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Cure Writer's Block: Skribit. CoolStuff4Writers. The Write Prompts. The month of April is dedicated to National Poetry Reading in the United States and Canada.

The Write Prompts

While it is meant to encourage reading of poetry there is no reason not to turn it into a poetry writing month. If you don't normally write poetry take the plunge and do some this month. Even bad poetry writing is a good exercise. For the month of April, every day read a poem of your choice then write a responding poem either in the same form or a form of your choosing. If you don't have any poetry books to draw from, a quick "poetry" search will offer a plethora of choices.

Writers Digest's 101 Best Writing Sites. Write rhymes. Writing. Writing Prompts. The Blog of Scott Hansen » Overcoming Creative Block. I do not know what to write.

The Blog of Scott Hansen » Overcoming Creative Block

I am sitting here staring at the screen, running sentences in my head, and turning my music on and off. Earlier I went foraging for food (in hopes of sparking some magical words), but ended up getting distracted by Arrested Development for 20 minutes. This happens just about every time I sit down to do anything. I’ll probably go play the guitar between this paragraph and the next. Of course this is a familiar situation.