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Indore - The city of the Holkars - Best Places to visit in Indore. Introduction of Indore – India Indore is Located in Madhya Pradesh, India. Also, You may know that “Madhya Pradesh, The Heart of Incredible India” Well let’s talk about Indore. Indore is one of the Historical city of the Madhya Pradesh.

Indore is also known as Indrapur Because of in 18 Sanctuary the temple of Indreshwar was built and its still exist in Indore. And in 1733 The Indore city came under the rule of Maratha kings of the Holkar dynasty. Indore has the first city who have own toll road and a private telephone network. Before I share with you lovely time in Indore, here’s a brief introduction to How to reach Indore and Top 9 Indore tourist Places. How to reach Indore Well, You can reach Indore By three ways and First is Air – you can take flight and reach Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport. What to Eat in Indore Kebabsville in Vijay NagarNafees Family Restaurant in Old PalasiaBeans in Saket NagarBanana Leaf in Vijay Nagar Where to shopping in Indore 1) Rajwada Indore 2) Lal Bagh Palace. Sardar Sarovar Dam Narmada - Gujarat | Travel Blog By karan soni. Introduction of Sardar Sarovar Dam Sardar Sarovar dam is located in Kevadia. The main purpose of build this dam is to provide Drinking water, Power, irrigation and flood protection.

Sardar Sarovar Dam was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 17, 2017. This Dam is one of the biggest dams in Gujarat State and this dam provides water for Farming and also Drinking. in June 2006 government plans to generate solar power by placing solar panels over the canal. History of Sardar Sarovar Dam In 1946 Government decide to build Dam in Narmada river but they have confused where to build in Gujarat or in Madhya Pradesh.

After the completion of the investigation where to build Dam, Government Decides to build Dam in Gora – Gujarat. The Government of India appointed an expert committee in 1965 because of sharing of the Narmada water between Government of Madhya Pradesh and Government of Gujarat. Benefits of The Sardar Sarovar Dam The Four Major benefits of Sardar Sarovar Dam. Sun Temple, Modhera - What to know Before you Go. Modhera sun temple is located in Modhera village near Mehsana. Also, this sun temple is oldest sun temple in India. This sun temple is one of the best examples of the Solanki era Architecture of Gujarat. Its also known as the Golden era of Gujarat. This sun temple was built in 1026-27 AD by Solanki King Bhimdev-1. If you planning to go this place then first you know this place is the one-day trip place. also, you can take private taxi or vehicle because this place is located in the village area. also, you can carry some food.

Modhera sun temple was built in 1026 AD, before Konark Temple, by Solanki King Bhimdev. How to reach Modhera Sun Temple Well, You can reach Modhera sun temple by road or by train. first, you can reach Mehsana district. Modhera Sun Temple Architecture The Modhera Sun Temple is divided into three parts namely Surya Kund, Sabha Mandap and Guda Mandap. Surya Kund ModheraSabha Mandap ModheraGuda Mandap Modhera Suryakund in Modhera Sun Temple Guda Mandap in Modhera Sun Temple. Ambaji - The Temple of Shakti Peetha - Travel Blog | Best Indian Travel Blog by Karan soni.

Ambaji Is located in banaskantha district, Gujrat state in India. Ambaji is small city but this city Is popular for Ambema Temple and history of “maa Sati”. If you wish to visit temples in India then Ambaji Is best option for that. In ambaji there are many places for visit. 1) Ambaji Temple 2) Gabbar Temple 3) 51 Shakti peetha 4)Koteshwar Climate Of Ambaji: The Climate of ambaji is all type of whether, In summer ambaji is very hot between 30-40 C.

History Of Ambaji Temple: Ambaji temple is also known as “shakti peeth” of india, Ambaji temple is an important temple town with millions of devotees visiting the Ambaji temple every year.In the ambaji temple, there is no images or status of a goddess. The Original Seating of Ambaji mata is on “Gabbar Temple”, there are a Huge number of devotees visit in the temple every Purnima Day The temple is open from 7.00 am to 11.30 am, 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm and 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm. 51 Shakti Peetha Gabbar Parikrama Path 4. There are two way to reach ambaji temple. 30 Beautiful Destination for Travel in India - Travel Blog. Travel is one of the options for your stress reading life. if are you suffering anything you must take a trip and go for long holidays. holiday its means not you can go for a world tour. but in India, there are many places to visit in India.

And what are you waiting for let’s pack your bag and see 30 beautiful places for travel in India? Here is the list of 30 beautiful destinations for travel in India. This all places are very amazing and these all places are waiting for you 1) Manali Manali is located in Himachal Pradesh and also in Manali is a high-altitude Himalayan resort town in India. This place is also popular for honeymoon destinations for Indians. What to do in Manali visit Hidimba Devi Templevisit Manu Templevisit Manali Sanctuaryvisit Bijli Mahadevvisit Tibetan Monasteryvisit Museum of Himachal Culture & Folk Art 2) Ooty what to do in Ooty visit Government Botanical Gardens, Ootyvisit Government Rose Garden, Ootyvisit St. 3) Shimla summer-vacation-in-Shimla What to do in Shimla Auli.

How to Rent a car in India - Must read before rant car in India. When you Travel in India sometimes more convenient to use a rented car. Also, a Rental car is easy to move one place to another place. So its help and make your trip easier. Well, here we tell you about how to rent a car and what you know about before a rented car in India. Determine the place Rent a car in India is two option one is online booking and another is contacting the rental dealership ahead of time.

