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My Kikitori - Practice Your Japanese Listening Skills. NIHONGO-JUKU. Hiragana Times - Friends Finding, Travel and Living in Japan. E-Learning Japanese. ◇日常生活に見る日本の文化◇ ◇「私たちの夢、私たちの意見」◇ ◇「学習者の作文集」◇ ◇日本語中・上級読み物◇ ◇日本の料理の歴史を教えるための読み教材◇ ◇土のこやし◇ Reading material bank (Eng) 福娘童話集 きょうのイソップ童話.

Japanese Log (Language Learning Log) Language Learning Forum. I've only been studying Japanese for less than a month, so hopefully participating in this challenging will give me a huge kickstart to learning this notoriously difficult language. I don't know if I will be able to continue for the entire 3 month period, but I'm committed to participating for at least 2 months. So far I've been using the Power Japanese software from Transparent Language along with Pimsleur I, which I've been using passively. I've also just started watching the Let's Learn Japanese series and listening to the beginner's lessons at I've ordered the Assimil Japanese books and when they arrive they will form the backbone of my study along with the Let's Learn Japanese programs.

I also have a few other learning materials that I may use from time to time. イソップ童話 10月<福娘童話集> Browse By Language: Japanese.