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English Russian Translation Services for your business and life!

Translation Services Company. Professional Translation Services Company. If you are smart enough you can easily notice that our society is changing and becoming more isolated and shielded with the imposed philosophy of individualism.

Professional Translation Services Company

It is good that we are diverse. It’s normal that we have different views and ideas. Otherwise, the life would be boring. At least, we are males and females. Professional Translation Services as the pillar in international business communication. Translation Services for Your Business! How to overcome challenges in business relations.

Translation Services for Your Business!

In the same way you communicate with your neighbor you may and should communicate with your partner or a client overseas. Another matter is the way you communicate with your neighbor. So in order to have a success in your global business relations you should succeed in your communications with your next-door buddy. Of course, we have our own ambitions and interests. And most often those interests may not match those of your friend or, let’s say, your spouse. We speak different speaking languages but still we have one common human language of acceptance and mutual support. Everybody needs to be understood. Major element in communication between parties is the language. Second thing that is demanded and much sought after in every society is the acceptance.

People are desperately looking for acceptance and recognition. Another aspect of any relationship is love or sacrificial attitude. It may be different when you have a family business. Translation by Human Translator. Nowadays we see a tremendous contest between human work and labor and machine operation and calculation.

Translation by Human Translator

Even though human factor oftentimes causes a lot of tragic in the lives of millions, still the human input is always logically more correct than machine’s fast calculations. Machine work is no match for human efforts. Translation Services for Your Business! The New World Paradigm consists in Globalization and Modernization of international relations, environmental protection, technologies, distribution of resources, and education.

Translation Services for Your Business!

The World has never been so much busy with protection of everything and anything, from protection of human rights to protection of animals (fishes and birds) to protection of the environment. Certification of goods and services, production processes, working methods, technologies and inventions is very critical and important for proving that a commodity or activity is eligible for implementation on a global scale. Translation Services for Your Business! Communication is the primary means for any relations and activities.

Translation Services for Your Business!

To move and drive the process of business transactions, deals, ventures or any undertakings, you have to communicate with your interlocutor, companion, or partner. You have to hold multitude of talks and negotiations to resolve the current issues or to agree on certain terms and conditions with your Client or Contractor. Conversations have a profound effect on mutual understanding of parties and serve as a driving force in your business endeavors. The way you talk or write may affect your listener or reader. Thus, you have to be as much clear, concise and specific as possible.

Translation Services for Your Business! French translation. Translate English to French with us! German translation. Translate English to German with us! How to start translation business. Are you a language translation freelance?

How to start translation business

Do you fail to have regular clients? Is your budget low? Do you struggle for living? Do you need some uplifting and promotion? If your answer to all of the above questions is “Yes”, you are quite eligible to run your own translation business! First, you must have a dream or at least a wish to become more than you are now or to develop into something more significant than just a freelance.

Intercombase Translation Services Incorporated. Looking for multilingual translation services? We offer full range of language translation services! Simple and Fast or Quality versus Time. We are bound by time and space.

Simple and Fast or Quality versus Time

We can neither stretch time nor can we expand the space. We have 24 hours a day at our disposal and that is a universal law. There is a time to be awake and time to rest or sleep. We are planning our activities, job or visits and hope to accomplish our missions within that limited period of time. Merger versus Joint Venture. Merger is the uniting of two or more companies into a one new company.

Merger versus Joint Venture

Joint venture is a business arrangements in which two or more parties agree to mutually use their resources for one common goal or task, sharing ownership, interests and revenues. Presently, market conditions and human ego drives businesses to compete and struggle for a place under the Sun. Read our Blog about multilingual translation services we provide for you and your business!

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Russian Language Translation Services Blog - English-Russian-Translations. Russian Language Translation Services Blog - English-Russian-Translations. Russian translation services in Technologies Development. Present Russia is not the same country as it was 20 years ago.

Russian translation services in Technologies Development

Everything changed! Russian people became different and so their views, beliefs, and technologies! Russia, as a giant in industrial development and leader in technical and engineering achievements (like the flight of Yuriy Gagarin into Space or launching of the First Satellite) was also one of the first countries in the rush for information technology researches and inventions. First computers, though of a big size, first appeared in Russia in the middle of the twentieth century. English to Russian translation in Sports! Recent Sochi 2014 Olympic Games was a significant and memorable event for Russian people.

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Sportsmen from most world countries arrived in Sochi to compete and win the competitions.

English to Russian translation in Sports!

Since the wake of Olympics in the Soviet Union until now Russia was taking first prices and won major games, like in Hockey, Football, and other games. Russian Language Translation Services Blog - English-Russian-Translations. English to Russian Translation in Automation. Russian engineers were acknowledged as outstanding in all branches of automation industry – robotics, telecommunication, Ethernet networking, and electronics.Their input in the above fields is great, which enables them to develop and gain even more experience in specific areas at large international projects. Russian scientific potential was proved to be valuable since the researches, inventions and achievements made by Russian people were an integral part of the automation development in the world.Collaboration between countries, open borders, sharing of experience and technologies made Russian engineers and scientists more demanded, acknowledged and honored.

English to Russian Translation Services in Oil and Gas industry!

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Russian Language Translation Services Blog - English-Russian-Translations. Russian Language Translation Services Blog - English-Russian-Translations. Russian Input in Global Scientific Development. This country has greatly contributed to scientific researches and up-to-date technologies used around the world nowadays. Mobile communication, like mobile phones, PC we use every day, Internet we look up for anything, all these and many more inventions, have an input and contribution of Russian scientists,engineers and inventors. Even the development team of Google, the monopoly in worldwide web search engine world, has had a Russian IT engineer, among other developers. PayPal team,also, has had a Russian specialist of online payment processing technology. Thus the Russian language plays an important role in global scientific development. English-Russian-Translations - Russian Translation Services by professional native-speaking translators! Russia on a Global Scale. It depends on people demands and wants.

Urban areas, like big cities, have a much greater demand in contrast to other regions. High demands make their life more conditioned on other people's inputs and contributions. So, in effect, citizens of big cities largely depend on each other, even though it may seem, at first sight, that they are independent. People in urban areas are frequently more shut-in because everybody is like a small part in a complex engine, doing one's own job and fulfilling individual tasks.

In such a case everyone can only and have to do only that what he or she is assigned to do. Of course everyone can do things not related to one's job.