Select rental Car company In India, there are many companies but personally, I recommended for Rental car Zoomcar Because it’s all over India and When I need a rental car I am booking a car with this company. Understand the type of car in India First, you can calculate how many travelers with you and how many seters car you need and then take a decision which car you have rent. This company proved Ford aspire, Hyundai Verna Sidan, Ford Figo, Mahindra kuv, Maruti Swift, Mercedes GLA, TATA HEXA and much more car you have like.

Read the lease agreement. Top 11 Beaches In Gujarat For Amazing Vacation - Travel in Gujarat. Gujarat has a 1600 KM length of coastline. And Gujarat is connected with the Arabian Sea. Also, Gujarat is known as a traveler state and every Gujarati’s go for vacation on summer time. But also traveler thinks where to go in Gujarat, so here is the solution. You can travel beaches in Gujarat. 1) Diu Beach Diu is a small city in Diu district. 2) Tithal Beach Tithal Beach situated in the Valsad district in Gujarat. 3) Somnath Beach Somnath beach is famous for Somnath temple. because of Somnath temple is on Somnath coast. 4) Nargoal Beach Nargoal is also called mini Goa and this beach is a very beautiful beach in Gujarat and around on this beach palm trees and greenery are existed so its make pretty atmosphere. 5) Dwarka Beach Dwarka is known as a kingdom of Lord Krishna. 6) Ahmedpur Mandvi, Junagadh Ahmedpur Mandvi beach is located in Junagadh district. 7) Jamnagar Beach Balachari is the closest beach from Jamnagar and its 26 km away from the city.

Smartest Travel Hacks that Will Make You A Better Traveler - Travel Blog | Best Indian Travel Blog by Karan soni. Every year, millions of people travel around the world. In this way, meet new people, know more about different cultures, taste delicious foods, and perform different activities. When you are on travel, a lot of things are needed to be kept in mind to avoid unforeseen situations. Even the most experienced travelers can face unpleasant circumstances and put their lives in danger.

Therefore, you must follow some basic rules and regulations to avoid possible risks in your traveling and be a better traveler. 1) Start with Some Easier Locations Some places are easier to travel to than others as shown in the chart. So, if you planning your first trip out of the country, consider choosing good countries and places that are travel-friendly. 2) Take Care of Your Mobile and Internet Connection While traveling abroad, you can buy a local SIM-card and use cheap communication and mobile Internet provided by the telecom companies of that company. 3) Lightweight Suitcase 4) Get an Insurance Policy.

How to Successfully Choose The Next Travel Destination? - Travel Blog | Best Indian Travel Blog by Karan soni. Let me guess… You have been dreaming of taking holidays for months, and now you just can’t wait to escape the office. You finally got your leaves approved. And you have the green signal to start planning your trip. Great! Planning a trip has always been confusing. Whether you have a long list of places you’d like to visit or need new ideas on where to go on your next holidays, in this article we’ve shared best tips on how to plan your next travel destination. Do you have a few weeks or just a couple of days? Knowing how much time do you have can influence a great deal of help in determining how far you can travel.

Depending on where you live and the amount of time you have for travel, certain destinations will automatically make more sense than others. Therefore, it’s wiser to go to a closer destination, get to know its culture, enjoy local food, and meet new kind of people. 2 – Work Out Your Budget 3 – Consider What Type of Getaway You Want 4 – Lastly, Do Not Forget About The Weather! Best Places to Visit in Monsoon - Where To Go in Monsoon Session - Travel Blog | Best Indian Travel Blog by Karan soni. Monsoon session is the best time for travel because you can suffer from long summer and after summer you need to go for travel in monsoon. If you were waiting for the rains to be in their prime to plan a trip. you can travel across the world in monsoon but you can take my opinion you can travel in India when monsoon session is started. Because of in this session the atmosphere of the Indian places is very cool or pretty. Here is the list of where to go in the monsoon session. Goa Leh Ladakh Munnar, Kerala Mount Abu, Rajasthan Diu, Gujarat Kumarakom, Kerela Lonavala, Maharastra Panchgani, Maharastra Andaman – Nicobar Islands Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya #1 Goa Goa is the best place for travel in monsoon session and Goa is one of the places where all Indian wish to go at once.

Things to do in Goa in Monsoon session Do White water rafting.Take a bike ride on the highway without a worry in the world.Visit the ancient monuments.Take a Shower in the waterfalls.Visit Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. #2 Leh Ladakh. Solo Travel or Group Travel - Which One is Right for You? When it comes to planning a trip, whether to go solo or in a group is probably the toughest decision to make, especially if you’re travelling for the first time. But if you’re confused and looking for guidance to help you make the right decision, then you’ve come to the right place. First, let’s make one thing crystal-clear that there is nothing wrong with either solo travel or group travel. The decision to travel whether solo or in a group completely depends on your preference. Do you often prefer to be left alone, or do you prefer to do things with friends or family? If you’ve never travelled before, and if you’re absolutely uncertain to whether solo travel or group travel is the way to go, then read the benefits of both, solo and group travel to get an idea on what to expect from both.

Solo Travel Benefits Your Time is Your Own: Everyone likes to have complete charge over their time. If you’re someone who definitely wouldn’t want that, then solo travel should be your preference. Safety: