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ENT Specialty Group

The clinic treats disorders of the ears, nose, and throat in both children and adults

Thyroid Cancer: Risks & Causes - ENT Specialty Group. Thyroid cancer is among the most frequently diagnosed types of cancers today.

Thyroid Cancer: Risks & Causes - ENT Specialty Group

Yet, there is very little information about what it is, who is at more risk of getting and what causes it. In this article, we are going to cover all three topics solely to spread awareness. How is head and neck cancer diagnosed? Ultrasound Guided Fine Needle Aspiration Thyroid Biopsy. 4141 Sherbrooke St.

Ultrasound Guided Fine Needle Aspiration Thyroid Biopsy

West Suite 625Westmount, QC H3Z 1B8 Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Early Warning Signs of Thyroid cancer. Cancer is a collection of related diseases in which body cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues.

Early Warning Signs of Thyroid cancer

Some of the cancers show early signs and symptoms, but most cancers will not show any sign or symptoms and thyroid cancer is one of these. Thyroid cancer appears in the cell of the thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland located in the base of the neck, below the cartilage known as the Adam’s apple. A relatively rare disease, thyroid cancer accounts for about 3% of all new cancer cases. Thyroid cancer may not cause any symptoms at first but as it grows it can cause pain and swelling in your neck.

Several types of thyroid cancers exist. Spécialistes en cancérologie Montréal. 1.

Spécialistes en cancérologie Montréal

About Sinusitis Infection & its Treatment. What is sinusitis or sinus infection? Nodules thyroïdiens et traitement du cancer de la thyroïde. 1.

Nodules thyroïdiens et traitement du cancer de la thyroïde

Qu’est-ce que le cancer de la glande thyroïde? Les nodules thyroïdiens (ou tumeurs) peuvent être bénins ou malins. La différence entre une tumeur bénigne et une tumeur maligne réside dans le potentiel qu’ont les tumeurs malignes ou cancers de se propager à l’extérieur de la glande thyroïde aux structures environnantes (par exemple, les ganglions) ou à des sites plus à distance (par exemple, les poumons). Heureusement, les cancers de la thyroïde se propagent plutôt rarement à des sites à distance. Voici des types de cancer de la thyroïde : - Carcinome papillaire de la thyroïde - Carcinome folliculaire de la thyroïde - Carcinome à cellules de Hurtle de la thyroïde.

What are the possible causes of head and neck cancer? Facts About Thyroid Cancer - ENT Specialty Group. Docteurs ORL & Spécialistes Montréal. How can we cure sinusitis through ENT treatment? Endocrinologist in Montreal. What are the facts about thyroid cancer? ENT Disorders Montreal. Ear and Balance Disorders. The ENT Specialty Group offers expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of hearing and balance disorders.

Ear and Balance Disorders

These include: – Cerumen (wax) removal – Presbycusis (age-related), sudden & noise-induced sensorineural hearing loss – Conductive hearing loss (otosclerosis, tympanic membrane perforations) – Chronic otitis (ear infections, cholesteatoma) – Eustachian tube dysfunction – Tinnitus – Vertigo / dizziness (Meniere’s disease, BPPV, acoustic neuromas) – Facial nerve disorders (Bell’s palsy) – Expertise for CNESST (CSST) cases involving occupational noise exposure Consultation is provided by Fellowship-trained Otologists, as well as other Otolaryngologists with an interest in disorders of the external, middle and inner ear. Thyroid Cancer - Causes, Symptoms & Treatments. How do I recognise the difference between goitre and thyroid cancer? Nose Surgeon In Montreal. Nose and Sinus Surgeon. Assistant Professor, Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, McGill University Surgical Appointments: Jewish General HospitalSpecializing in Nasal and Sinus Disease including Nasal Polyps, Endoscopic Sinus and Skull Base Surgery, Nasal Congestion from allergies or other causes, excessive tearing, and recurrent nose bleeds Dr.

Nose and Sinus Surgeon

Joseph S. Symptoms of throat cancer. Vocal Chord Specialist and Dysphagia. Associate Professor, Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, McGill UniversityDirector, Montreal General Hospital, Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck SurgeryDirector, McGill University Voice and Dysphagia LaboratorySpecializing in Voice and Swallowing Disorders, Head and Neck Surgery, Botox and Fillers Dr Kost did her undergraduate studies and residency at McGill University in Montreal.

Vocal Chord Specialist and Dysphagia

She completed a fellowship in Voice and Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery at the Institute of Laryngology and Otology in London England under the stewardship of Sir Donald Harrison. She is a Professor of Otolaryngology at McGill University and is the Director of the Voice and Dysphagia Laboratory at McGill University. Areas of special interest include Head and Neck Oncology, Airway problems, and Voice. She is the past president of the Otolaryngology division of the McGill Med-Chi Society, and sits on several local committees associated with McGill university. Dr. Dr. Summary. Who is the best endocrinologist in your area? Why? Dr. Nathalie Gabra - Otolaryngology. Could you have a thyroid problem or not know it? Head and Neck Oncology Surgeon. What are the symptoms of thyroid cancer? Otolaryngology Doctors Montreal. Is head and neck cancer curable?

