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At Entwine Creative Group, we build brands from the inside out through brand storytelling, publishing, identity and website design & development.

How To Make Your Brand Story ‘Roll’ Instagram. Imperfect Brand: Humanizing Your Brand Makes It More Appealing. The Worst Mistake: Ignore Feedback At Your Peril. The Essential Fit Foods Shopping List - Hello Gorgeous Fitness. Read Time: 5 Minutes I know you’re busy and eating healthy in a crazy busy life is a major challenge.

The Essential Fit Foods Shopping List - Hello Gorgeous Fitness

Having the right foods on hand when that belly gets to rumblin’, is key to preventing your inner cookie monster from taking control and tackling that poor 10 year old at the Girl Scout Cookie table. To make things easier, I put together a quick list of the most nutrient packed, healthiest essential foods to keep on hand. 1. Lemons Not only are lemons a versatile flavor enhancer and garnish for fish, chicken, and vegetables. Quick tip: Drinking warm lemon water in the morning fires your metabolism and detoxes the body all at once. 2.

Blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries oh, my! 3. 5 Insanely Simple Steps To A Successful Body. Read Time: 4 Minutes “Our body is precious, it is our vehicle for awakening.

5 Insanely Simple Steps To A Successful Body

Treat it with care.” -Buddha After years of treating my body like a garbage pail and a workhorse, I’ve learned a thing or two about what my body is meant to do and how it is meant to be treated. Why Revising Your Website Could Be The Key To Your Success. 5 TIPS TO WRITE A BETTER COPY. To say something both well and succinctly takes practice and skill.


Your readers have a slue of information at their fingertips and will quickly move on to the next article if you don’t get to the point and deliver copy that’s worth reading. “Good writing is not a natural gift. 3 Easy Steps to an Effective How-To - Entwine Creative Group. How-to content is a great way to share your expertise with your audience.

3 Easy Steps to an Effective How-To - Entwine Creative Group

People just love guides because they typically break down data into easy to read bite size chunks of information that’s understandable and actionable. We’ll walk you through the 3 easy step approach to writing a how-to article that begins with finding the question, goes on to address the problem, and ends with a solution. Step 1 – Find a Topic. Humans Aren't Perfect. Your Brand Shouldn't Be, Either - Entwine Creative Group. In an interconnected communication framework like today’s social media environment, being real can trump being perfect.

Humans Aren't Perfect. Your Brand Shouldn't Be, Either - Entwine Creative Group

In an about-face from the polished branding efforts of the last century, humanizing your brand means letting go of perfection, and being imperfect can make you more appealing. In the first of a series that looked at how marketers responded to the challenges of a socially connected brand on Digiday, Brands Try For Some Personality covers how the shift from mass media to social interaction requires a different kind of brand communication.

The days of hyper-polished singular messages are giving way to brands that understand the importance of showing their rough edges to lend humanity to their company. Faults make us interesting That’s certainly the case for characters in stories. Challenging a behemoth: The Story of New Shave Brands - Entwine Creative Group. Procter and Gamble dominates the shaving market.

Challenging a behemoth: The Story of New Shave Brands - Entwine Creative Group

However, with the introduction of their most expensive blade ever, they may have opened the door for two upstarts making a run at their grip on men’s razors. Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club have taken a different approach to marketing and product launches. They’re telling two different brand stories, coming at P&G from both ends of the brand spectrum. The question remains, will they be able to carve out a corner of this $2.86 Billion market? THE CHEMISTRY OF A SUCCESSFUL CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY - Entwine Creative Group.

To get your content in front of the right people at the right time, here’s a different take on the elements of a successful content marketing strategy.


Au – Gold Widely used for monetary exchange throughout history and synonymous with wealth, gold is an element of inherent value. View your audience as equally valuable, they’re the ones who will dig into their pockets and give you their gold. KEEP YOUR MARKETING MIND IN SHAPE LIKE THE PROS - Entwine Creative Group. As football season is now underway, I began reflecting on how the coaches and players prepare before hitting the fields on opening day.


Do they just show up, put on their uniforms and hit the field? Of course not! The players train for months, likely since the end of last season. Once they get back to their teams, they practice non-stop to get into top shape for the first day of the new season before ever hitting the field on opening day. WHAT'S NOT MARKETING? NOTHING. - Entwine Creative Group. That’s right, there’s nothing your company does that isn’t marketing.

WHAT'S NOT MARKETING? NOTHING. - Entwine Creative Group

It’s easy to focus on external and internal communications as your most visible marketing vehicles, but whether you realize it or not, everything your company does is marketing. In this blog post inspired by the book Rework, the author writes, “The most successful companies ensure that everyone who comes into contact with your company has a positive experience – whether it’s by talking to someone in the pub or on Twitter, calling your helpline, coming for a job interview, paying an invoice, seeing an ad, visiting your store, or reading a review.

