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Time of Supply under GST: Comprehensive Information. Non-Generation of E-way Bill after November 21, 2019. With deferment in implementation of Rule 138E and considering the hardships of the taxpayers and also in the public interest CBIC has extended the date from August 21, 2019, to November 21, 2019.

Non-Generation of E-way Bill after November 21, 2019

After this, no person shall be allowed to generate an e-way bill, if he has not furnished the returns for two consecutive tax periods. The GST notification No – 36/2019[1] was issued on 20.08.2019 to extend the due date to 21ST November 2019 from 21st August 2019 NOTE: Person includes a consignor, consignee, transporter, an e-commerce operator or a courier agency. Analysis of the notification No-36/2019[2] i.e. Rule 138E of GST Rules, 2017 Any person registered in the capacity of a supplier or a recipient (whether he is a consignor, consignee, transporter, e-commerce operator or courier agency) will not be permitted to generate or furnish information in Part A of FORM GST EWB-01 i.e.

Comparative Analysis of Current and Expected scenario Also, Read: . Complete Guide on How to Register Nidhi Company. Is Partnership Registration Mandatory in India. In India, it is not compulsory to register a partnership deed.

Is Partnership Registration Mandatory in India

However, there are several reasons for registering your partnership firm. One should register its partnership deed because an unregistered entity has several restrictions with respect to legal enforcement of the partnership deed, so it is better to get your partnership deed registered. Financial Due Diligence / Accounting Due Diligence: A Complete Overview. Financial Due Diligence is required in any kind of investment or business dealing with mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”), or issuing new stocks, and any other transaction which involves risk and for which reasonable care must be taken before getting into an agreement.

Financial Due Diligence / Accounting Due Diligence: A Complete Overview

There is always a risk while investing, so the Company needs to be aware with the background and a proper scrutinization of all the documents is required for the same. Financial Due Diligence / Accounting Due Diligence: A Complete Overview. Starting a Consulting Firm Need Business Plan Consultant. A consulting firm is an organization that has a number of trained professionals; who have clear insights regarding the business.

Starting a Consulting Firm Need Business Plan Consultant

These business plan consultants are hired by companies, to help them grow in the market. NBFC Compliance under FEMA - Enterslice Fintech. NBFC have to comply with the domestic laws to operate in the financial sector.

NBFC Compliance under FEMA - Enterslice Fintech

While borrowing foreign loans, an NBFC has to be compliant with the regulations of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). NBFC compliance under FEMA is mandatory for the following purposes: For receiving investment from foreign investorsTo increase the development of NBFCForeign investors put in more money in an NBFC because the significant portion of activities carried out by an NBFC is based on rural development There are two routes under Foreign Investment- Automatic Route and Approval/ Government Route. Business Risk Management - Overview, Types and How to manage. In spite of the relative stability in the global economy, Businesses are facing a series of substantial impending risks that will need a planned Business Risk Management.

Business Risk Management - Overview, Types and How to manage

Every business goes through a series of ups and downs as long as it exists. Therefore, it becomes essential for a business to infuse Risk Management into its strategic plan to avoid any potential hazards that could destroy the business. The ability to figure out future risks is a key component of strategic business planning for both startups and established businesses houses. Requirements Related to Global Documentation. Global Documentation (GD) is the process in which domestic, as well as international compliance related to documentation, is followed.

Requirements Related to Global Documentation

The type of documentation is required for data processes. Whenever documents are collected and processed, such information is stored. This information may or may not be used for compliance provisions. Documentation is required for information purposes and also serves as ease of doing multilateral business across different countries. What is Transfer Pricing in Indian Economy. What is transfer pricing in Indian Economy Ans.