Dr. Veronique-Isabelle Forest. Dr.

Dr. Veronique-Isabelle Forest

Forest is an assistant professor at McGill University in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. She specializes in Head and Neck Oncology, with an emphasis on thyroid cancer and microvascular reconstruction. She has a strong interest in surgery of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, as well as the salivary glands and lymph nodes. During her medical school training at Université Laval, Dr.

Forest simultaneously completed a Master Degree in experimental medicine – human genetics. What is an Endocrinologist & What does an Endocrinologist do? Dr. Saul Frenkiel - Otolaryngologist – Head and Neck Specialist. Pediatric Otolaryngology Surgeon. What is the best possible treatment for sinus problem? Symptoms of Head and Neck Cancer. Thyroid Cancer Surgeon in Montreal. Associate Professor, Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, McGill UniversitySurgical Appointments: Jewish General Hospital, Montreal General Hospital, Royal Victoria HospitalSpecializing in Thyroid Cancer Surgery, Ultrasound Guided Biopsy of Thyroid Nodules, and Parathyroid Surgery Dr.

Thyroid Cancer Surgeon in Montreal

Payne is an associate professor at McGill University in the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. His surgical subspecialty is in Head and Neck Oncology with a strong emphasis on thyroid cancer. He also has an interest in surgery of the parathyroid glands. Dr. Dr. During his medical school training at McGill University in Montreal, Dr. At the community level, Dr. Summary Name Dr. Website Job Title. What happens if thyroid cancer is left untreated? ENT Doctors Montreal. Sleep Apnea Problems & Treatment. Voice Problems & Treatment. The ‘voice box’, or vocal cords are located in the larynx behind the thyroid cartilage or Adam’s apple.

Our vocal cords have many important functions. Most people associate the vocal cords with the sound of a voice, speaking and singing. However, the vocal cords have other important functions as well. They help us swallow safely by closing and protecting the lungs when we eat. They also open between swallows to allow us to breathe. It has been said that our voice is the mirror of our personality. At the ENT specialty group, we have a dedicated group of highly trained and experienced voice experts (laryngologists) who recognize the apprehension and worry that comes with a hoarse speaking voice or singing voice.

Our voice experts are all fellowship trained, having spent an additional year of study and research in renowned centers after graduation. Thyroid Nodules & Thyroid Cancer Treatment. The thyroid gland is butterfly shaped and is important in regulating metabolism and energy. When a thyroid nodule is detected it is often necessary to have an ultrasound of the thyroid and at times a biopsy to assess for cancer. At ENT Specialty Group, our team of experienced thyroid surgeons and endocrinologists have expertise in the workup and management of thyroid nodules. We understand the anxiety associated with discovering a thyroid tumour and the importance of a proper work up.

This may involve a thyroid morphology ultrasound examination, an ultrasound guided thyroid biopsy (USFNA), and when indicated, molecular testing of thyroid nodules (Afirma, ThyroseqV3, ThyGenext/Thyramir). When thyroid surgery is indicated it is performed at one of the McGill University hospitals (Jewish General Hospital, MUHC/Glen), McGill Univeristy affiliated hospitals, or University of Montreal affiliated hospitals. Cancer Specialists Montreal. The ENT Specialty Group Specializes in many facets of Head and Neck Surgery. It includes amongst its specialists, several Surgeons who have Fellowship (sub-specialty) training in all aspects of Head and Neck Cancer care.

Head and Neck Tumors ; which they look after comprehensively from diagnosis through to complete treatment, includes: mouth and throat cancers, benign and malignant thyroid and salivary gland tumors (parotid and sub-mandibular glands), parathyroid tumors, and advanced skin cancers. These surgeons also have advanced training in the plastic and reconstructive aspects of surgical treatment. This expertise allows them to provide the restorative part of the overall therapy.

Sinus Infection Montreal. In cases when the nasal septum is deviated, patients may feel that their nasal passages are mostly blocked on one side. Sometimes, the blockage can be felt on both sides since the inferior turbinates grow and become enlarged as a result of allergies or simply to fill up the empty space caused by the deviated septum.

Occasionally, these symptoms can be improved with certain medications, but more often a corrective surgery is required for better relief. This usually consists of a short and relatively painless operation under general anesthesia in the hospital, followed by discharge home the same day. Some patients with obstructive sleep apnea that have difficulty using their CPAP machines because of nasal blockage may also benefit from this kind of surgery, but they may need to stay under observation one night in hospital afterwards. Deviation or deformities of the external part of the nose can also cause nasal blockage or esthetic concerns. ENT Specialty Group.