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Your feedly session has expired. Please reload this page or restart your browser to try to create a new session. Serving millions of passionate readers every day! Available on your phone and tablet Integrated into 100+ third party apps. 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web. How to survive. Survival. Dirty Bomb Survival - How to survive a nuclear or dirty bomb blast. DATE: 2-18-2010 Charleston, SC Dear Patriot, If you think there is even a remote chance a dirty bomb has slipped through our porous borders... reading this important letter may be the most important thing you ever do.

Dirty Bomb Survival - How to survive a nuclear or dirty bomb blast.

Here's why: While President Obama is currently calling for 708 billion dollars in defense spending, there isn't one red cent budgeted for the kind of civil defense programs that could keep Americans alive in the event of what many experts say is an imminent attack. This is not only disgraceful but extremely dangerous. Ironically, the news of President Obama's plan to expand our global military presence came within 24 hours of CIA director Panetta announcing that an al Qaeda attack in this country was a 100% certainty within the next six months. “The risk of an attack which would devastate our country is greater than ever while the bureaucrats acknowledge they have virtually no obligation to protect the citizens.” Nuclear Attack Is More Likely Today Than During The Cold War! Mr. Ready for Disaster? 'Preparedness Movement' Members Say They Are.

Let's face it: The news these days can be a little depressing.

Ready for Disaster? 'Preparedness Movement' Members Say They Are

People can't drive because gas is too expensive, the price of food is skyrocketing, families are losing their homes, the stock market is tanking and the Arctic ice caps might be melting, plunging the planet into serious trouble. A lot of people take in all this news, shrug it off and just push on with life. But not everyone. At the Tom Brown Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School in Waretown, N.J., they're preparing for the worst. The school attracts people from every corner of the nation who want to learn how to build a fire, make stone tools and absorb an American Indian lifestyle and philosophy. Survival Kit. Survival, Health, & Living. The Top 10 Plants for Removing Indoor Toxins. Common indoor plants may provide a valuable weapon in the fight against rising levels of indoor air pollution.

The Top 10 Plants for Removing Indoor Toxins

NASA scientists are finding them to be surprisingly useful in absorbing potentially harmful gases and cleaning the air inside homes, indoor public spaces and office buildings. The indoor pollutants that affect health are formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds (benzene and trichloroethylene or TCE), airborne biological pollutants, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, pesticides and disinfectants (phenols), and radon. These pollutants contribute to ‘sick building syndrome’, which causes symptoms ranging from allergies, headaches and fatigue through to nervous-system disorders, cancer and death. Through studies conducted by NASA, scientists have identified 50 houseplants that remove many of the pollutants and gases mentioned above. Dr.

More information on this study as well as references and details on specific chemicals can be found on Dr. Dr. How to Save Your Seeds. I think the practice of saving seeds is due for a revival.

How to Save Your Seeds

Seed saving is rewarding in so many ways. How close do you live to a nuclear plant? Thank you for taking action to shut down old nuclear plants.

How close do you live to a nuclear plant?

Now find out how close you live to one of these dangerous and dirty nuclear reactors by entering your zip code below. Be sure to share that information with your friends and family. How close do you live to a nuclear plant? 2012 Survival Strategy. At the end of 2012 , an all-destroying pole shift is waiting for us, one of the thousands that have already taken place in the history of the earth. However, this time it will be completely different. Because our ancestors from a distant past had calculated in advance the previous one and escaped with their knowledge; we are now living in a highly-advanced civilization that will be turned into dust in 2012 . Unless, of course, we take the necessary measures beforehand. With this website, I want to prepare the biggest rescue operation ever.

Starlite, the nuclear blast-defying plastic that could change the world. Dirty Bomb Survival - How to survive a nuclear or dirty bomb blast. How To Build A Shelter In A Forest (Wilderness Survival) Natural shelter in the wild is a potential life saver.

How To Build A Shelter In A Forest (Wilderness Survival)

If you do not have a tent or bivouac with you, knowing how to make a lean-to shelter is one of the most important bush craft survival skills. So watch VideoJug's guide to building a shelter in a forest. Step 1: You will need An uprooted tree Some sturdy branches Plenty of leaves and debris from the forest floor Step 2: Preparation Make sure you choose the right spot to make camp. Step 3: Location. 12 Gadgets to Survive the Apocalypse. Now is a good time to ponder the apocalypse.

12 Gadgets to Survive the Apocalypse

Iran and North Korea are going nuclear, the wonky weather is a harbinger of catastrophic climate change, and end-of-the-world blockbusters abound. Starlite, the nuclear blast-defying plastic that could change the world. 100 Items to Disappear First. 100 Items to Disappear First 1.

100 Items to Disappear First

Generators (Good ones cost dearly. Gas storage, risky. of thieves; maintenance etc.) 2. How to Make a Shelter in the Wilderness. How close do you live to a nuclear plant? Survival Cache — The Gear Site for Survival. SHTF Radio Survival, Preparedness Online radio and podcast.

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