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Moments of Being. This article has been making the rounds on various social media sites I use, & AS A WHITE (non-cis) GAY MAN, I feel contractually obligated to respond to it.

Moments of Being

No! Just kidding! I think it’s quite astute in many places, though I’d like to pressure some of Ndopu’s terminologies and distinctions, but what I find particularly silly is that basically every white gay “cis” male I know is regurgitating this without comment or, alternately, with a sort of guilt-reflex, i.e., “OMG I really need to stop saying things like ‘fierce,’ and ‘gurl!’ These are racist and sexist appropriations!” And then we all move on, because we’ve effectively and guiltily dissociated ourselves from the culture of queerness that redeploys certain lexicons and gender presentations said to be “not ours.”

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