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Encardio-rite Group is a prominent player in safety monitoring providing geotechnical, structural, environmental monitoring and geodetic surveying solutions. It's a one-stop provider of the most comprehensive range of services and products across 8 countries worldwide.

Type of Data Loggers and How do they work? Search Close Menu Home » [Updated] Type of Data Loggers and How do they work?

Type of Data Loggers and How do they work?

[Updated] Type of Data Loggers and How do they work? Civil Engineering is a complex and interesting field. To put it simply, data loggers are simply the devices that are interfaced with several other instruments or sensors to log data in real-time. Large construction sites or even civil engineering structures require continuous monitoring to maintain its health. As these sensors do their job, the Data loggers are responsible for collecting and recording data from the installed sensors for an assigned duration, at predefined intervals, without any physical/human intervention. Let’s take a look at the data loggers in detail along with their types, working principle, and more. What is a data logger? A data logger is usually a compact, battery-powered device and carries a digital processor.

Once programmed, commissioned and activated, the data logger can be left unattended to measure and record data from sensors. Man-made Concrete Structures Monitoring. All man-made concrete structures, such as civil infrastructures and residential buildings are constantly affected and degraded throughout their service life by various kinds of factors, such as ageing, fatigue, corrosion, and even natural disasters.

Man-made Concrete Structures Monitoring

These factors collectively reduce the structures’ disaster resistance ability, and can sometimes lead to partial failure or even the complete collapse of the structures. The potential for such accidents is a direct threat to the safety of both lives and properties. With these rising concerns, structural health monitoring of concrete structures has become one of the top research focus areas in recent years. Emerging Technologies in Tunnel Instrumentation and Monitoring.

Search Close Menu Home » Emerging Technologies in Tunnel Instrumentation and Monitoring Emerging Technologies in Tunnel Instrumentation and Monitoring When it comes to tunnels and underground caverns, geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring play a huge role as it deals with naturally occurring heterogeneous materials.

Emerging Technologies in Tunnel Instrumentation and Monitoring

Instrumentation & Structural Monitoring of Dams. Search Close.

Instrumentation & Structural Monitoring of Dams

Malcolm X Bridge Instrumentation and Monitoring. Model EPS-30V-S Earth Pressure Cell by Encardio-Rite. Pressure Cell - Earth Pressure Cell for Stress Monitoring. The pressure cell is designed to measure total pressure in earth fills and embankments; as well as pressure on the surface of retaining walls, buildings, bridge abutments, and tunnel linings.

Pressure Cell - Earth Pressure Cell for Stress Monitoring

Pressure Cells are also used to measure stress in mass concrete. Rohtang Pass Tunnel Case Study – Geotechnical Monitoring & Instrumentation. Search Close Menu.

Rohtang Pass Tunnel Case Study – Geotechnical Monitoring & Instrumentation

Rohtang Pass Tunnel Case Study - Geotechnical Monitoring & Instrumentation - Encardio Rite. Types Of Strain Gauges: Construction & Specifications. The EDS-30V shotcrete strain gauge can be considered as a miniature high resolution vibrating wire displacement sensor in a stainless steel housing.

Types Of Strain Gauges: Construction & Specifications

It is pre-tensioned at around the middle of its measurement range using a very thin aluminium tubing so that it can measure both tensile and compressive strains of up to 30,000 microstrains unit. Two short lengths of rebar are fixed, parallel to each other, at each end of the strain gage for gripping in shotcrete. The distance between the rebars is the gauge length of the strain gauge. The aluminium tubing is covered with a polyolefin sleeve to decouple it from the surrounding concrete so that the measured strain is the average strain in concrete lying between the two lengths of rebar.

The sensor houses a permanent magnet and a plucking coil assembly. Al Mirani Fort Monitoring Instrumentation by Encardio-rite. Fort Al Mirani is a fort in the harbour of the city of Old Muscat, Oman.

Al Mirani Fort Monitoring Instrumentation by Encardio-rite

On showing signs of decay and distress, it was restored to its original majesty as part of a concerted renovation program. The surrounding saline weather conditions and numerous rainwater discharge points had caused adverse weathering and erosion with time. The Sultanate commissioned Atkins International and later Constell Consultants India to prepare a report on protection of the fort and to suggest long term performance monitoring. Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge – A Case Study. Bridges constitute a very important component of the transportation network.

Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge – A Case Study

As they are a major investment for society and are at the core of public transport and usage, it is extremely crucial to keep an eye on their safety and maintenance. This is achieved through geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring, which is involved in the pre, post, and after-construction phases. Safety in bridges is a bigger concern that other parts of the transport system since any damage or collapsing of the structure can lead to magnanimous devastation to life and property with severe consequences. With this understanding in mind, Encardio-rite makes use of modern technologies, instruments, sensors, and real-time assessment of the bridge to observe and keep a track of all the activities that might affect the foundation of the structure. In this article, we are taking a look at one such project that was carried out by Rite Geo System, Encardio-rite’s USA Subsidiary. Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme (STEP) STEP (Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme) constitutes one of the largest tunnel sewerage systems in the world.

Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme (STEP)

This huge gravity-driven hydraulic wastewater network tunnel was divided into 3 sections: Main Sewer, Link Sewer, and the Pumping Station. In-place 3D inclinometer /settlement (IPIS) system. The length of the spacer tubing is what decides the distance between each sensor; the length of each segment where the tilt is monitored. Our Inclinometer sensor possesses a displacement range of 100mm which helps to measure the expected settlement/heave. It is labelled at three locations which are the two ends and the middle for ease in setting. A coarse adjustment of 5 mm / 50 mm / 75 mm and a fine adjustment of 50 mm (± 25 mm) is provided in the gage tube for the positioning of the settlement sensor over the ring magnets. Even the gage tube is put together in parts. There are several advantages of the digital probes over the conventional analog probes. For this reason, when we have to employ several sensors, SDI-12 equipped 3D probes are the perfect choice as they aren’t restrictive when it comes to accomodating a larger number of individual signal cables inside the borehole.

Bridge Structure Health Monitoring Projects By Encardio-rite. Model EAN-61MS in-place 3D Inclinometer System (IPIS) Encardio-rite model EAN-61MS in-place 3D inclinometer cum settlement (IPIS) system is used wherever lateral movement along with settlement/heave is to be monitored in a borewell or on a structure. It finds wide application in the measurement of lateral movement and settlement in soil, earthworks, slopes or structures like retaining/diaphragm walls, embankment, deep foundations or dams etc. It is also very useful in monitoring landslide areas. IPIS is designed to provide significant quantitative data on the magnitude of lateral movement along with settlement or heave and its variations with time. It also provides the pattern of deformation, zones of potential danger and effectiveness of construction control measures undertaken.

What Are The Different Types Of Piezometers? The Model EPP-30V, vibrating wire piezometer consists of a vibrating wire and coil magnet assembly enclosed in a stainless steel body electron beam welded to the diaphragm. The welding creates a vacuum of around 1/1000 Torr inside the sensor to protect it against water and other corrosive materials present in it. The use of the piezometer is to gauge the pore water pressure in the soil, earth, rock-fill foundations, and concrete structures. The stainless steel body of the piezometer makes sure that it is unaffected by common chemical corrosion.

There’s a ceramic flat filter with low air entry value along with a grain size of 40-60 microns. The water that seeps through the internal pores or seams in mass concrete structures, rock formations of dam foundations, foundation soil of structures, reclaimed land soil etc. penetrates through the ceramic filter thereby, exerting pressure on the diaphragm. ESCL-10VT-BX Datalogger Sensor on Encardio. Vertical In-place Inclinometer – Operating Principle & Installation. Each of the in-place sensors is equipped with pivoted sprung wheels, that are designed to fit perfectly inside the grooves of the inclinometer casing.

Length of spacer tubing is used to estimate the distance between each sensor; the length of each segment over which the tilt is monitored. Spacer tubing length (mm) = gauge length (mm) – 381 mm The outside diameter of spacer tubing = 19 mm. Dubai Metro Case Study: Monitoring the Longest Driverless System. Dubai metro is the first urban network to run in the Gulf Arab States and is the longest automated driverless system in the world. With the metro running underground in the city centre, from the Sheikh Rashid/Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed intersection to Salahuddin/Abu Bakr Al Siddique intersection on the Red line and from Garhoud to Oud Metha Road on the Green line, it has provided a safe and swift commute to thousands of workers in the country. The Green and Red line were the first to be monitored and constructed, which was done in two different phases.

Phase 1 included the Red Line running from Al-Rashidiya to Jebel Ali, a 53km long rail line connecting 26 stations. Out of this, 5.6 km of the line and four stations operated underground. This took place for 2006-2009. Complex Structures Monitoring and Instrumentation. Geotechnical Monitoring and Instrumentation at Encardio Rite. Seismograph & Accelerometer. Wireless In-Place Inclinometer – Features and Working. The Wireless In-place Inclinometer is interfaced with the long-range, low power wireless mesh network through a Node. This permits the sensors to send recorded data to the Gateway with over 99% reliability.

The Gateway, in turn, uploads the data on a central/cloud server which can be accessed by an authoritative person. Installation Guide for Inclinometer cum Magnetic Extensometer. Wireless tilt meter - Introduction, Application, Features & Operating Principle. The application is designed to provide step by step instructions and all the crucial information. It also displays the radio signal and battery strength, and whether or not they are strong enough to carry out the task. Model ESDL-30 Data Logger by Encardio-rite. Model EPS-30V-I Soil and Rock Pressure Cell Supplier. Bogibeel Rail Cum Road Bridge Assam, India. Bogibeel bridge is a 4.94 km combined road and rail bridge over the Brahmaputra rivel in the northeastern Indian state of Assam. What Are Tiltmeters And Where Are They Used? The EL tiltmeters contain an electrolytic tilt sensor housed in a compact, rugged, and weatherproof enclosure.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Geotechnical Instrumentation. Lachura Irrigation Dam Geotechnical Instrumentation. Harry Nice Bridge Instrumentation and Monitoring. Harry Nice Bridge, also known as the Potomac River Bridge, is a continuous truss bridge with an approximate total length of 10,050 ft that spans the Potomac River between Newburg in Charles County, Maryland and Dahlgren in King George County, Virginia, United States. The bridge has 59 lower approach bents spaced at 61.5 ft and 19 raised span and piers spaced from 116 to 800 ft. Structural Monitoring – Bridges Monitoring Solutions. Quality Geotechnical Sensors for the Safety of Structure. Wireless tilt meter – Introduction, Application, Features & Operating Principle. Structural Monitoring and Surveying by Encardio-rite. Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring Instrumentation. Nuclear Power Plant Monitoring Solution. Tilt Sensor- Operating Principle and Installation Procedure. Brenner Base Tunnel Geotechnical Monitoring by Encardio-rite.

