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Endeavor Jaipur, since 2010, has been training students for MBA entrance coaching for exams such as CAT, GRE, CMAT, CLAT and BBA. The dedicated faculty members from top universities have enabled students that have scored 315+ in GRE and gotten admissions in the likes of IIM-B, C, L, K, I, SIBM, SCMHRD and several other top notch colleges through CAT and allied courses.

CAT 2019 Exam Analysis Slot 1 & 2 by Endeavor. Sectional Analysis, Cut offs, %ile Projection and much more.. It has been interesting to observe the changing hues and colours of CAT over the last few years.

CAT 2019 Exam Analysis Slot 1 & 2 by Endeavor. Sectional Analysis, Cut offs, %ile Projection and much more..

The 100 questions, 3 sections CAT started first by taking DI/LR to a different level. This was followed by a challenging and standard QA sectional last year. This year, CAT seems to have reached its supreme point with VA turning out to be dense and tricky, along with a standard QA and DILR as in the previous years. CAT Slot 2 was similar to Slot 1 in format, with 34 questions in Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, 32 questions in Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and 34 questions in Quantitative Ability. The paper was for 3 hours, with each sectional being given 60 minutes.

The conduction process was smooth, with quick frisking and verification by well-trained teams. This was reminiscent of the bygone years of tough VA sectionals – dense RCs, challenging questions, and tricky options. An attempt of about 24 questions with 80% accuracy can be said to fetch a 98 percentile. CAT 2019 Exam Analysis Slot 1 & 2 by Endeavor. Sectional Analysis, Cut offs, %ile Projection and much more.. IIFT 2020 Exam Analysis by Endeavor for admissions into IIFT MBA (IB) 2020-22 program for its Delhi and Kolkata campus. IIFT 2017 shocked the test taker by producing the most difficult test of past, IIFT 2018 went one step ahead in challenging thousands of IIFT aspirants.

IIFT 2020 Exam Analysis by Endeavor for admissions into IIFT MBA (IB) 2020-22 program for its Delhi and Kolkata campus

Test takers were well aware that they had to reach the sectional cut off of each section before targeting the overall cut off. In absence of any Easy section, the overall cut off were as low as 30.5, just 0.5 above our predicted IIFT 2018 cutoff . CAT 2019 Exam Analysis Slot 1 & Slot 2 by Endeavor. Get Sectional Analysis, Expected cut off, %ile Projection etc. The morning slot of CAT 2019 produced a standard test which was very similar to CAT 2018 with a small change in the difficulty level in the Verbal section.

CAT 2019 Exam Analysis Slot 1 & Slot 2 by Endeavor. Get Sectional Analysis, Expected cut off, %ile Projection etc.

Aspirants who were worried about some shockers in the CAT 2019 paper, were relieved to see Quant and LR DI sections nearly matching last year’s difficulty levels. There was no change in the basic structure in any of the sections with respect to last year. Study Abroad. PDPU SLS 2019 Exam Analysis. Total Questions: 100 | Total Marks: 50 | Total Duration: 90 minutes | Marking Scheme: 0.5 for correct and no negative marking PDPU SLS 2019 had the similar selection criteria as that of the previous year.

PDPU SLS 2019 Exam Analysis

The written test was followed by Creative writing. As expected the overall difficulty of the paper was easy. Since there were no negative marking student should have attempted all the questions. NMAT 2019 Exam Analysis. NMAT, certainly, is one of the most standardized examinations in the country.

NMAT 2019 Exam Analysis

There was no major change in NMAT 2019 with respect to last year. Most of the expectations related to section formats were met. ICFAI Business School Management Program. ICFAI Business School invites applications for students seeking admission to the following programs: Established in 1995.Excellence in Business Education for over 20 years.IBS offers innovative and globally accepted programs and great opportunities for all-round development.100 % case-based learning.Strong Industry Interface.8500+ students.Excellent placements.50000 Alumni.

ICFAI Business School Management Program

Eligibility. What Are The Benefits Of Taking The Online BBA Entrance Mock Exams? The biggest benefit of BBA mock test online is that it helps you develop the right strategy for your examination.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking The Online BBA Entrance Mock Exams?

You can always spend time in learning formulas and concepts of business administration. However, what really matters is coming up with a strategy that can help you score the best marks in this regard. You need to know the way to come up with a strategy that can help you crack the tests and clear them as well. The main purpose of these tests is to create a benchmark against which you can measure your progress. They are supposed to show you how well prepared you are in this regard. Helps you learn new techniques to solve problems. Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Online CAT Preparation Course. The first factor that you need to check out when you are selecting a preparation course for CAT 2019 online is the amount of time that you would be able to spare for the same.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Online CAT Preparation Course

Also important in this context is the location of the coaching centre in question. This will be a major concern especially when you are a working professional. This is because you have to be regular about attending your coaching classes so that you at least stand a good chance of success as an MBA (Master of Business Administration) aspirant. The location is also important because you would have to commute there on a regular basis. How To Prepare Online For CLAT Exams? When it comes to taking up Law as a career option in India either as an Undergraduate degree or a Post Graduate one, there is a need for one to pass the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test).

How To Prepare Online For CLAT Exams?

To get admission in the national law universities as well as the local colleges that offer law degrees to students the CLAT marks are essential. A sort of an entrance test, it determines the eligibility of a student to be able to handle the curriculum included in the degree that allows them to be certified lawyers of the country while such entrance tests require students to be the best in elementary mathematics, English, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Legal awareness, and logical reasoning. Some say that reading books prepare you for the CLAT where, to a certain extent, they are right but not always can a single book hold up so many questions.

