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Jueves 15 dic

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El Mercurio de Antofagasta. El Mercurio. Alcalde Sharp sostiene que los puertos deben tributar en las comunas que los albergan. El Líder de San Antonio.

Político/Económico (Nacional e Internacional)

TW. The future of the shipping business in developing countries. Trade has a new face.

The future of the shipping business in developing countries

“Developing countries are no longer just the suppliers of high volume/ low value raw materials, but instead now also import large volumes of oil, iron ore, coal et al, participating in global value chains and the globalized production of manufactured goods,” reads the UNTAD Review of Maritime Transport 2016 recently released report. The document highlights that as of January 2016, the top five shipowning economies in terms of dwt were Greece, Japan, China, Germany and Singapore, while the top five economies by flag of registration were Panama, Liberia, the Marshall Islands, Hong Kong (China) and Singapore.

As for shipbuilding, according to the report, the countries with the largest business are China, Japan and the Republic of Korea, accounting for over 91% of gross tonnage constructed. Most demolitions take place in Asia (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and China – accounted for 95 per cent of ship scrapping gross tonnage.) Foreign trade and markets.