Doha Metro Case Study: Monitoring One of The Most Advanced Rail Transit Systems in The World. Model EDS-64UD Single Point Borehole Extensometer. One Za'abeel, Dubai UAE Structural Monitoring by Encardio Rite. Dubai Metro Project Surveying Solutions by Encardio-rite. Red Line Location: Dubai, UAE. Model EDS-70V/EDS-70P Borehole Extensometer Supplier. Sheikh Zayed Tunnel, UAE Complete Monitoring by Encardio-rite.

Single Point Borehole Extensometer – Introduction & Operating Principle. Vibrating Wire Extensometer Installation Procedure. Koldam Dam Hydropower Project Geotechnical Monitoring. Vibrating Wire Extensometer- Introduction, Application, and Operating Principle. Mechanical Extensometer Installation with Stainless Steel Connecting Rod Assembly. Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel Complete Monitoring by Encardio-rite. Model EDS-63U-D Mechanical Borehole Extensometer System. Borehole Extensometer Installation procedure with Fibreglass Rod Assembly. Model ELC-210S Resistive Strain Gage Type Load Cell.

Kolkata Metro Geotechnical Monitoring and Instrumentation. Multipoint Borehole Extensometer- Introduction, Application, and System Requirements. Al Rayyan Road Instrumentation & Monitoring by Encardio-rite. Rohtang Pass Tunnel Case Study- Geotechnical Monitoring & Instrumentation. Chennai Metro, India - Our Projects. Encardio-rite Model EAN-41M MEMS Beam Sensor. Strain Gauge: Principle, Types, Features and Applications. Encardio-rite Model EPS-30V-J Jack-out Pressure Cell. Encardio-rite Model EAN-95MW Wireless Ttiltmeter. Tilt Beam Sensor- Operating Principle and Installation Procedure. Model EPP-50V Vibrating Wire Push-In Piezometer.

Load Cells: Types, How It Works, Applications, & Advantages. Model ELC-31V Vibrating Wire Type Center Hole Load Cell. MEMS Tiltmeter- Installation Procedure & How does it work? Model ESC-30V Shotcrete-Concrete Stress Cells. Portable Tiltmeter- Operating Principle & Taking Readings. Model ETT-10V Vibrating Wire Temperature Meter.

Vibrating Wire Load Cell- Introduction & Operating Principle. Vibrating Wire Load Cell- Introduction & Operating Principle. Strain Gage Type Compression Load Cell Installation Procedure. Centre Hole Load Cell Installation Preparation & Troubleshooting. Delhi Metro Geotechnical Instrumentation by Encardio-rite. Strain Gauge Type Load Cell Introduction & How it Works? Model ESDL-30 Automatic Data Logger Sensor by Encardio-rite. One Za'abeel Case Study: Monitoring Dubai's Iconic Towers. Vibrating Wire Piezometer Installation Procedure in an Earth/Rock fill and Concrete Dam. Model EPU-20V VW Uplift Pressure System by Encardio. Geotechnical monitoring of the historic Doha Metro Gold Line.

Vibrating Wire Piezometer Installation in an Embankment and Earth/Rockfill Dam. Cabo Fort-Raj Bhavan Geotechnical Monitoring and Instrumentation. Model ELC-31V VW Type Center Hole Load Cell. Vibrating Wire Piezometer Installation Procedure in a Borehole. Model ELC-32V VW Type Center Hole Load Cell. How Is Vibrating Wire Piezometer Installation Done? Encardio Rite Model EPP-30V Vibrating Wire Piezometer. Dubai Metro Case Study: Monitoring the First Urban Metro Network in Gulf’s Arab State. Vibrating Wire Piezometer Types and Operating Principle. Model EAN-90M/92M Tiltmeter Geotechnical Instrument. Masdar City, UAE Geotechnical Instrumentation by Encardio-rite. Sky Venture, Abu Dhabi Geotechnical Instrumentation by Encardio. ICD Brookfield Place Geotechnical Instrumentation by Encardio. Piezometers: Types, Functions, & How it works? How to Install Digital Inclinometer in a Diaphragm Wall?

Encardio Model EAN-26M Digital Inclinometer. Digital Inclinometer Installation in a Borehole.