What is Transfer Pricing in Indian Economy

The increasing participation of multinational groups in the Indian economy has arisen various issues of a transaction entered by those groups. Business may be carried on between resident and a person who is non-resident or not ordinarily resident in India and owing to close connection between them, the course of business may arrange that the resident may make either no profit or less than the ordinary profit in that business, such an arrangement would deprive that Indian revenue of the tax which would otherwise be payable by the resident. Transfer pricing means the value of Goods or Services Tax which is transferred between two or more related parties. Hence the Transfer Pricing can be defined as the price payable on goods or services transfer between one economy unit to another economy unit (assuming both units are in different countries but belongs to same multinational company & firm).

IRDAI Broker License procedure in India-Enterslice. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), published through its official gazette, the IRDA (Insurance Brokers) Regulations, 2018, on January 12th, 2018 with the purpose to supervise and monitor the registration, renewals, and operations of the Insurance Brokers as the insurance intermediary.

IRDAI Broker License procedure in India-Enterslice

The aforesaid publication superseded the IRDAI Broker License (Insurance Brokers) Regulations, 2013, with effect from such date. Glossary: As authorized by the IRDAI. How to Get a Merchant Banking License in India -Enterslice. Getting Merchant Banking License in India is 100% online Process and an entirely follow of application will route thru SEBI Regulations.

How to Get a Merchant Banking License in India -Enterslice

What is Merchant Banking License? An application by a person for grant of Certificate or License shall be made to SEBI in Form A. The application shall be accompanied by a non-refundable fee. Requisite for the Conversion of NBFC into Banks. Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) are the financial institutions regulated by the Reserve Bank of India to provide credit facilities.

Usually, NBFCs are more preferred over banks as they are quite efficient in meeting financial requirements. NBFC majorly covers those sectors i.e. Infrastructure, micro, small and medium enterprises that are not covered by the banks. Procedure for Mutual Fund Registration in India with SEBI. Mutual Fund registration in India must submit an application in Form A.

What is the Procedure for Mutual Fund Registration in India? Mutual Fund act as trusts which pool the savings of investors, reinvest them in funds to earn profits and then distribute the dividend earned amongst the investors. In return, the Asset Management Companies (AMC’s) charge a certain amount as fees for this service. It is regulated by the SEBI (Mutual Fund) Regulations, 1996. SEBI Investment Advisors Amendment Regulations 2020. The Securities Exchange Board of India recently vide PR No. 37/2020 notified of the amendments to the SEBI (Investment Advisors) Regulations, 2013. The Investment advisors amendment is aimed to strengthen the regulatory framework for investment advisors. Overview of the SEBI Investment Advisors Amendment Earlier, in January, the Securities and Exchange Board of India had floated a consultation paper on review of the regulatory framework for investment advisors and asked for public comments on it.

ARC: Requirements for Asset Reconstruction Company. An asset reconstruction company (ARC) main objective is to manage Non-performing and securitization assets of a bank and to make profitable those assets which have been underperforming or become formally classified as NPA’s belonging to companies who have been unable to generate sufficient timely revenue to service their outstanding obligations. Sample of Share Purchase Agreement Format in India. What is the Share Purchase Agreement?

A Share purchase agreement Format (SPA) is a formal agreement between a purchaser of shares in the company and the buyer, laying down the required terms and conditions. Income Tax Return Filing Online. Annual Filing of LLP, Annual Return Filing of LLP. Design Registration - Importance of Design Registration in India. All About NBFC Prudential norms & NBFC Compliances. NBFC is a company registered under the Companies Act 2013, and any other previous act.

GST Registration Requirements (Goods and Services) Here, we will discuss all GST registration requirements in one single post. Full Fledge Money Changer License in India. Core Investment Company. Know about FSSAI License Renewal Process Online in India. EPF Registration Online Procedure for Employee & Employer – Enterslice. Enterslice. Apply RCMC Application Online. Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) is required to be obtained by such firm or company which applies for import or export license and besides this avail concession or benefit under Foreign Trade Policy but this certificate is not required to be obtained by those for which it is specifically exempted under the Export Import Policy. Credit Rating Agency Registration with SEBI in India. Change in Directors of Producer Company Registration. How to Apply for Basic FSSAI Registration in India. Types of financial reporting.