Fils, toile, etc.

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SH Plushies by alice-day on deviantART. The Textile Blog. Studio Tord Boontje. Collectif d'art textile. Création textile. L'atelier de tapisserie d'Angers - Muriel Crochet. Actu & contact - Maïa Frey, plasticienne textile. Fanny Viollet. Atelier + boutique à Lyon depuis 2001. ID-Textiles. Ann wood. I’m working on several new ships – it’s been ages and I especially love to make boats in the spring.

ann wood

The first is made from tattered antique gowns, layers of silk, tulle satin, lace and sheer cotton – stitched and stitched in a meandering way – inspired by the eccentric mending and layers of boro textiles. The 2 below are paper mache. I start with a layer of brown paper, torn up paper grocery bags (very old lady of me to save them) for the first layer over the cardboard armature and then layers of newsprint. I usually let some or all of the newsprint show so I divide it according to type size and style and I have a box of clipped out words saved (also very old lady of me). The next is a translucent paper mache ship – a big one – in its beginning stage when it looks like a cocoon.

And my rat problem has gotten worse…… You could win your very own crepe paper bunnies! Good luck! I’m working on some new owls – a new smaller owl shape for me with some new details. Happy spring! I love March. Cécile Dachary. Bizou-Pointu. People at Work #1 « THIS IS NAIVE.