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Body Image, Self Esteem, Self Compassion

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3 Ways to Use Selfies to Make Peace with Your Mental Illness. There’s something about seeing yourself in a mirror.

3 Ways to Use Selfies to Make Peace with Your Mental Illness

Stare long enough, and suddenly it feels like there’s another person in the room looking back at you. And because I experience dissociation, this disconnect happens quickly and easily, especially on days when I feel the least like myself. For the longest time, when I was feeling outside myself, depressed, or anxious, I avoided mirrors. However, recently, I’ve begun to do just the opposite. It started this week. I felt the warm hands of depression wrap around my eyes, my mouth, my chest, my legs – and the only thing I was capable of doing was opening up my computer. On a whim, I opened up Photobooth, my Mac’s image-capturing program.

Half an hour later, I was waist-deep in self-portraits. Having a Healthy Diet Out of Love and Not Fear. Dieting.

Having a Healthy Diet Out of Love and Not Fear

It’s as ubiquitous in America as apple pie. A lot of us are either currently dieting, between diets, or planning to start one in the near future. But why do we do it? You’re probably thinking, “Duh. Today I will remember to… Tips for Making Life Work. How to be Confident Without Being Arrogant. How to Fake Confidence. Developing a Positive Mental Attitude. How to love yourself. How to Start a Conversation when you have Nothing to Talk About. How to Develop Resilience. Living a Life that is Meaningful. 5 Things that Keep us Stuck in Life. How to Care Less about What Other People Think. How to Stop being a People Pleaser. How to be Yourself. High Self-Esteem v Low Self-Esteem.

"How the fuck can you say everyone is beautiful !?" "Friendly reminder that you are allowed to feel proud of yourself for things that might seem silly to other people..." Reward Yourself Without Spending a Lot. By Leo Babauta When you’ve accomplished a goal or mini-goal, you should celebrate and reward yourself (see Motivation Hack #11).

Reward Yourself Without Spending a Lot

However, if you do this often enough, and your rewards cost a lot, you’ll soon go broke. J.D. at Get Rich Slowly recently posted that sometimes it’s OK to splurge, a cool statement coming from someone who promotes frugality. Unconditional Acceptance of Yourself. By Leo Babauta Many of us are familiar with the idea of loving our spouses, children, or parents unconditionally — and we might even try to practice that unconditional love, though imperfectly.

Unconditional Acceptance of Yourself

But do we try to love ourselves unconditionally? Consider whether you do any of these (I sure do): Criticize your body.Feel like you need to improve at things.Feel guilty about things you do.Feel undisciplined, lazy, unhappy with yourself.Not feel good enough.Fear that you’re going to fail, because you’re not good enough.See yourself as not that good looking.Feel bad about messing up. For many of us, there’s an underlying feeling of not being good enough, wanting to be better, wanting to be in better shape or better at things.

What if we applied unconditional acceptance of who we are? Assertiveness Techniques. This page provides some simple tips and techniques that you can use to improve your assertiveness skills and also help others to express themselves in a more assertive way.

Assertiveness Techniques

Being assertive can help us to feel better about ourselves - improving self-esteem and personal confidence. Sometimes the way we react and respond to others can make us feel inadequate, guilty or regretful. These may be signs of passive behaviour. We may also feel angry and critical of others during conversations - this may be a sign of more aggressive behaviour. This page details some ways that both passive and aggressive communication can be reduced and replaced with assertive communication, which in turn will lead to more positive interpersonal interactions. When practising these assertiveness techniques it is important to remember what assertiveness is and its importance in the communication process.

Assertiveness is expressing your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and opinions in an honest and appropriate way. Assertiveness - An Introduction. Assertiveness is a skill regularly referred to in social and communication skills training.

Assertiveness - An Introduction

Being assertive means being able to stand up for your own or other people’s rights in a calm and positive way, without being either aggressive, or passively accepting ‘wrong’. Assertive individuals are able to get their point across without upsetting others, or becoming upset themselves. Although everyone acts in passive and aggressive ways from time to time, such ways of responding often result from a lack of self-confidence and are, therefore, inappropriate ways of interacting with others. This page examines the rights and responsibilities of assertive behaviour and aims to show how assertiveness can benefit you.

You may also be interested in our pages on Self-Esteem and Negotiation. What is Assertiveness? "I was a former super hot chick and now older woman. I can tell you a few things of what it is like from the other side." "Beauty privilege is very real." Tips for people who feel lost. 10 BETTER BODY AFFIRMATIONS. Do you ever judge other people bodies ? Learning to Love Yourself. Acknowledging the good = acknowledging reality. Questioning negative beliefs about yourself. Compliments that aren't about physical appearance. Developing Positive Self-Esteem. Men are exposed to male fashion models but do not see them as role models. Le corps idéal de la femme à travers les âges. BEAUTÉ - Vous vous souvenez certainement de la récente vidéo de résumant 100 ans de beauté féminine en une minute?

Le corps idéal de la femme à travers les âges

L'équipe de Buzzfeed vidéo est allée plus loin encore en s'attaquant au corps idéal des femmes à travers les âges. Dans un montage de trois minutes, des femmes aux corps et aux styles bien distincts viennent illustrer les idéaux de beauté à des époques et dans des civilisations différentes. La vidéo commente ainsi les critères de beauté et la vision idéale de la femme de l'Egypte antique à nos jours en passant par la Renaissance italienne ou encore les années folles. » Découvrez les détails de chaque époque dans le diaporama ci-dessous: Close Egypte antique • Svelte• Épaules étroites• Taille haute• Visage symétrique Illustration réalisée par Mathilde BOUVAULT.

Jeudi 29 janvier, à l'occasion du début du Festival BD d'Angoulême, toute la Une du HuffPost est illustrée par des dessinateurs. Improving Self-Esteem. 30 Day Self Esteem Challenge. The Body Is Not An Apology. February 27, 2015 by Cara Liebowitz [Headline image: The photograph shows a white man with short brown hair.

The Body Is Not An Apology

He is wearing a dark suit jacket, a light-blue shirt, and a blue and gold striped tie. Fuck Yeah Body Positivity. Anonymous asked: I recently found out that I have both oral and genital herpes, and now my boyfriend has broken up with me over it and I feel repulsive and like I can never be desirable again.

Fuck Yeah Body Positivity

I'm not sure if this is the right place to talk about this, but I was just wondering if there's a place in the body positivity movement for people with herpes and/or other STIs, and how I can come to accept this as part of my life. I think generally reducing stigma about illness is a part of body positivity.

But whether or not it’s a strictly body positive issue, stigma about STIs is a really serious issue and one that deserves more attention. Body positivity and glitter.