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Shopping, shopping

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Shopping for clothes exercises 4. Listening A2 shopping for clothes. Shopping for clothes. Shop assistant: Can I help you?

Shopping for clothes

Customer: Yes, have you got this T-shirt in other colours? Shop assistant: We’ve got it in white, black, red and purple. Reading Comprehension Test - Shops.


Where is.... / How do I get to.....? Can i help you. Shopping ESL EFL Activities Role-plays Worksheets. At the Clothes Shop ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Elementary - 20 Minutes In this useful teaching activity, students practice and create clothes shop conversations.

Shopping ESL EFL Activities Role-plays Worksheets

Each pair of students is given a copy of the worksheet. The pairs separate three jumbled shopping conversations by reading the customer and shop assistant responses and labelling the lines 1, 2, or 3, depending on which conversation they belong to.