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Spectacular Waterfall Billboard Presents A Powerful Message. Water is an amazing thing that is taken for granted.

Spectacular Waterfall Billboard Presents A Powerful Message

So it is quite awesome when some creative minds make art out of water. Something that many of us have never seen, and, as is clear from the video, something you can’t help but watch in amazement. But as amazing it is to look at, it is even more impressive to see it used to convey a powerful and meaningful message. The message here discussed the facts that water — not HIV, hunger, or various diseases — is the number one killer in third-world countries.

Nature by Numbers Movie. The movie Nature by Numbers created by Etérea [] is a beautifully illustrated animation focusing on remarkable geometrical and mathematical properties, which range from the Fibonacci numbers over the Golden Angle and Ratio, to the Delaunay triangulation (more detailed information about all these can be found here).

Nature by Numbers Movie

See also: - The Visualization of Randomness - Data Signals on a Spiral - Ulam Prime Spiral - Visualizing Prime Numbers - Symmetrical Mathematical Structures - Number Spiral. Slow Motion Lightning Is Super Awesome - I See You… You may or may not have seen this by now, but some average Joe built a sentry gun out of some servos, a laptop, a paintball gun, and a whole lot of ingenuity (and I’m sure some optical sensor equipment).

But what I love the most about it is: He chose to use the Portal Sentry as the boot up/ready sound, andHe/they then play (painful) games with it to try and test if they can defeat it through trickery. I couldn’t help but think that this is probably the safest real live test of what it must feel like to go up against the Portal Sentries.