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Injustice and what to do about stop it

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Corporate 'Dark Money' To Get Free Pass After SEC Drops Disclosure Proposal. WASHINGTON -- The Securities and Exchange Commission unceremoniously dropped a proposal to require corporations to disclose contributions to political and nonprofit groups to their shareholders from its list of regulatory priorities for 2014.

Corporate 'Dark Money' To Get Free Pass After SEC Drops Disclosure Proposal

The change comes nearly one year after outgoing SEC chair Mary Schapiro placed the proposal, submitted to the commission by consumer advocates and campaign finance reform proponents, on its priority list for 2013. The commission had largely ignored the proposal since Mary Jo White became chairman in April, despite its having garnered a record 600,000-plus public comments. In May, White told the House Financial Services Committee, "No one is working on a proposed rule. " PORT-AU-PRINCE: Unsafe abortions: Haiti’s abortion crisis - Haiti. Marissa Mayer Pokes Fun At Walmart Protestors. When you're a high-powered executive who makes $6 million per year, perhaps you shouldn't make light of wage-earners' plight.

Marissa Mayer Pokes Fun At Walmart Protestors

Female genital mutilation 'rising in soft-touch Scotland' 15 November 2013Last updated at 07:01 ET By Lucy Adams BBC News "I remember I was screaming for my mum and my grandmother to help me" A BBC investigation has revealed concerns that young girls are being brought to Scotland to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) because the country is seen as a "soft touch".

Female genital mutilation 'rising in soft-touch Scotland'

GOP wants to solve its “woman problem” by rebranding its war on women. Three women in Virginia have started a consulting firm to help the Republican Party appeal to women voters, which seems like it will be a real challenge since the Republican Party is terrible on the issues that many women care about.

GOP wants to solve its “woman problem” by rebranding its war on women

The women behind the firm — two Mitt Romney 2012 campaign alums and a Republican pollster — launched Burning Glass Consulting because they “want to get smarter about how we communicate the Republican message specifically to women,” Katie Packer Gage, a former deputy campaign manager for Romney, explained to the New York Times. “Certainly there are challenges with other demographic groups, but women represent 53 percent of the electorate.”

Prada, suicide and sexual harassment: A whistle-blower speaks out. This spring the United Nations urged Japan to make workplace sexual harassment illegal, a move reportedly spurred by the four-year legal saga of Prada ex-employee Rina Bovrisse, who was routed in Tokyo court and now faces a countersuit for alleged defamation.

Prada, suicide and sexual harassment: A whistle-blower speaks out

Facebook and Microsoft help fund rightwing lobby network, report finds. Some of America’s largest technology and telecoms companies, including Facebook, Microsoft and AT&T, are backing a network of self-styled “free-market thinktanks” promoting a radical rightwing agenda in states across the nation, according to a new report by a lobbying watchdog.

Facebook and Microsoft help fund rightwing lobby network, report finds

The Center for Media and Democracy asserts that the State Policy Network (SPN), an umbrella group of 64 thinktanks based in each of the 50 states, is acting as a largely beneath-the-radar lobbying machine for major corporations and rightwing donors. Its policies include cutting taxes, opposing climate change regulations, advocating reductions in labour protections and the minimum wage, privatising education, restricting voter rights and lobbying for the tobacco industry. The network’s $83.2m annual warchest comes from major donors. Universities Kill More Than A Million Animals In Scientific Testing In One Year Alone. British Universities killed more than a million animals in scientific research experiments last year alone, including dogs, cats and primates, it has been revealed.

Universities Kill More Than A Million Animals In Scientific Testing In One Year Alone

Almost a million mice were killed, with some institutions euthanising more than 200,000 animals a year. Oxford University put 29 monkeys to sleep, 43 badgers, 18 pigs and nearly 200,000 mice, an investigation by student paper the Tab disclosed. NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say. According to a top-secret accounting dated Jan. 9, 2013, the NSA’s acquisitions directorate sends millions of records every day from internal Yahoo and Google networks to data warehouses at the agency’s headquarters at Fort Meade, Md.

NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say

In the preceding 30 days, the report said, field collectors had processed and sent back 181,280,466 new records — including “metadata,” which would indicate who sent or received e-mails and when, as well as content such as text, audio and video. The NSA’s principal tool to exploit the data links is a project called MUSCULAR, operated jointly with the agency’s British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters. From undisclosed interception points, the NSA and the GCHQ are copying entire data flows across fiber-optic cables that carry information among the data centers of the Silicon Valley giants. The MUSCULAR project appears to be an unusually aggressive use of NSA tradecraft against flagship American companies. The heavy-lifting 'mule women' of Melilla. They are known as the mule women of Melilla.

The heavy-lifting 'mule women' of Melilla

Everyday they carry heavy loads across the border between the Spanish enclave and Morocco. ISPs told to block 21 pirate sites. 29 October 2013Last updated at 10:36 ET UK ISPs have now blocked a whole range of sites UK ISPs have been asked to block 21 more websites that are believed to be linked to pirated music.

ISPs told to block 21 pirate sites

Snapchat Serves Unopened Images to Law Enforcement. With the US government listening in on pretty much everything we do online, there are few surprises left. The latest revelation is that the NSA snapped up and stored as many email address books and contact details as possible, from foreign companies or at least from overseas sources, so that it could avoid troublesome US laws. In this environment, it's not really surprising that Snapchat felt the need to reveal just how much it shares with law enforcement agencies and when.

Particularly because of the Sensitive nature of the service, users would like to know who gets to see what pictures and why.Snapchat begins by explaining that all images are deleted from the servers as soon as they arrive at their destinations and are opened. This means that, once viewed, no one can ever gain access to that photo via the Snapchat service. #OpMaryville Twitterstorm Package. #OpMaryville Twitterstorm Package. Anonymous Prepares Twitter Storm for OpMaryville. Radioactive Wastewater From Fracking Is Found in a Pennsylvania Stream. Top sites (and maybe the NSA) track users with “device fingerprinting” Close to 1.5 percent of the Internet's top websites track users without their knowledge or consent, even when visitors have enabled their browser's Do Not Track option, according to an academic research paper that raises new questions and concerns about online privacy.

The research, by a team of scientists in Europe, is among the first to expose the real-world practice of "device fingerprinting," a process that collects the screen size, list of available fonts, software versions, and other properties of the visitor's computer or smartphone to create a profile that is often unique to that machine. The researchers scanned select pages of the top 10,000 websites as ranked by Alexa and found that 145 of them deployed code based on Adobe's Flash Player that fingerprinted users surreptitiously. When they expanded their survey to the top one million sites, they found 404 that used JavaScript-based fingerprinting. Orbitz, T-Mobile, Western Union, and Pokerstrategy among the players. Europe won’t save you: Why e-mail is probably safer in the US.

Last week, a United States federal appellate court unsealed a set of documents pertaining to Lavabit, the e-mail provider of choice for former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. FISC approves phone metadata collection yet again. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has once again approved the blanket collection of telephony metadata from American phone companies. Bitcoin Users Prank FBI With 'Protest Transactions' After 'Silk Road' Arrest. Burnage man with severe learning difficulties has benefits cut by £400 a week - over the phone. 'Anonymous attackers' in court over cyber-attacks. Carlow University Student Kicked Out Of Class, Arrested For Dressing As 'The Joker' Girl set on fire in India for accepting Facebook request. Here is the List of 19 Countries Where Edward Snowden Has Requested Asylum.

The anti-secrecy non-profit organisation Wikileaks which publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources has published an application request that provides the readers an update on Snowden’s asylum process and also shows list of 19 new countries where NSA’s whistleblower may request for asylum. Wikileak’s legal advisor Sarah Harrison has submitted number of requests by hand for asylum and assisting in asylum process on behalf of NSA whistleblower Edward J. Snowden. WIKILEAKS RELEASE Syria: 84,067 sensitive emails from US intelligence contractor Stratfor. WikiLeaks has released 84,067 highly sensitive email conversations between agents of US intelligence contractor Stratfor.

The release was announced by WikiLeaks on its official website according to which total 84,067 emails have been leaked out of which 1,181 are sensitive emails and 149 emails are very sensitive. The IRS Scandal That Wasn't. The Sparks of Rebellion - Chris Hedges. The Sparks of Rebellion. Outsourcing America: Sodexo Food Service Contractor Siphons Cash From Kids and Soldiers. Inequality for All. Why Courts Matter. Why Courts Matter. Why Courts Matter. Why Courts Matter. Why Courts Matter. Just One Senator Is Single-Handedly Preventing The First Gay Black Federal Judge From Being Confirmed. How House Republicans Are Preaching A False Gospel About Food Stamps. The Impact and Echoes of the Wal-Mart Discrimination Case. Looting the Pension Funds: How Wall Street Robs Public Workers. Liberals Turn on 'Liberal Media' Tell NBC News: Correcting Republican lies is part of your job.

