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As Alberta based Environmental Consultants, Biological Consultants and Geotechnical Consultants, Anderson Environmental Pty Ltd assists private and government clients with a broad range of projects including: Ecology Assessments and Biology Biophysical Assessments, Environmental Compliance and Planning.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s) are undertaken for a range of projects to determine potential impacts on the environment.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

As Environmental Consultants with a broad range of skills we undertake the range of assessments most commonly required for an Environmental Impact Assessment. We undertake the required work for Environmental Impact Assessments including; baseline assessment of the site, consultation with regulators, wildlife surveys, wildlife management plans, vegetation surveys, rare species surveys, vegetation mapping, weed surveys, soil surveys, soils mapping, Phase I ESA’s, water quality baseline monitoring, sediment and erosion control and mapping of natural features and any site limitations using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Pre-planning of major projects commencing with a Due Diligence assessment allows for their timely execution and also allows a determination to be made of any likely issues and/or re-design at an early stage. Environmental Assessment and Its Role in the Analysis of Sites. Environmental Compliance And Planning. Migratory Birds Assessments (Nest Sweeps, Bird Sweeps) Projects which have the potential to disturb nesting and breeding habitat and nests for migratory birds require regulatory approval.

Migratory Birds Assessments (Nest Sweeps, Bird Sweeps)

Three main pieces of legislation govern impacts on listed Endangered or Threatened Species and these must be considered as part many projects. These include; The Federal Migratory Birds Convention Act (MCBA) provides for the protection of migratory birds, and their habitats.The Federal Species At Risk Act (SARA) provides protection for listed species and guidelines for their protection.In Alberta the Wildlife Act (WA) provides protection for Endangered Species. We assist our clients by providing advice and undertaking surveys for Migratory Birds, Nest Surveys and Bird Sweeps along with Bat Surveys for activities which have the potential to harm or kill listed species and their habitats.

Biophysical Assessments (BIA, EIA, Environmental Assessment) Anderson Environmental provides Biophysical Assessments (Biophysical Impact Assessments), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Environmental Evaluations, and Preliminary Site Assessments for a variety of projects such as pipelines, railroads, wind farms, mining, urban development, wetlands, and any other project likely to impact Natural and Biological Resources. Every project has the potential to impact the environment, and we assist in determining the best solution whist ensuring regulatory compliance. Our services include assisting with the required permitting for the activity.

We cover all of Alberta and BC for Biophysical Assessments and Environmental Assessments and work with our clients from project conception to identify potential project limitations which enables forward planning for project design, inception and construction. Environmental Liability Due Diligence and Risk Management. As Environmental Consultants we undertake a range of assessments for our clients.

Environmental Liability Due Diligence and Risk Management

Over the years Due Diligence Assessments for Risk Management and Environmental Liability have been undertaken for clients before they purchase land or commercial sites. Often we are undertaking Phase I Environmental Site Assessments as Pre-Purchase Inspections for clients for potential contamination however it is important to be aware that Phase 1 ESA’s also provide additional information. Recently we were contacted by a client who had purchased a property and later found out that some of the Wetlands on the property had been filled by the previous owner.

This led to a burden on the new owner including significant costs and a lot of stress to address this issue. A Phase I ESA for the site which had the wetlands filled, would have likely indicated this Wetland filling as these reports examine a range of historical aerial photos. Land Reclamation and Restoration. Environmental Reclamation and Environmental Restoration is the restoration of land to its natural or former state.

Land Reclamation and Restoration

Such lands have often had uses such as logging, mining, oil and gas development or other disturbances such as temporary storage sites and roads. Detailed Site Assessments are undertaken to determine the current nature of the site and any limitations to the reclamation so that a realistic timeline and outcome can be achieved. Historical enquiries and assessments are undertaken which often includes a Phase I ESA and historical searches and aerial photo interpretation to provide information on the existing conditions on the site as well as its former condition. Most often, the former condition of the site is what the goal is for the reclamation however sometimes there is a change of use for the site and the Land Reclamation should aim to achieve those objectives for the lands future use.

Reclamation Plans are tailored to suit each site and its inherent limitations. Phase III Environmental Site Assessments (Phase 3 ESA) A Phase III Environmental Site Assessment is usually the next course of action when contamination is confirmed as being present at a site.

Phase III Environmental Site Assessments (Phase 3 ESA)

Depending on the information gained in the Phase II ESA there may be more delineation of the contamination required along with potential further classification of the type and mobility of the contamination. This is often termed Environmental Site Characterization. This is required to assist in the formulation of a Remedial Action Plan or (RAP). Remedial Action Plans are undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (Phase 2 ESA) Phase II Environmental Site Assessments are undertaken in Calgary and Edmonton and throughout the whole of Alberta.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (Phase 2 ESA)

We have undertaken these assessments for a range of sites including gas stations, industrial, mining, oils and gas, residential, agricultural, dry cleaners and agricultural manufacturing or storage sites. Our Phase II Environmental Site Assessments are undertaken in accordance with; Canadian Standards Association (CSA) document: Z769-00 (2013) – Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment.; andthe Alberta Environmental Site Assessment Standard. 6 Incredible Tips to Select an Environmental Consultancy. There is rising awareness about environment-related issues these days.

