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5 Steps to Measure Marketing Success. Here are the five steps to successfully working out what "works" and what doesn't in your Marketing Mix... 1.

5 Steps to Measure Marketing Success

Start asking people where they heard about you. Start right NOW, immediately!! Create a tally sheet, including the ways someone could hear about you - newspaper ads, direct mail, fliers, phone directory, referrals, walk-by traffic etc. Every time someone buys, ask them this question - "By the way, can I just ask where you heard about my business". Make a mark on your tally sheet in the relevant column. The first thing to do is see what's not working. First, go back over your past ads and think about how well each one worked. 10 Tips for Developing Your Dream Team.

When it comes to business, profit is important, but cash is king!

10 Tips for Developing Your Dream Team

The same analogy can be made when it comes to your team – hiring well is important, but retention is king. The cost of hiring, training and the temporary loss in productivity represents thousands of dollars for most businesses. The return on this investment depends on two things – how long employees stay and how much they contribute when they are there. Every successful entrepreneur knows that a strong team makes it possible to accomplish great results, while providing employee satisfaction that is key to retention. But dream teams don’t just happen, they are developed over time and require commitment at all levels – starting with you, the owner, CEO and leader of your company.

10 Steps to Growing Your Business and Profits. The right techniques make time management work.

10 Steps to Growing Your Business and Profits

In the quest for better time management, we have been flooded with a large variety of gizmos, tools, and programs invented to help us more effectively manage our time. These tools and programs make great claims, but most fail to help us achieve that ultimate “nirvana” of time management that we desire. Of all the time management “stuff” out there, I've found a few simple techniques that consistently work well, if implemented properly. 10 Best New Years Resolutions for 2017. Is it that time of the year when you start thinking about your New Years' resolutions?

10 Best New Years Resolutions for 2017

Here's a list of 10 great resolutions - which, if followed - will make 2017 your best year ever: 1. Resolve to stay brutally optimistic. See the opportunity in every difficulty and anticipate the most favorable outcome out of every situation. Knowledge & Earn. I Am an Entrepreneur. Target, Offer, Copy. Tender/Supplier Agreements. Upcoming Events Leadership Program Day 16 June 2017 Entrepreneurial Business School are extremely proud to offer to you this exclusive and rare opportunity to spend a day in the room with Chris White – Chief Science O..

Tender/Supplier Agreements

The Entrepreneurs Forum 2017 17 June 2017 We're bringing it back again in 2017 with an even BIGGER and BETTER event. View All Events Latest Articles. Three Major Dials. Upcoming Events Leadership Program Day 16 June 2017 Entrepreneurial Business School are extremely proud to offer to you this exclusive and rare opportunity to spend a day in the room with Chris White – Chief Science O..

Three Major Dials

The Entrepreneurs Forum 2017. Time. Top 10 Stressful Tasks. What to Say to a Slow Payer. Why Customers Leave. Creating a Great Business Plan. Imagine if you were travelling on a flight overseas and you asked the Captain, ‘Can I see the flight plan for the trip?’

Creating a Great Business Plan

And the Captain replied with ‘We don’t have one, we are just going to take off and hope for the best.’ Would you still want to take the flight? The same concept applies to business, if you are trying to run your business without a business plan it’s like taking off in a plane without a flight plan. It’s the epitome of pin the tail on the donkey. So, if you don’t have a business plan in place already, how do you go about putting one together to implement into your business? 1. The first thing to be clear on is the purpose of the business, what is your ‘Why’. 2. 10 Steps to Growing Your Business and Profits. Why BUSINESS is not about BUSYNESS. Just imagine if your business was like a formula 1 pit team: how successful do you think you would be?

Why BUSINESS is not about BUSYNESS

Would you be the team manager, calmly orchestrating the events from the safety of the pit wall, or would you be the one running round, doing every job to make sure it is done well, getting in everybody's way but feeling good because you are busy helping out, with the end result that the car goes out late and with only 3 wheels? One of the biggest problems for business owners is that we convince ourselves that being busy is what business is all about and that as long as we are giving our all, then there is not much else that we can do. While we all know that we need to work smarter rather than harder, the reality is that life always throws us curve balls and we end up reacting to the environment we find ourselves in and going back to our old ways.

The reason for this stems from why we got into business in the first place. Customer Service VS Customer Care. Market research has shown that most of us would switch rather than fight: 96% of unhappy customers say nothing to their now former supplier; they simply don’t return.

