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Social Media Management App Development Company. Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd., Social Media Management App Development Company, is one of the best companies providing best Social Media Management Apps which helps to update and monitor all the social media accounts in one convenient place. Social Media is one of the best and most effective ways to draw more traffic and generate new leads. For any business, small or large, marking the presence on all social media platforms is quite important but, managing all the social media accounts can be really cumbersome and too much time taking. Social Media Management Apps help people and businesses stay up-to-date on their social activity, making social media marketing goals achievable.

Other than this, Social Media Management Apps are capable of analysing impressions, total audience reach and engagement. If you are looking for a good Social Media Management App Development Company, you have landed up at the right place. Enuke Software Pvt. Enuke Software Pvt. Home Delivery App Development Company. Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Home Delivery App Development company offering a lot in very small packages, which is quite remarkable. Consumer shopping style and experience is evolving rapidly, owing to a host of Home Delivery Mobile Apps and services. Home Delivery Mobile Apps are making it possible to order almost anything and everything right from your comfort zone and get it delivered quickly since they work with local businesses which allows them to deliver everything from groceries and household goods to business supplies to foods and beverages. They are basically streamlining lives and bringing items right at your door step, saving you from all the hassles and also saving your time.

You don’t even have to dial a number for on-demand delivery. Online Home Delivery Services are providing new and innovative solutions for shoppers who are lazy or too busy and crave for the easiest possible methods, offering delivery of mobile and online orders. It’s that easy and affordable!! Top 6 Best Food Delivery Mobile Apps. Everyone loves good food, but it can be appalling trying to find the best places for quality meals.

Thanks to all the amazing Food Delivery mobile apps, finding the best places for food and ordering food from them is now easier than ever. Food delivery mobile apps have created a whole new boulevard of consumption for every type of food lover. The smartphones and tablets we carry everyday are great tools for channelling this information and making it easily accessible to food lovers. An exquisite and delicious meal can be yours with just a few taps on your little screen. Today, every food related business is opting for food delivery app development, owing to advancement in technology. With the advancement in technology, food delivery app development segment is also growing at a fast pace. 1. By far, Foodpanda is the most popular Food Delivery Mobile Application in India. 2.

The mission of Zomato is to ensure nobody has a bad meal. 3. 4. 5. 6. Health and Fitness App Development Company. Everyday, hundreds of apps are downloaded from health and fitness categories, and most of them are developed at some professional Health and Fitness App Development Company. Health and Fitness apps are improving the lives of people throughout the world. Everybody knows how important it is to live a healthy and active life, but maintaining a healthy routine everyday seems like biggest chore. Read more- Healthcare app development Every once in a while, people start off by selecting their health goals, like losing weight, getting six pack abs, managing stress, or managing chronic conditions like thyroid, diabetes, or heart diseases, but then get lost in their daily routines.

That’s why; people are turning towards their smartphones for the aid using Health and Fitness Apps. Also, they no longer have to spend thousands of bucks for a personal trainer who tailors workouts just for them. Health and Fitness Apps can help you in numerous ways: Basic Features of Health and Fitness Apps: Meetups and Nearby Events app Development Company. “We cater you with the perfect technologies, so you can cater your customers with a perfect meetups and nearby events app” Making friends and meeting new people in this modernization and urbanization is really difficult, and so is finding people that match your interests. That is why, Meetups and Nearby Events mobile apps are a niche. In this urbanization, when people don’t get to meet new people and make new friends, a meetup and nearby events application is a must have.

And, here we come into the picture, as a meetups and nearby events mobile application Development Company, providing you with the best mobile application for get-togethers, meet-ups and nearby events. Concept of Meet-ups and nearby events apps! Meetups and nearyby events mobile applications introduce a different kind of social space having a utility, where you get to be actually socially active. What May meet-ups and nearby events mobile applications include?

What users can do on meet-ups and nearby events apps? GPS Location Based App Development Company. “Scroll around the world and never get lost, because GPS technology is there to help you find your way out!” Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading GPS Location Based App Development Company, making navigation and GPS Location Based App Development possible in rather different ways. Whether you are hiking on a mountain, riding in a new town, walking down new subways, you can count on GPS Location based apps to make the process easier. GPS Tracking and GPS Tracking Units? GPS Tracking is the surveillance of location through use of GPS(Global Positioning System) to locate or track an entity and a GPS Tracking unit is a device that uses GPS to determine and track precise location. GPS Tracking and Location based apps lets you use your phone as a GPS tracking unit. The basic function of GPS Location based apps is to show your current location, date and time, along with a map, but this basic technicality can be used in really amazing ways.

