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Empxtrack is a full featured global HR and talent management software on the cloud. It automates all HR functions for small and large businesses.

Should 360-degree feedback be a part of your feedback system? 360-degree feedback is a systematic process where employees receive confidential and anonymous feedback from people in their immediate work circle.

Should 360-degree feedback be a part of your feedback system?

Over the years, multi-rater feedback has become a significant part of performance management process. Use An Online Recruitment Software To Find Your Next Hire! View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as...

Use An Online Recruitment Software To Find Your Next Hire!

Include... Search Results No terms available Load Annotations. Why you need to improve employee engagement? An employee’s engagement in various functions in the organization is directly proportional to his / her performance outcomes.

Why you need to improve employee engagement?

It is a driving force that keeps employees motivated. Research by Gallup and others shows that engaged employees are more productive, customer-focused, profitable, and less likely to leave. Not surprisingly, best-performing companies recognize this fact and encourage employee engagement and participation in various organizational functions. When employee engagement is recognized and accepted as a crucial part of policy, it unlocks workforce productivity.

Digital Transformation and the Evolution of HR Trends. Till a few years ago, human resources used to be least active in technology innovation and automation.

Digital Transformation and the Evolution of HR Trends

But over time, digital transformation has empowered HR to improve the human resource processes. According to CB Insights research, HR technology industry had received more than $2 billion in investment capital in 2015. Thus, encouraging use of advanced tools for performance management, learning, recruitment, employee benefits, feedback and employee engagement. HR Trend : Put an End to Complex Applicant Tracking with an Online ATS. Are you considering a new applicant tracking software?

HR Trend : Put an End to Complex Applicant Tracking with an Online ATS

Or looking for an upgrade? Whatever be your purpose, you first need to be clear with your recruiting needs. Recruitment and selection of top talent requires a lot of time, effort and money. Online Applicant Tracking System May Help! Go online and type “Challenges in applicant tracking” on search bar.

Online Applicant Tracking System May Help!

Candidate shortage! Tight deadlines! Employee-Manager Relation: An Integral Part Of Employee Management. Online Leave Management: Make Leave Transactions Quick than Ever! Here’s an incident that inspired me to write about an online leave application system and how managers can make best use of this tool.

Online Leave Management: Make Leave Transactions Quick than Ever!

I manage a team of 5 people. Last month, we had an important project, and unfortunately, we missed on our first project delivery deadline. I was taken by surprise when one of my team members didn’t show up at work for 3 days. Later, I recalled that I had already approved her leave two weeks ago. Only 31.5% of U.S. Employees Are Engaged at Work. Find Out Why? No matter how well you understand the concept of employee engagement, if you are not able to increase engagement levels in your organization, you are certainly not at the right path.

Only 31.5% of U.S. Employees Are Engaged at Work. Find Out Why?

As stated by Gallup, “The world is facing an employee engagement crisis, with serious and potentially lasting repercussions for the global economy.” Though employers realize the benefits of engaging employees, and also take steps to measure engagement from time to time, employee engagement has hardly shifted a level up over the past decade. Only 32% U.S. employees are engaged at work. 2017 Global Human Capital Management: Winning Strategies for a Changing Market. The most important asset for an organization is their PEOPLE.

2017 Global Human Capital Management: Winning Strategies for a Changing Market

According to Gartner, Human Capital Management is a set of practices related to people resource management, specifically in the categories of workforce acquisition, management and optimization. In today’s fast-growing business world, organizations strive to utilize their workforce optimally to remain prepared for future growth and unforeseen challenges. Over the past few decades, advances in technology have dramatically changed the workplaces across the countries and made the workforce exceptionally mobile. Today, human resource professionals focus on reducing their administrative workload by investing in HR tools. Businesses are keen to adopt these tools to improve the functionality of HR as also to enable their line. Recent research by Deloitte indicates that migration to Cloud based applications has gathered pace.

Latest Income Tax Rules for FY 2017-18: Empxtrack Is Here to Help You. In India, 2016 ended with the news of Demonetisation surfacing all over the country and impacting rich and poor alike.