Customer Service VS Customer Care

Instead, they tell their sad story to approximately nine or ten of their friends. 13% actually tell 20 or more people. Of the courageous 4% that do complain, 95% stay with their current vendor when their problem is resolved quickly and to their satisfaction. In fact, they perceive the remedy to be so remarkable that they typically remark positively about it to five of their friends. Contrast this with satisfied clients, who usually say nothing or at the most tell one or two friends about you and your products. 7 Profit Winning Strategies for Your Business.

Do you feel you are working long hours and working really hard, but still can’t seem to get ahead money wise?

7 Profit Winning Strategies for Your Business

Do you leave your financials up to your accountant, and don’t really understand them? Imagine knowing exactly how to make more money in your business and more money for you without working any harder or longer! It may be hard to believe that you could love that jumble of numbers, especially if you believe Math was not your greatest subject in school. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In most cases this is the last thing Business Owners focus on…when it should be the first. In Business, most of the figures we do are for the Tax Department. A Guide to Effective Leadership. Leadership The success or failure of a company lies in the ability of its leader to lead it through the different stages of growth that it will go through. It is essential that entrepreneurs know and understand their roles and responsibilities as leaders of their companies.

Common Marketing Mistakes (and How to Fix Them) If you're like many business owners, you're either doing the wrong marketing activities well, or doing the right marketing activities wrong. Now, how could that ever happen? It's quite simple really, let me explain: Firstly, in my business experience, I've noticed that most entrepreneurs and business owners have one thing in common. They spend most of their time working "in" their business, and very little time working "on" it.

Conversion Rate...The 8th Wonder of Business... I am often reminded of getting back to basics to build revenues and profits in business. But none more so than when I am confronted with a business owner who shows me they need more new customers … If you really want to grow your business and you really want to do it fast, then take a look at grasping these few simple ideas … You are already getting people contacting you, coming in, emailing you and so on. 7 Profit Winning Strategies for Your Business. 10 Minute Marketing Plan. You've probably heard of Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of Guerrilla Marketing. Jay was also responsible for creating the Marlboro Man and taking Marlboro cigarettes from an unknown brand to the number one brand by a long margin in a very short time.

Now I am not a fan of cigarettes, but I am a fan of using marketing strategies that work to grow your business. Many years ago, I had the honor of personally sitting in Jay Conrad Levinson’s lounge room, and I’ve actually studied with this marketing guru. It was here that I came up with “that if it’s not written down, it’s not on this planet.” So … I follow Jay Conrad Levinson and practice many of his Guerrilla Marketing strategies. This week's stage activity is straight from Jay Conrad Levinson's playbook. This Is Warren Buffett’s Best Investment Advice. Go all-in on this amazing asset and you will see returns beyond anything you could dream of.

Warren Buffett is considered to be one of the greatest investors that has ever lived and is consistently ranked among the wealthiest people in the world with a net-worth north of $72 billion. He is well known for his commitment to value investing, and when he gives recommendations, people listen. 6 Lessons for Business and Life. How I Think After Finke… The 6 Keys to Financial Mastery in Your Small Business.

Kingaroy Business Coach. - Global Number #1 Business Coach of the Year (4 Time Winner) - 2 Time International Stevie® Award Winner - "Company of the Year" - International Stevie® Award Winner - "Chairman of the Year" - Asia/Pacific Stevie® Award Winner - "Company of the Year" - Millionaire Level Coach - Acclaimed Author "Where's My Cash Gone? Brisbane Business Coach. - Global Number #1 Business Coach of the Year (4 Time Winner) - 2 Time International Stevie® Award Winner - "Company of the Year" - International Stevie® Award Winner - "Chairman of the Year" - Asia/Pacific Stevie® Award Winner - "Company of the Year" - Millionaire Level Coach - Acclaimed Author "Where's My Cash Gone?

Business Coaching for Kids. When looking back at what you learned at school…how much of it still applies to life today? Do you use Algebra or Geometry, or Trigonometry, or Advanced Algebra much at all … as a matter of fact do you use half the stuff that you got taught at school in the real world? That is how Business School for Kids came about, it is a coaching program for children between the ages of 11 and 18, that provide kids with the knowledge and skills that will help them navigate and nurture their future.

This kids coaching program is designed to empower the kids to think like an Entrepreneur and to develop the all-important critical thinking and decision making skills that can be used in whatever endeavour they pursue in life. The Business School for Kids Coaching Program is a first for teaching kids the things they don’t get taught at school, things like… Best Business Programs -Business Coaching & Training. The Entrepreneurs University Program is a 12-month program for business owners and entrepreneurs who desire more skills, tools, inspiration and guidance to achieve their goals.

Entrepreneurial Business School. Best Business Coaching Programs. Business Coach Brisbane - Entrepreneurial Business School. Knowing Your Numbers is Crucial to the Success of Your Business - Online Coaching Programs. How to Use Your Business Card.