We are at your service! What we provide? B2B Travel Portal App Development Company. Planning to start a B2B Travel Portal to cater online travel agents and act as intermediator? You have landed up at just the right place. We, at Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. provide comprehensive and simplified B2B web and mobile travel portal solutions and services in India and World. Must Check- Travel Portal Development Enuke Software Pvt. What is the need of a mobile app for B2B Travel Portal Business? The Internet may be bursting with B2B travel portal websites, but B2B Travel Portal App is a must have for every B2b travel business intending to increase their profits. Travel agents simplify the tedious process of planning a trip for those who don’t want to spend hours online for their trip.

B2B travel portal app provides better services, and eventually helps you earn more money, trust and loyalty from good travel companies. Travel CompaniesTravel AgenciesTravel OperatorsTourism Management CompaniesTravel franchises More about us as a B2B Travel Portal App Development Company: VKWorld Discovery S1 3D phone features and specs. World witnessed the first 3D glass free smart phone i.e. VKWorld Discovery S1, it is smart phone announced for gadget lovers. It would change the 2D scenario into 3D scenario. Many people are anxious to know VkWorld Discovery S1 features, specifications and price in India. We have seen launch of 3D smart phones like HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D but Chinese company want to test the same with its new smart phone i.e.

VK World Discovery. It would give new HD revolution to the mobile industry. Read more- Android app development company India It has many features and specifications. One of the sharpest mentioned 3D phones comes with 950 x 540, it is step up to previous one. The phone which was launched before i.e. We are not available with complete specifications and features list of VKWorld Discovery S1 but still appreciate the move come from this Chinese firm. Many people also started comparison of glasses free 3D VKWorld Discovery S1 smart phones with previous releases.

Top Best 5 windows 8 touchscreen laptops 2015. Windows is again back in the game, when they launched the touch screen feature, which means now you can use your laptop as a tablet also. So, now you can enjoy the laptop as a tablet and vice versa. The best features of these touch screen windows 8 laptops are they behave as a tablet, and all in one desktops.

Below, we have top best 5 Windows 8 touch screen laptops. Must check- Windows phone app development company The touch screen windows 8 laptops are highly recommended and they are not even costlier enough. 1. Lenovo Yoga 3 14 is the high end laptop with 360 degree folding hinge. 2. Asus has clearly shot the bullet on the Apple’s MacBook Air with the launch of Chi. 3. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the another touch screen laptop which also works as the hybrid end tablet with full vision. The pros of this laptop are huge cover type upgrade and sharp design and display. 4. Microsoft Surface 3 is the another kind of the hybrid end tablet which works as the touch screen laptop. 5. Intex Cloud 4G Star features, specifications and price. Companies are exploring Indian market as India market is very vast.

With the growth happening in India, every company is looking to expand its wings in Indian market. Intex is also looking to expand its 4G portfolio in India market. Thus, Intex launches Intex Cloud 4G star smart phone having good features and specifications. Must check- Hire top mobile app developers India Intex cloud 4G star is available at low price in India and would be available very soon. The smart phone comes with Android 5.0 lollipop version and it is priced at Rs 7299. The new Intex smart phone will be available at flipkart from Wednesday. Intex cloud 4G star smart phone supports LTE bands in India. It is dual SIM smart phone runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop version. It also comes with 16 GB of inbuilt storage which is further expandable via microSD card upto 32 GB. The smart phone has good battery backup of 2300 mAh which means star 4G smart phone delivers 8 hours of talktime and 210 hours of standby time. Xiaomi MIUI 7 features, specifications and price.

Smartphone lovers always wait for some lucrative stuff which will amazed them. This time, they are waiting for Xiaomi MIUI 7 features, specifications and price in India. The Xiaomi MIUI 7 already announced to be launched in China on 13th August. It would be out in a week time. If you are Xiaomi MIUI 7 lover and willing to buy it online then keep an eye on this article. Xiaomi confirms the launching of smart phone on 13th August in China, the upcoming event is already scheduled for 13th August. Must check- Android App Development company India The official confirmation come from desk of MIUI forum which stated that product launch event will be on 13th August 2015.The venue of event is China National Convention Center. Xiaomi launched MIUI a year ago, it offers a set of customizations, which makes Xiaomi better from its competitors( it makes apart from other companies).

