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Doing for Others. By Karen Berg.

Doing for Others

This week’s portion is Ki Tetze, which opens with the words: Ki tetze la milchamah. This is normally translated to mean, “When you go forth to war.” Yet the word ki does not really mean when, but rather because. In a nutshell, the beginning of this week’s portion tells us: Because you go to war against your enemies, you are sure to be successful.


11 Mistakes Standing Between You and Your First Million. I've been a millionaire three separate times in my life.

11 Mistakes Standing Between You and Your First Million

The first time I saw $1,000,000 in my bank account, I almost fainted. Even though I knew it was hitting my account, it still caught me off guard. Becoming a millionaire isn’t as far-fetched as you would believe. Rosh Hashanah Study Guide Week 3. Last week’s work was to look inward and make a written list of your unsavory leftovers – those aspects of yourself that should be removed from your vessel before coming to the heavenly court session at Rosh Hashanah.

Rosh Hashanah Study Guide Week 3

Did you notice how the ego can even distort a spiritual process such as removing negativity? We consider our faults and think, “Aw, I'm not that bad…there are worse people out there…I'm going to work on this and then if I still have time, I'll work on that.” In order to unmask the ego in this negativity-removing process, this week I'd like you to approach four different people in your life and ask them to make a list of your garbage. This is key because, from our perspective, some things look worse than others. But there is nothing more destructive than our negative behaviors that hurt others.

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International School of Paris: Theory of Knowledge. Theory of Knowledge (ToK) is part of the core of the IB Diploma Programme.

International School of Paris: Theory of Knowledge

At ISP, the ToK course begins at the beginning of Grade 11 with introductory workshops to Theory of Knowledge, the Extended Essay, and Creativity, Action & Service. Students are required to write a ToK essay chosen from a list of prescribed questions and participate in a presentation at the end of the course, in the spring of Grade 12. ToK Course Content ToK is centered around the question “How do we know?” Students are taught to seek out knowledge through critical thinking and analysis of the Ways of Knowing of Perception, Emotion, Reason and Language.

The central features of the ToK course are critical analysis questions called Knowledge Issues.The program entails the application of questions to many different, yet interrelated, topics. Language Reason Emotion. Language, Reason, and Emotion Language is so much a part of human activity that it is easily taken for granted.

Language Reason Emotion

The issues related to language and knowledge call for conscious scrutiny in order to recognize its influence on thought and behavior. Nature of Language How have spoken sounds acquired meaning? What is the nature of the connection between the sounds and what they are taken to represent? Language and Knowledge How does the capacity to communicate personal experiences and thoughts through language affect knowledge? Functions of Language. Cross Cultural Theory: Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity. A number of scholars and experts have tried to explain the impact of cross cultural differences on people’s behaviour to help reduce the intercultural risks of international business.

Cross Cultural Theory: Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity

Dr. Milton Bennett, co-founder of the Intercultural Development Research Institute, believes that the more experience a person has with cultural differences the more that person will develop intercultural competence, becoming more effective when working across cultures . Халил Джубран – откъси от “Пророкът” « Hugging Bearr. Woman is the only victim that stalks their hunter... People tend to make changes in life when they become important enough.


Career Orientation. HRM. What could be the HR department Vision ? Ajmal suggests a very detailed mission statement.

What could be the HR department Vision ?

I wonder how many people could remember all of that in detail? I know I couldn't!! However, this question has got me thinking about the role of HR and training in a strategic sense. In short, the question is, what are we (HR & training) here for? My response, I guess my mission statement is this: "To enable the organisation to develop and effectively execute its strategy" There are two aspects allowed here: 1 - The development of senior management's capabilities to actually develop an appropriate strategy through training, coaching, the provision of tools etc.


Blog.Mosaic. Crafts. PersonalMandala. Harvard Business School - Creating Shared Value. Creating Shared Value by Michael E.

Harvard Business School - Creating Shared Value

Porter and Mark R. Kramer Harvard Business Review, January-February 2011 The capitalist system is under siege. In recent years business increasingly has been viewed as a major cause of social, environmental, and economic problems. Companies are widely perceived to be prospering at the expense of the broader community. Even worse, the more business has begun to embrace corporate responsibility, the more it has been blamed for society’s failures. A big part of the problem lies with companies themselves, which remain trapped in an outdated approach to value creation that has emerged over the past few decades.

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