6 Incredible Tips to Select an Environmental Consultancy

Project developers for example need to adhere to certain standards to get their projects approved. These rules not only exist in Calgary but everywhere in Canada. Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase 1 ESA) Anderson Environmental Inc provides Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESA’s) for industrial and commercial industries, real estate evaluations/valuations, oil, gas and mining.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase 1 ESA)

Contaminated Site Assessment is important to manage risk. We have conducted Phase I ESA’s through much of Alberta and service Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray, Athabasca, Peace River and offer our services throughout the whole of Alberta. We provide Environmental Site Assessment services to: Commercial, Industrial, Real Estate, Agriculture, Mining, and the Upstream Oil and Gas industries throughout Alberta. We have experience assessing a wide range of sites from gas stations, industrial buildings, metal smelters and industrial manufacturing facilities, asbestos, railway lines and yards, gas and oil sites, pipelines, agricultural land, and residential land.

Our site assessments are undertaken in accordance with; Environmental Consultants Calgary and Western Canada. Anderson Environmental. Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. As Environmental Consultants Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia Anderson Environmental Inc provides a range of Environmental Assessment Services.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

We are often asked questions regarding the Environmental Site Assessment process. Often clients have not undertaken a Phase I or Phase II Environmental Site Assessment before and are trying to gain an understanding of the process and the cost and any other items that may come up or need to be covered as part of this process. These assessments are sometimes undertaken for Due Diligence Real Estate Transactions such as purchase or lease changes and are often for clean-up of contaminated sites such as former Gas Stations, Orphan Well Sites, Dry Cleaners, Industrial Sites etc etc. Environmental Consultants located in Calgary Alberta.

Anderson Environmental – Proudly Serving All of Alberta As Environmental Consultants located in Calgary Alberta, Anderson Environmental provides Environmental Consulting, Biological Consulting and Geotechnical Consulting services in Western Canada. We service the areas of Calgary, Lethbridge (down to the US Border) including Medicine Hat, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, High Level, Fort McMurray and cover the whole of Alberta. Services include: Environmental Impact Assessment and PermittingBiological AssessmentsBiophysical Impact AssessmentsMigratory Bird AssessmentsPermitting for Endangered Species and Regulated WetlandsEcological Restoration and OffsetsEnvironmental/Mitigation MonitoringHabitat Conservation PlanningPhase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (CSA-Z768-01)Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments (CSA-Z769-00)Erosion Control and RevegetationLand Capability Soils AssessmentsWildfire Threat Analysis and MitigationWetland Assessments and Effluent Disposal Reports.

We can assist you with: Coronavirus (Covid-19) Protection At Anderson Environmental. Coronavirus (Covid-19) Protection At Anderson Environmental we take the risk of Coronavirus very seriously.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Protection At Anderson Environmental

We will be continuing to work during this time to service our clients in accordance with government guidelines. Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments Alberta. Get the Best Environmental Site Assessment Done: canenvironment — LiveJournal. It is critical to think about the difficulties and openings related to purchasing, selling, overseeing, or building up a conceivably Environmental Site Assessment in Ontario. Potential contaminants like street salt, oil, pesticides, and solvents in soil and groundwater can be destructive to human wellbeing and the indigenous habitat. Knowing the environmental state of your property is the initial phase in a fruitful turn of events and a significant procedure for landowners and supervisors. We have worked broadly with districts, common governments, singular private land/property holders, designers, and contractual workers on environmental activities everything being equal.

Environmental Site Assessment Services: Why Environmental Assessment Very Important Before Buying Any Property. Environmental problems can sometimes become very difficult. When checking for environmental considerations, as inspectors for profitable real estate do, many lawyers commend their clients for conducting a phase I environmental site assessment earlier anything else. During a phase I environmental assessment, an ecological professional will do thorough assessments to spot existing ecological difficulties. Evaluation of Degree of Potential Site Contaminant with Phase I ESA. At the point when a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) distinguishes a perceived environmental condition or the potential for effects on the subsurface at a site, most customers solicitation to assess the potential effects by performing Phase II Environmental Testing.

A prepared, authorized, experienced staff of geologists and specialists that has the ability in Phase II Environmental project configuration plays out these assessments per the ASTM E1903-11 Standard Guide. Drilling Methods for Phase II Environmental Testing Drilling strategies utilized frequently by researchers and geologists during Phase II Environmental Testing ventures include: What does it mean to have an ESA? Anderson Environmental. Anderson Environmental. Habitat Offset and Compensation Planning.