This is the new marketing, and it really does include everything.” Really, I mean everything. HOW TO WRITE TOPICAL CONTENT THAT'S BRAND RELEVANT - Entwine Creative Group. You might call it newsjacking, being topical or simply writing about what’s hot.


Whatever you call it, writing and creating content related to current trends and interests are a great way to get your brand and message out to the world. To celebrate 100 years of dunking, Oreo’s Daily Twist campaign managed to comment on everything from the Mars landing to the birth of a Chinese panda, all through the lens of an Oreo Cookie.

If you can find your way into the latest hot topic, you’ll show up in search queries, generate interest for your brand, and in a best-case scenario, offer your expert insights. HOW TO CREATE SUBJECT LINES THAT SING - Entwine Creative Group. Whether it’s an email, a blog post, or any piece of communication, the subject line is the first thing your reader sees. It’s your chance to hook their interest, create an expectation and pull them into your content. So how can you write better subject lines and how much should you tease your readers within that first sentence? Subject lines matter more than you think Jay Baer shared some email statistics that include these doozies. 69% of recipients will report an email as spam just from reading the subject line and 35% choose whether or not to open based on subject line.

Suddenly, every one of those characters count. Thinking of using exclamation points to up the level of emphasis? Symbols really do work. CREATE VALUABLE CONTENT CUSTOMERS CRAVE - Entwine Creative Group. The idea of giving away free samples is older than advertising itself, but today’s content marketers are learning that it’s every bit as applicable today as it was 150 years ago. In the 1850’s, Benjamin T. Babbitt offered free samples of his Babbitt’s Best Soap, building a fortune in the process. WRITE CONTENT FOR YOUR AUDIENCE - Entwine Creative Group. If you’re telling a story, there’s only one way to tell it right – frame the content for the benefit of the reader. It’s not about you, your brand, or what you want. It’s about the reader, their needs, and what they want. Why? Because you don’t get to decide whether they’ll keep reading, or share it via Facebook, or buy what you’re selling. They hold the power to decide their next action.

Content Marketing or Brand Publishing? - Entwine Creative Group. Sam Slaughter makes a great point in this editorial on Adweek about the difference in content marketing and Brand Publishing. Semantics aside, he believes a brand’s focus once they cross the threshold of producing content should be on becoming publishers instead of being marketers. He claims that great content exists to tell a story, and we agree wholeheartedly but as with most things, the truth lies in the middle. Brands At Play - No More Dull Content. The in-flight safety briefing or video has long been one of the worst parts of the flying experience. Legally mandated, dry, and chock-full of information you’re heard more times than you can count, every flyer has suffered through it.

Flight attendants have suffered through giving them. That is, until Virgin decided to re-invent those few minutes back in 2007. A race to the top In what’s become a race to produce the coolest, most entertaining, and generally awesome safety videos, more and more airlines are taking advantage of their captive audience to create favorable impressions of their brand. Southwest lets their employees customize their briefings, and no two are alike; every employee features their own talents, sense of humor or individual style.

The list goes and on, Delta just premiered an 80′s themed video, Air New Zealand has featured Hobbits, Betty White, and even employees in body paint. What do they have in common? The takeaway from in-flight safety. How Company Values Can Save the World - Entwine Creative Group. Build your reputation before saying hello - Entwine Creative Group. HOW NORDSTROM CREATES CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE - Entwine Creative Group. Nordstrom is one of my favorite stores because it provides a shopping experience customers remember, and that experience is enough to create incredibly positive feelings and customer loyalty. How Amazon makes a billion dollar company consumer-centric - Entwine Creative Group.

Amazon is a billion-dollar juggernaut, but it doesn’t feel that way for their customers. How everything you do defines your brand - Entwine Creative Group. It feels like an obvious statement, but branding is so much more than advertising, marketing, even internal communication. Doing Good Business: Buy One Give One - Entwine Creative Group. The buy one give one model rose to prominence with TOMS shoes and their idea to give a pair of shoes to someone in need with every pair purchased by consumers. A business with a conscience, the idea was part of their brand values and their brand story from the beginning. The Content Types You Need To Stand Out - Entwine Creative Group.

New communication channels pop up every day and brands are scrambling to find the right content type to support their marketing efforts. This post is going to outline many of the popular content marketing forms, and some of their relative strengths and weaknesses. GIVE AWAY THE CARROT TO GET THE CONTENT - Entwine Creative Group. How do you separate yourself from the rest of the content marketing landscape when seeking information?