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An Introduction to Purple. Eugene Eric Kim <eekim@eekim.com> Version 1.3August 28, 2001 Introduction 1 (01) Purple is a small suite of quickly hacked tools inspired by Doug Engelbart's attempt to bootstrap the addressing features of his Augment system onto HTML pages.

An Introduction to Purple

Information R/evolution. WorldWideWeb: Proposal for a HyperText Project. 進捗状況を明記する -- Style Guide for Online Hypertext. 内容が確定した情報もあれば、急いでかき集められてまだ不完全なものもあります。

進捗状況を明記する -- Style Guide for Online Hypertext

どちらも読者にとっては有益なものですから、不完全な情報や古い情報を提供することはちっとも恥ずかしいことではありません−それは入手し得る最善のものかもしれないのです。 しかし、それがどのような状態のものかを明記することは忘れないでください。 最後に更新されたのはいつ? それは完成版? その適用範囲(scope)は? As We May Think. As Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, Dr.

As We May Think

Vannevar Bush has coordinated the activities of some six thousand leading American scientists in the application of science to warfare. In this significant article he holds up an incentive for scientists when the fighting has ceased. He urges that men of science should then turn to the massive task of making more accessible our bewildering store of knowledge. For years inventions have extended man's physical powers rather than the powers of his mind.

Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group. Welcome to Udanax.com.