Sea Turns Red With Blood As Whales Are Butchered To Death In Japan (PICTURES) Bikers' Counter Protest To 'Million Muslim March' On 9/11 Denied Permit To Ride 'Non-Stop' Through Washington DC. Government requests to Facebook outlined in report. NSA illegally collected thousands of emails, US admits. Lavabit. Outrage as Swiss move to segregate asylum-seekers. The Madness of the Willful Destruction of Our Dependable Popular Way of Life. Charlie Rangel Is Right: The Evidence is Overwhelming That the Tea Party is in Fact a Group of 'White Crackers' Bradley Manning guilty of espionage in Wikileaks case. The Brutality of ‘Corrective Rape’ - Photographs. Online Dating Exposed: Panorama Investigation Reveals Data Sold And Pseudo Accounts. British Jobs Advertised Across EU To Foreign Workers. 5 Reasons Public Employees Make Such Tempting Political Targets.

4 of America’s Most Abusive Prosecutors. Why Is Florida So Weird? A Zillion Examples and 5 Theories. America's Most Anti-Democratic Institution: How the Imperial Presidency Threatens U.S. National Security. VIDEO: How NRA And ALEC Helped To Kill Trayvon Martin. South Africa's lesbians fear 'corrective rape' Will South Africans ever be shocked by rape? The surgeon helping women after genital mutilation.

The Grand Scam: Spinning Egypt’s Military Coup. Take Action. Flush the TPP! ← Stop the Global Corporate Coup! Democracy Convention Aug. 7 to 11: New Economic System Needed and Growing. Smells Like Propaganda: Journalist Accuses Greenwald of ‘Pushing’ Snowden. All Petitions. We the People: Your Voice in Our Government. The Seeds of Rebellion Are Taking Root, and Protests Against Injustices Are Blooming Across the Country » Clearing the FOG Radio. Right-Left Coalition Expresses Opposition to War in Syria. The Seeds of Rebellion Are Taking Root, and Protests Against Injustices Are Blooming Across the Country.

"I Feel Sorry for George" 7 Shocking Moments From Zimmerman Juror B37′s First Interview. Life in transit: What is it like to live in an airport? Dogs killed in Mexico-Italy cocaine smuggling operation. CIA whistleblower to Snowden: ‘Do not cooperate with the FBI’ Spain 'told Edward Snowden was on Bolivia president's plane' Snowden and Assange Targeted by Pro-US Hacker “The Jester” N.C. Senators Sneaked In a Late-Night Anti-Abortion Bill–and Woke Up To a Throng of Protestors.

Why the Story on Snowden and the NSA Doesn't Add Up. Snowden and Assange Targeted by Mysterious Hacker "The Jester" Is the South Dragging the Rest of the Nation Down? U.S. Postal Service Logging All Mail for Law Enforcement. 55 Charts That Prove Governments Are Increasingly Censoring Your Internet. Justice Is Blind? I Don't Think This 14-Year-Old's Mama That Caught This On A Cell Phone Agrees. Mapping children's chances. Chen Guangcheng And NYU: Did University Ask Chinese Legal Activist To Leave?

14-Year-Old Rape Victim Slut Shamed by Town: "I Can’t Walk Outside Without Someone Calling Me a Whore or Slut” OPERATION TROLL THE NSA. Google Donates £1 Million To Internet Watch Foundation. Cop Shot Litter of Kittens in Front of Screaming Children. Time Out: Federal Complaint Alleges Rampant Abuse in Texas Truancy Program. Walmart Accepted Clothing from Banned Bangladesh Factories. Who, what, why: Are tech goods cheaper in the US than the UK? NSA Spying Controversy Highlights Embrace Of Big Data. Spy leaker Edward Snowden 'vows to fight extradition' United States vs. PFC Bradley Manning. The United States vs. PFC Bradley Manning: a graphic novel – in pictures. Bradley Manning trial to be recreated in comic-book form. Ensure true zero tolerance of military sexual assault through civilian oversight.

64-Year-Old Black Man Arrested For Drunk Driving Even Though He Had 0 Percent Alcohol in System.