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Join The Industry Is Linkedin For Bartenders and Chefs. While LinkedIn has made it easier to apply and search for jobs while maintaining a professional online presence, the formalness of the platform means it isn’t suited for some non-white-collar industries.

Join The Industry Is Linkedin For Bartenders and Chefs

Join The Industry (a recent winner of the TC Radio Pitch-Off) is a professional network exclusively for the service and hospitality industry. The website lets employees showcase videos and photos of skills specifically needed in hotels and restaurants, like bartending or cooking. The service is free for users, while businesses pay on a subscription basis. Even if a restaurant or bar isn’t currently hiring, the service makes it easy to post jobs and keep a pipeline of talent for their future needs. Cody Barbo, founder and CEO of Join The Industry, explained that his company helps eliminate the awkward step of walking from restaurant to restaurant handing out resumes, which is inefficient for both the potential employee and the establishment. ITIL-ready Helpdesk. Pumping billions into data centres won't guarantee you an empire.

It's not a surprise for us, in economics, to find that we've got two (or more) different processes going on, each working in opposite directions.

Pumping billions into data centres won't guarantee you an empire

The final result will come from the interaction of the two and we're never really sure which is going to win out. Sometimes, in a certain society, one will beat the other, and at some sort of rate in the same society the other will win out. So it is, if we squint a little, when we look at this lovely world of big data, server farms, the cloud and all the rest of it. We really don't know whether this is about to usher in a world of a couple of dominant companies, a small oligopoly perhaps that exploits us all, or whether the technology itself is going to lead to something akin to a proper free market, where everyone's a little guy and faces the same prices and has the same chances.

As an example of our two effects working in opposite directions consider income tax rates on the amount of work that people are willing to do. Qloudea. Perfect storm: How 3 cloud fronts will rain on your IT parade. If you've been continuing to run your IT infrastructure as-is, without keeping up on industry trends -- look out, because there's a storm coming that's going to take you by surprise.

Perfect storm: How 3 cloud fronts will rain on your IT parade

This storm will factor into your decision making process as you consider your future IT spend and whether you continue to keep your workloads entirely on-premises, in a hybrid configuration, or in a hosted Private or Public Cloud. While there are a number of innovations related to the cloud that are all seemingly occurring at once that are accelerating Cloud adoption, there are three in particular that will heavily impact your existing TCO on your IT infrastructure.

I call these the 3 "Cs" of IT disruption. The first "C" is Containers Special Feature Cloud Computing: Moving to IaaS. The top 10 customer relationship management services. Businesses grow when they maintain healthy relationships with their customers.

The top 10 customer relationship management services

For your local deli, that might mean a quick chat to go with your pastrami sandwich. But for companies with more complex operations, customer relationship management (CRM) software is often essential. Every CRM solution comes in a different flavor — and at a different price. There’s CRM software that enables employees to create, assign, and manage requests made by customers — so when you call your cable company, for example, a representative can pull up your file to view your prior service history and log new information.

CRM sales software provides companies with a suite of tools to manage the entire sales process, from initial lead qualification to opportunity management, forecasting, and eventually deal closure. Most CRM solutions include all of that functionality, though cheaper options may only offer bits and pieces. InnovativeAccessibleValidated by the market Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics CRM SugarCRM Nimble. Uk.businessinsider. Office Sway - Create and share amazing stories, presentations, and more. Cloud Drive.