To prepare for CLAT, it is essential to keep the Internet as a source of learning. Read up sample test papers Get help from specialized tutors Follow the news. CAT Coaching in Kanpur (Mall Road) TOEFL Gets Shorter. After GMAT in 2018, TOEFL will now be a shorter duration test, starting 1st August 2019.

TOEFL Gets Shorter

According to ETS, this will help in improving performance levels by decreasing fatigue, although the scoring pattern remains unchanged. ETS claims that the scores will remain comparable to the older (and still valid) scores. CAT Coaching in Dehradun. The latest addition to the Endeavor family is a center at Dehradun. Endeavor Dehradun is all set to provide the best guidance and learning for entrance exams focusing on CAT, GRE, CLAT, BBA, and others. The center assures an innovative, adaptive approach of teaching methodology. It lets its students free for queries anytime, so that they can configure learning more and more.

The faculty and staff at Endeavor Dehradun come with a wide experience and have been empowering excellence in the city from past 15 successful years. The team takes pride in plenty of selections in various exams, and with a credit record like this, the center is sure of many more achievements in its future endeavors. Endeavor Nagpur Mock CAT 2019. Managed by IIMs, Common Admission Test (CAT) is a computer-based exam which is a prerequisite for an MBA and other management programmes. The scores are accepted by close to 170 colleges across India for various courses. Every year, there are some minor changes in the pattern or the number of questions asked. The Endeavor Nagpur Mock CAT 2019 aims to give the aspirants a brief idea about the exam and allows them to take a feel of it. All are hereby invited to participate and be the best among all India aspirants.

CAT Coaching in Nagpur. CAT Coaching in Bangalore (Koramangala) After getting the first one in 2013, Bangalore gets its second center. Team Endeavor has stretched its reach to Koramangala – a buzzing locality full of energy and enthusiasm. The 21st of January, 2018 witnessed Jyoti Nivas Road painted white and blue to commemorate the launch of Endeavor’s newest center in the city. Located at merely a five-minute walk from Forum Mall, the center boasts of its accessibility. Four state-of-the art classrooms, a fully functioning computer lab – equipped with hi-speed internet, dedicated reading room, well stocked library, discussion chamber and hygienic washrooms have been the building blocks of this completely CCTV monitored center.

Full time career counsellors are present at the center to help the students take informed decisions about their careers. Endeavor Koramangala offers rigorous courses for CAT, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, CLAT and BBA to its students. CAT Coaching in Bangalore (Koramangala) Endeavor Nagpur Mock CAT 2019. US hiked SEVIS Fee by 75% All about SEVIS Fee Hike The Department of Homeland Security published an official notification a few days back that will significantly affect international students. International students seeking any type of entry visa into US – either as an exchange student or a full time student or a visiting scholar – are required to pay a fees called SEVIs fee. As of date, this fees is $200. For fee increases in different visa types, scroll to the end of this blog. Social Media and US Visa. Changes in DS-160: Social Media and US Visa As many of you might have already read or heard, the DS-160 and the DS-260 – mandatory background information forms to be filled for a non-immigrant visa and an immigrant US visa application respectively – had an update on 30th and 31st May 2019.

Not much changed in the forms – they added a section where you must list your presence on social media in the last 5 years. The section looks like this: Wondering what is listed in there? This is the list you see once you click on the drop down box: So, why this change? It is a part of larger policy changes, wherein the US government wants to have more information of people entering the country.

New CAP round process through SSK. CLAT 2019 Exam Analysis. Under Graduate Aptitude Test. Total Questions: 130 | Total Marks: 130 | Total Duration: 120 minutes | Negative Marking: 0.25 marks No. of Questions: 30 Like every year, even this year, majority of the questions were based on Arithmetic and its application. There were around 5 questions on Rate and work, 2 questions on Simple Interest and Compound Interest, 1 question each from Time Speed and Distance, Ratio Proportion and Mixture and 2 questions each from Profit and Loss and Fractions and few questions were from miscellaneous topics.

There were 2 DI sets; one on Bar Graph which was doable and other was based on Logic-based DI, which should have been avoided. NMIMS Programs after 12th. Regarding the NPAT 2019 exam format, the changes were few to none as compared to last few years. IPMAT 2019 Exam Analysis. SLAT 2019 Exam Analysis (Symbiosis Law Schools) Symbiosis SET 2019 Exam Analysis by Endeavor Careers. CLAT 2018 Paper Solution. Current Affairs March 2019.

Top Coaching Institute in Bhopal. CLAT Day - Tips and Tricks. CLAT Day: Survival Strategy – Tips and Tricks It’s D day. This Sunday (13th May) is the day when all that hard work you put in is going to pay you back. All About Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities. Two very important points that almost every B-school application form has are – Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities. The five Rules to do well in Quants section in Mocks. Now that every CAT aspirant has started appearing for mock exams, they face a lot of problems from selecting the right question to managing the time in a section. Keeping those in mind, we have identified five pointers (or rules) which can help improve the scores in the Quants section of the mocks.

While attempting Quants, a student should try to go through the entire section at least twice in the 60 minutes. The time should be divided into 25-30 minutes for the first round, where the objective is to get the maximum number of corrects by attempting the easier ones and then 20-25 minutes for the second round, where the student will attempt the moderate to difficult questions of the paper. The rest 10 minutes is kept as buffer if there is a need.

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CAT, CMAT, GMAT, GRE, CLAT Coaching Institute in Vashi, Mumbai – Endeavor Careers. CAT, CMAT, GMAT, GRE, CLAT Coaching Institute in Jaipur – Endeavor Careers. CMAT 2018 Exam Analysis: Morning Slot - Endeavor Careers. CMAT 2018 Exam Analysis: Afternoon Slot - Endeavor Careers.

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