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5 Workouts To Build A Strong Core - FinisherMag. A strong core is the secret to boost your performance as a runner.

5 Workouts To Build A Strong Core - FinisherMag

A strong core will prevent you from lower back and leg pain, a lot of training-related injuries and will reward you with an increased endurance. Here’s the thing – a strong core does not necessarily mean six-pack abs. You do not have to do 200 crunches to build a strong core. In fact, a lot of your core is built by keeping it engaged while you do other workouts.

Look Beyond Weight Loss, Make Sustainable Choices To Stay Fit. Being fit doesn’t mean losing weight.

Look Beyond Weight Loss, Make Sustainable Choices To Stay Fit

Here are some parameters to help you look beyond weight loss and make your fitness journey sustainable. Weight loss sells like hot cakes and you can safely add ‘fat burning’ as a prefix to any product and observe people go gaga over it. Majority of individuals start on their fitness journey with an intention to weigh lesser on the scale. Yoga For Tight Hamstrings & Hips. As a follow up to the lower back release article and video, I am sharing some insights on how lower back health can be supported by ensuring our hips and hamstrings also remain healthy and supple.

Yoga For Tight Hamstrings & Hips

Read on to know more about yoga for tight hamstring & hips. It is important to remember that our body parts do not operate in isolation. They are part of an integrated unit and one part is connected to and collaborates with several other parts, allowing the body to operate as a well-oiled and intelligent system. We discussed what may be causing lower back issues in the last article and I can safely say that our hips and hamstrings can be subjected to issues similar to that of the lower back. Bad posture, sedentary lifestyle, and lack of adequate and efficient stretching. Energy Transfer During Exercise: How Does It Help In Training? - Finisher Magazine.

Understanding the science behind energy transfer during exercise will help you come up with a training plan that will optimise your physiological and metabolic functions and improve endurance.

Energy Transfer During Exercise: How Does It Help In Training? - Finisher Magazine

Read on Compared to all the complex metabolic functions in the body, the greatest amount of energy is expended in vigorous physical activity. How To Train For A Marathon? Importance of Strength Training. Leg Stretching Exercises To Improve Flexibility. Here are a few leg stretching exercises to improve flexibility and relax your taut muscles Stretching is an integral part of any workout routine.

Leg Stretching Exercises To Improve Flexibility

Experts suggest that stretching before and after workout can be very beneficial to your joints and ligaments. How Many Sun Salutations a Day is Effective? - Find Here. Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar, preferably done in sets, count as a full-body workout that also has a meditative effect on the person.

How Many Sun Salutations a Day is Effective? - Find Here

Comprised of several distinct yoga postures, it is a great way to invest in your physical as well as mental health. Read on to find out more about sun salutations. What is Sun Salutation? Legs Strengthening Exercises For Cycling - Finisher Magazine. Cycling is a great way to pedal your way into fitness and happiness.

Legs Strengthening Exercises For Cycling - Finisher Magazine

Cycling is more than just a sport. However, acute leg strength is significant to cycle efficiently. Health Benefits Of Running Daily - Finisher Magazine. If you are aiming to be physically fit, one of the easiest ways to achieve that is by running daily.

Health Benefits Of Running Daily - Finisher Magazine

Not only are there several benefits of running daily, but it is also equally fulfilling. Running is easily one of the best and the most convenient ways to meet your fitness goals. If you are wondering when is the best time to go running, it is in the morning. PAM Built on Least Privilege, Zero-Trust Security - Securden. 10 Types of Planks That We Should All Be Doing. One exercise, multiple benefits- the plank is one of the most important exercises that have magical results.

10 Types of Planks That We Should All Be Doing

In this article, we discuss why planking is important, and how to use this simple bodyweight exercise to strengthen the entire body. One of the most effective exercises, planks require minimal time investment from your part. Planking targets your abdominal muscles, and engage the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, and obliques all together.

By doing so, planks ensure that we become faster runners, with improved balance, increased agility and strength. And if you thought they only worked on your core muscles, we’re here to tell you that you’re mistaken! Top 5 Health Benefits of Swimming to Stay Fit. Swimming, one of the most popular sports across the world, is an excellent way to work your entire body and cardiovascular system.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Swimming to Stay Fit

If you go swimming for an hour, it will burn many calories, without all the impression on your bones and joints. As well as being entertaining, swimming is an excellent way to keep fit, stay active, and make buddies. Cycling Events in India 2020. List of 10K Marathon Events & Running Races in India. Adnan Adeeb - Meet The Man Who Made the Devils Circuit. Adnan Adeeb, co-founder, MD and the Devil Slayer, the man behind the toughest obstacle course, the “Devils Circuit Run”, talks to Protima Tiwary about his motivations. As India’s toughest obstacle race makes its way across the country, we caught up with the man spearheading the entire movement as he motivates every participant across India. Finisher Magazine in conversation with Adnan Adeeb, founder of Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit, India. What do you prefer- life before or after Devils Circuit? I spent 19 years in the corporate world, travelling the world as the head of sales for a global IT firm. I enjoyed the security.

Best Triathlon Events in India. Managing a Flying Career with Triathlon Training. Triathlete Akshay Samel speaks to Protima Tiwary about his love for triathlons and his passion for flying and finding time for both. From learning the most from bad races to running marathons as a hobby while learning to balance a hectic professional life as a pilot, Akshay Samel’s life is full of moments that inspire all those who know him.

We caught up with him in between his flying schedule for a quick chat. Excerpts from the interview: What made you take up running? I had always been an active child and enjoyed my childhood playing games in the neighbourhood. Devils Circuit Tests Your Mind Like Never Before. A perfect two week taper plan for IRONMAN 70.3. List of India's Most Awaited Marathons of 2020 is Unveiled. How to Clean Running Shoes to Increase Durability. Running is tough on your shoes. When you want to clean your shoes, what’s the best way to do it? Shoes are likely to get dirty in no time, and so you need to be very careful about cleaning them.

Decent care and a good cleaning can restore your shoes and preserve your purchase. Tossing them in a washing machine will not help. If you properly clean your shoes, they’ll look fresh, and you’ll prolong your shoes’ lifespan. How do you get started with cycling in Bangalore? 5 ways to lose weight cycling. Cycling can be a great drill for you if you are trying to lose weight, get fitter, trimmer and lighter and find gymming dull and boring. Cycling is not only an enjoyable exercise, but it is also a healthier form of exercise to tone your muscles, stimulate your bone, and reduce weight. Cycling is efficient, fun, easy to slot into a busy day, and, best of all, has heartfelt and mental benefits as well as physical ones. What’s not to like? However, just hopping on a bike and going for a long ride won’t help you accomplish your target.

You have to follow a well-planned approach to fulfill your goal. Warm-Up Exercises To Maximize Your Workout. Warm-ups are an essential start to your workout routine. When you begin your exercise, your body goes through a series of changes. Your heart rate increases, oxygen flow throughout your body and blood flow to your muscles increase. To reach a stage where your heart rate is high from a state of complete rest requires a good warm-up. Warming up helps you ease into a workout and preps your body to endure the stress of an exercise.

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