a demanding job? [PART 1] This is the first part of the 4-series article about business creation while having a demanding job.

How to create a business if you have a demanding job? [PART 1]

One of the questions that I am getting asked frequently concerns how to create a side business when you have a demanding job. Even though you might want to build a company on the side, whether it is to make some extra cash, to do something you truly love, to freely manage your time and where to work from, or simply because you are sick of the daily grind, the fact is: I’ve written this essay to help you find the answer. I’m sure you know that life is made of options and trade-offs.

It is merely impossible to keep doing things in the same way and to expect different results. Daimler Internships: get passionate about a future full of opportunities. Deadline: rolling basis | Apply herePeriod: 2-6 monthsLocation: various sites in Germany and abroad Learning the theory is great.

Daimler Internships: get passionate about a future full of opportunities

But there comes a time when you need to gain some practical experience. Daimler internship in Germany or abroad can offer you this. MarTech 2016: The Marketing Tech Conference. Dates: November 1-2, 2016 | Register herePrices: starting from GBP 29,-Location: London, the United Kingdom MarTech is about creating exceptional customer experiences with marketing technologies.

MarTech 2016: The Marketing Tech Conference

You will be inspired by Martech pioneers and their firsthand accounts of the implementation, managerial and cultural challenges they overcame whilst accomplishing the digital transformation. MarTech is a vendor-agnostic forum for understanding the breadth of marketing technologies and how organisations can effectively integrate them into their marketing strategy and operations. The conference will create an inspiring, cross-pollinating environment that transcends the traditional boundaries between marketing and IT and encourages creative collaboration across the organisation. What to Expect at MarTech Europe 2016 Who Should Attend MarTech is for senior marketing, IT, and digital executives and experts at the intersection of marketing, technology, and customer experience. Die, dashboards, die! Why conversations will reinvent software [PART 2] How Ancient Chinese philosophy is connected to different ways of thinking in business? Recently I was struck by a dichotomy in ancient Chinese philosophy.

How Ancient Chinese philosophy is connected to different ways of thinking in business?

Two opposing worldviews that relate well to two different ways of thinking that can be identified within businesses. I came about this idea while reading The Path by Michael Puett, the Harvard professor who teaches how the ancient Chinese philosophy relates to contemporary issues like work, education, relations and self-development. B2B Marketing Forum: Get smart. Get inspired. Dates: October 19-21, 2016 | Register here Prices: starting from USD 95,-Location: Houston, The United States MarketingProfs’ B2B Marketing Forum is more than just a quirky (not-so-little) conference.

B2B Marketing Forum: Get smart. Get inspired.

It’s the place where leaders, innovators, and people who make things happen gather to learn about the latest in B2B marketing and share the secrets to success. Freelancing: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Freelancing can be a great way to start slowly getting into running your own business.

Freelancing: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

You can then decide if it is something that you enjoy or if it is something you should avoid. To sum up the advantages and downsides, I broke the article down into three parts: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Most of the advantages freelancing come out from the fact that you are your own boss. If you begin to have an issue with a client, you can drop them as a client. This is something that I have personally done before. With freelancing, you can get various jobs fairly quickly. Evolution Summit 2016. Dates: 9-11 November 2016 | It’s an invitation-only event | Register hereLocation: Cologne, Germany The 14th annual Evolution Summit is the premium forum bringing elite buyers and sellers together. As an invitation-only event taking place behind closed doors, the summit offers clinical research leaders and CROs and/or functional service providers an intimate environment for focused discussion of key new drivers shaping drug development strategies.

Die, dashboards, die! Why conversations will reinvent software [PART 1] This is the first part of the 2-series article about the reasons hy conversations will reinvent software. In years to come, conversations will breathe new life into software—particularly the boring enterprise tools millions of knowledge workers begrudgingly use every day. Conversational user interfaces (CUIs) work because of our familiarity with messaging. Even the most technically complex interactions can look as simple as getting an SMS text when presented as a conversation.

Sustainability Summit 2016. Dates: October 12–13, 2016 | Register herePrices: starting from EUR 50,-Location: Freiburg, Germany In October this year, the Sustainability Center Freiburg will host its second conference – the Sustainability Summit 2016. Use this unique opportunity to both join the discussion within as well as beyond your own specific field of scientific interest. Why should you join the Sustainability Summit? Present your current research in front of a selected disciplinary as well as the interdisciplinary audience.Meet your colleagues in such research areas as materials, energy, resilience and transformation science.Discuss major challenges of our time, like energy transition, resource scarcity and growing vulnerability, with experts from a variety of different fields.Enjoy the beautiful and sunny city of Freiburg. Preliminary Program. Why keeping your idea secret is a tremendous mistake [PART 1] This is the first part of the 3-series article about reasons to reveal your business idea.

When we were working on our first business – Walkamole – my friends and I understood something amazing: Why do most of the entrepreneurs think that they have to keep their ideas in secrecy? Is it that someone might steal the idea? SearchLove London Conference 2016. Why it's important to get away from the office. I wanted to focus this post on something that I feel strongly about. University Startup World Cup 2016: get international recognition for your startup.

Deadline: August 21, 2016 | Register here Dates: October 3-7, 2016Prize: $25,000 in cash ($20,000 to the overall winner + $5,000 to the frontrunner of each category)Eligibility: any team with at least 2 members can applyLocation: Copenhagen, Denmark The University Startup World Cup 2016 offers 50 hand-picked startup teams an opportunity to join an exclusive international network of entrepreneurs, business professionals and mentors and level up your startup idea regardless of its current development stage. Cloud Transformation Summit 2016: Business disruption in the age of cloud. Business. OWN WEBSITE. How businesses have leveraged Pokemon Go for Millennials. The rise of Pokemon Go has created a sense of excitement among the Millennial generation and businesses have taken notice. The game has had a huge comeback based on new age marketing techniques and interactive gameplay. Hacking Elance – the step by step guide. Have you ever thought… “Hey, I can make a basic website.

Maybe I can make money doing that.” Dreamforce 2016: An unforgettable week of learning, inspiration, and fun. Oracle OpenWorld 2016: Advance your career. Grow your business. Dates: September 18–22, 2016 | Register herePrices: starting from USD 75,-Location: San Francisco, The United States Immerse yourself in the latest innovations to build your company’s success. Best free stock photos websites. Great images are the key ingredients of putting together beautiful articles, posts or websites.