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The eltpics ideas site for teachers. Unplugged and semi-unplugged, learner centred thoughts & ideas for language teachers. Sandy Millin: Professional development through blogs and blogging. Back in 2010, Sandy discovered the world of teacher blogs, and it changed her life completely.

Sandy Millin: Professional development through blogs and blogging

In this webinar, she introduces you to that world, shows you a selection of her favourite blogs and tools to keep up with them, and how not to feel overwhelmed by all of the information they contain. She also gives you some tips on how to start blogging for professional development, what to write about, and how to get people reading and commenting on it. Watch the recording: About the speaker: Sandy is an experienced CELTA tutor, teacher trainer and teacher who has worked in Borneo, Paraguay, Czech Republic, Crimea, United States, Canada, Thailand and the UK. She is currently working as a CELTA tutor in Mallorca.

Lesson ideas and reflections. Tips for EFL / ESOL Teachers. The Comprehensible Classroom. I need to make an FAQ page.

The Comprehensible Classroom

Here is one that came through today: …I was looking at your website and I was curious if you teach the “nosotros” or “ustedes” forms in Spanish 1. If so, is there a certain unit in which you teach it? Thanks! Some Nice No-Prep Activities to Practise First Conditional. When we get back from a relaxing holiday (Easter in this case) it is difficult to just drop everything and go back to routine , back to work, back to studying English without feeling a bit down.

Some Nice No-Prep Activities to Practise First Conditional

Now, I shouldn’t say this but I’m going to say it anyway. I don’t care if you feel down at work , but not in my classes. Listen, dear students, the course is almost finished and I want you in high spirits and highly motivated!!! You might think learning , let alone studying Conditional sentences is boring. Nothing further from the truth. My Vocation is my Vacation: Resources, Materials and Ideas. Equipping ourselves because we love our learners!

English Language Teaching. Full of tips and ideas for creating ELT and ESOL resources. Tried and tested ELT ideas. Activities for Advanced Learners. More Activities.

Debbie Tebovich. Teach them English. My English Blog. Burcu Akyol's Blog. William Bertrand Format... My English Printable Worksheets. Joanna malefaki-My ELT rambles. Fun tasks and the 1st conditionalA bit about conditionals In student grammar books, conditionals are usually divided into zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals.

joanna malefaki-My ELT rambles

This post is part of a series of posts related to conditionals. Today, I am going to write about fun activities you can use with your learners when teaching what is known as the 1st conditional. 1st conditional But first, what do I mean by first conditional? My focus is on the form that appears in most ntermediate/ upper intermediate grammar books. Here is the form: If clause , main clauseIf + s. present/present continuous (or present perfect) , imperative/ modals/ s. future. In my opinion, the conditional is a structure that allows the teacher to use different activities which can guarantee a fun grammar lesson for the students. Wonderful World. MAIN ACTIVITIES Listening, discussion, vocabulary of animals and geographical features.

Wonderful World

SUITABLE FOR Teens and adults, Intermediate (B1) and above TEACHER’S NOTES (Click here for a pdf of the Teacher’s Notes.) Display this word cloud or make your own at Tell students that it contains the lyrics of a well-known song. Give them a minute to try and identify the song. Display the second word cloud, which contains the song title. Tell them to draw a grid four squares by four squares. A NEW LANGUAGE MEANS ANOTHER VISION OF LIFE. Just another site. The English Learning Website by Montse Morales Free online exercises. ESL BLOGGERS: Pre-Intermediate. Megan is the main female character in the book "Two Lives", by Helen Naylor.

ESL BLOGGERS: Pre-Intermediate

She was a sixteen-year-old girl, a pretty teenager who fell in love for the first time with her childhood friend , Huw. However, perhaps their love wasn't meant to be, because all sorts of difficulties seemed to stand in their way. Are you the sort of person who thinks love can conquer all ? Describing places vocabulary and speaking. ESL without Photocopies. Mondo's ESL/EFL World. Lizzie Pinard's take on teaching and learning. Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day

Box of Tricks - Technology and Education. by Jamie Keddie. Creative writing activities and ideas for the EFL/ESL classroom. Full of tips and ideas for creating ELT and ESOL resources. The eltpics ideas site for teachers. El blog para preparar el "writing" de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas. EOI INGENIO: Basic level. 5 great writing warm up activities... and what they lead to.

I think you might want to download these activities so you can use them later… so here’s a handy PDF file of this blog post!

5 great writing warm up activities... and what they lead to

Warm up activities that get learners writing can be fantastic for getting the creative juices flowing while also giving a focused start to your lesson. A writing task at the start of class can be an effective way of leading into explicit grammar teaching or can just as easily be followed up with speaking activities. What’s more, many such activities are easy to adapt to be suitable for any type of learners, both adults and kids. Indeed, adding an entertaining element to writing activities will make them fun for everyone, as well as making them low pressure tasks which enable learners’ writing to flow freely.

Here are five of my favourites. 1. Edudemic. Take the pen - Recursos para la enseñanza del inglésTake the pen. El Blog para aprender inglés. EFL 2.0 Teacher Talk - "When one teaches, two learn". The Best Funny Videos Showing The Importance Of Being Bilingual Or Multilingual — Part One. A couple of days I ago I asked readers to help me out by suggesting video clips from movies and television that would demonstrate the importance of being bilingual.

The Best Funny Videos Showing The Importance Of Being Bilingual Or Multilingual — Part One

I’m creating a lesson plan (which I’ll share in this blog sometime in the future) where I’ll use videos, along with information from The Best Resources For Learning The Advantages To Being Bilingual. I’ve just begun to view the suggestions, and still have to watch quite a few on Netflix, but thought I share some of the best that people suggested and that I just found by searching through YouTube. Here are my choices for The Best Videos Showing The Importance Of Being Bilingual — Part One: Anne is the one who got me looking on YouTube with her suggestion of “The importance of being bilingual”:

CristinaSkyBox: Creating Websites. When I began this blog, I had my (then) current students in mind as a potential audience.

CristinaSkyBox: Creating Websites

Since then, this blog has changed, gone through different phases, and it's likely that this may happen to everyone who shares in blog formats. For me, that is natural in the sense that blogs are organic, changing as oneself learns and grows professionally. As a result, I sometimes wonder what recommendations I could possibly give when others begin their own blog. In regard to learners, maintaining a blog is a great way to have an E-Portfolio ready to present whenever necessary, let alone an opportunity for practising and developing digital literacies. For others, it has become increasingly easy to set up a blog as there are plenty of videos and sites which readily offer tips, guidance and encouragement. Work With Me. Writing this blog has given me the opportunity to work with some great people in the education community.

Work With Me

First Day (or First Week) Activities, Icebreakers, or Introductory Activities for ESL Classes. If you are interested in online sites for yourself or your students, you can check out this page: Introducing Your ESL or EFL Students to Online Tutorials and Quizzes . –kas First Day (Week) Activities or Introductory Activities for ESL Classes. Use them, share them, comment on them, and share my link in return. 10 useful websites for ELT.

A self-development task during my diploma last year asked me to list all the websites I found useful in my ELT practice. The document I created spanned about 6 pages – it could easily have been longer. I’m sure there’s a lot of common ground between us teachers, experienced or not. A majority of the sites I use were either found through a Google Search or passed on from colleagues. Nevertheless, I think it’s worth listing a few of my favourite sites as some serve rather specific purposes. I hope you find at least one new website in the list below.