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Long E Sound Words Worksheet. What is The Best Way To Learn English? Tips That Help You To Learn English Online. Similes Examples. A simile is a figure of speech that directly compares two different things. The comparison is made using the words “as” or “like.” It adds a spark to writing and makes it more interesting in a reader’s mind. Let’s take a few examples of simile. That little girl is so innocent That little girl is as innocent as an angel. The kid runs fast. or The kid runs as fast as a deer.

My dad is a wise man. My dad is wise as an owl. I am feeling comfortable. I am as snug as a bug in a rug. My little brother is very cute. My little brother is as cute as a kitten. I know that man well. I know that man like the back of my hand. Do you see how the above simile examples add a punch to otherwise normal sentences? The above simile examples chart is a helpful reference for common similes which can be used by children while expressing themselves. In the first worksheet, I have covered simile examples for colors. As red as a tomato or as red as a beet as red as a rose as red as blood as big as an elephant.

Similes Examples. Guide to teach English to the little ones. Collective Noun Examples. A collective noun is a word used to represent a group of people, places, animals, or things. Let’s take a few collective noun examples. We stopped to see a number of leopards chasing a deer. or We stopped to see a leap of leopards chasing a deer. Here, we used the collective noun for leopards which is leap. The two countries are separated by many mountains. The two countries are separated by a range of mountains. I have so many keys to my home. I have a bunch of keys for my home. Here, we used the collective noun for keys which is bunch. An important collective noun, ‘herd’ is used for a variety of animals. a herd of buffaloes a herd of cows a herd of elephants a herd of cranes a herd of donkeys a herd of swans a herd of whales a herd of wolves a herd of pigs a herd of horses a herd of goats a herd of giraffes Please note that it is quite common for a group of animals to be classified under more than one collective noun. a herd of elephants or memory of elephants a flock of crows or a murder of crows.

Similes Examples.