Latest Income Tax Rules for FY 2017-18: Empxtrack Is Here to Help You

The prolonged cash shortage created a lot of confusion and chaos for the common people, and it hugely impacted disposable income of the countrymen. Government of India planned this move to cease cash-centric black market and cleanse & digitize the economy, but it received mixed reactions. After this recent financial reformation, it was that time of the year when finance gurus, corporate people and individuals speculated the ease of income tax rates and anxiously waited to hear the changes in some important tax laws. In this post, you’ll find several tax-related proposals announced by Mr. Arun Jaitley, Indian Finance Minister, to be made effective for Financial Year 2017-18. 01. Is Your Organization Ready for Succession Planning?

- Allow identification of key positions in the organization. - Map key positions with required skills, job descriptions, education,competencies, and experience profiles. - Identify potential candidates meeting the above key position requirements. - Integrate with Appraisal module and displays different appraisal scores, relative gradings, strengths in core competencies and more. - Identify the high/ low potential employees with the help of 9 or 12 grid matrix.

58% Companies Say That Performance Management Is An Ineffective Use Of Time. Why? CFOs estimate that ineffective performance management processes result into thirty percent loss of company’s performance potential. And only 8% of organizations drive high value from these processes. In Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Performance Management study, 72% of organizations found their performance management process to be “some – what effective” or “not at all effective”. Remain Statutory Compliance With Payroll Management Software. Payroll management is time-consuming and complex and requires full business confidentiality. Managing employee data, answering queries, preparing reports and looking into payroll processing, all often at the same time, becomes overwhelming and stressful for the HR department. What are some common issues in payroll processing? Calculating taxes, Provident Fund (PF) and ESI deductions, travel/ medical/ education allowance and taking right decisions related to investment declarations and employee benefits is a time-consuming task.

Five Things You May Want to Correct In An Applicant Tracking Process. How to Overcome Challenges in Travel and Expense Management? Why Only 31.5% of U.S. Employees Are Engaged at Work? 87% Millennials Expect Professional Training & Development, Are You Ready? 76% of employees want opportunities for career growth since career growth is one of the top three non-financial motivators! Facing Trouble in employee time tracking? Get an Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Tool - Empxtrack. Project managers often find it challenging to keep track of how many hours their team members have spent on each task. Managing people becomes a lot easier if you can measure what you are managing.

Why do organizations need timesheets? Timesheets provide accurate information about the employees’ time spent on each project and activity. In absence of employee timesheets, a company is unable to collect critical information on billable work hours for each employee, project performance reports, exact non-billable hours of teams, extra spending while distributing payroll and a lot more. Goal Tracking – Make Employees Accountable Without Micromanaging Them. 3 Major Challenges In Leave Management. Most important hr statistics for human resource management.

Top 7 Things Employees Expect From Their Managers. View. Top 3 Lessons to Engage Millennial Workforce. By 2020, millennials will make up nearly 50% of the entire global workforce. Millennials or also known as Gen Y is soon going to outnumber baby boomers and generation X in the population count. Soon, we will see millennials becoming managers and future leaders, and dominating each business sector.

According to a PWC report, 63.3% of U.S. executives will be eligible to retire in the next 5 years. If we go by this stat, it leaves a huge leadership gap to be filled by millennials. Should 360 Reviews Be Part Of Performance Management Process. Empxtrack Adds New Features in Appraisal Module to Make Ongoing Performance Reviews More Accurate. The latest updates in Empxtrack appraisal will help organizations in creating a high performing workforce and establish a fair, transparent feedback culture at work.

New York, United States - March 7, 2017 - Empxtrack Inc., the leading HR software provider, recently announced a few more additions in its performance appraisal software. Overcome 5 Major Challenges to Become a Successful Manager. HR can be a big contributor to your company’s business strategy. Overcome Employee Onboarding Challenges and Engage New Hires! Onboarding new hires is a challenging task. Employee onboarding is crucial to business, yet many companies fail to develop an effective onboarding programme for the new hires.

Does Attendance Management Impacts a Business? Why Organizations Should Attract & Engage Millennial Workforce? Difference Between Manual Work Assignment & An Online Goal Setting. View. How Smart HR Technology Can Make a Difference?