Xiaomi Mi 5 expected to have 5.2 inch display screen, Gorilla Glass 4 protection for touch screen, it has 2.5 D edges. Oneplus 2 Specifications, Features & Price. The most awaited variant in new upcoming smartphones array is Oneplus 2 which has been officially announced, augmenting new achievement in smartphones manufacturing domain industry. We have framed all the latest news about specifications and features of all new Oneplus 2 phone with most sought after price in India and availability to buy online on almost all major e-Commerce platforms on economical rate. Related:- Android Mobile Developer The Oneplus 2 features 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor and 4 GB of RAM. If the sources are to be believed it also comprises of physical home button, which incorporates fingerprint scanner, also a laser autofocus option for in sync with 13 MP rear camera and a 3,300 mAh battery.

The new entrant also comes with USB Type-C. The specifications also includes an alert slider for quick access to custom notification settings. The latest Oneplus 2 also features a dynamic screen set of credentials of 5.5-inch Full-HD resolution (1,080 x 1,920 pixels). Sony Xperia Ultra C5 Features & Specifications | Enuke Software. Smartphones have been finding there way too proximate to people’s uncontrollable desire and intensity with which they crave for new technology features that comes with every latest mobile release update. If online rumors to be believed Sony Mobile will shortly launch new entity in its Xperia smartphones archive called Sony Xperia C5 Ultra (E5506, E5553), code named Lavender with latest specifications and dynamic features. There are speculations that this new Xperia handset would be readily available online to buy across all major e Commerce platforms.

Related:- Android Application Developers Leaked manual for the same phone had been in intense talk of the town that has already speculated major features and specifications including integrative design of front panel and display functions which mainly inclined towards suggestion, it will have a bezel-less frame (at least on the left and right sides of the phone). Compare PHP 7 vs HHVM on LiteSpeed | Enuke Software. Benchmarks are the measuring parameters that interests most of the people as they make them aware of the product sense and quality check. These are the platforms on which two or more products or entities are compared to give out the most effective and efficient entity. Here in the Web based PHP Development Company, they regularly check their products on different server base. We have compared PHP 7 and HHVM on the operation basis of litespeed.

The dynamic oriented programming language brought out unprecedented opportunities for Facebook developers to construct or de construct the website, However, it eventually ended up losing all the knack for rapid-fire development and succumbed to the intense workload of millions of users visiting the site every minute. After this Facebook tried out its hands in developing Hiphop, a tool that generally converts PHP scripts to C++ prior to compilation and execution on Web servers. JIT Engine Speculation Asynchronous Programming Speculation. LG Gentle Flip 4G Phone Specifications & Features | Enuke Software. Flip phones have slightly become obsolete and elderly technical fashioned but it is under the process of reviving its roots as these phones were a buzz at its time especially in Asian countries.

LG has recently launched a latest android based operated smartphone framed as LG gentle flip phone features 4G network, in accordance to replenish the flip phones era. It comprises of all new features of android 5.1 and specifications customized to enhance the smart flip phone experience. This variant of flip phone is available to buy online if reports sources are to be considered. Read More:- Android Mobile Development The smart device has been launched in Korea generally based on Android 5.1 OS, 4G LTE as top specifications. It has the pocketable size of a traditional flip phone and the necessities only a smartphone OS can provide. Camera powered in LG Gentle is a 5MP rear camera for capturing all photos and videos. Moto G(3rd Gen), X Play, Style Features & Specifications | Enuke Software.

Compare PHP vs Ruby (comparison and difference) - IT Blogs. PHP VS Python. Which is better? | Enuke Software. Top Best Data Backup Android Apps 2015 | Enuke Software. Top Best Android Mobile Tracker Apps 2015 | Enuke Software. Top Best Screen Lock Android Apps 2015 | Enuke Software. Top Best Call Recording Android Apps 2015 | Enuke Software. Top Best Tv Streaming Android Apps 2015 | Enuke Software. Top 5 Best Voice Recognition Android Apps | Enuke Software. Top best PHP online code compilers 2015 | Enuke Software. PHP Web Service Application Development | Enuke Software. Hire PHP Developers | Best PHP Web Programmers India. PHP Web Development Company India| Top PHP Web Application Services.