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Employer-Nomics is a part of the Tenncom Group of companies, which specializes in employer outsourcing solutions. For more info. visit :

Tips For A Better Hiring Process. Hiring is an integral part of a company as the cost associated with it accounts for about 20% of an yearly salary.

Tips For A Better Hiring Process

Reasons to Outsource HR For Small Business. Workers’ Comp in a Hard Market. By The Adminator on April 21st, 2015 One of the unforeseen negatives of the Affordable Care Act was increased costs for workers’ compensation insurance, coming both from higher taxes assessed to insurance companies and higher costs of claims.

Workers’ Comp in a Hard Market

The claims costs are on the rise due to more dependance on workers’ comp vs. traditional health insurance, increased medical costs and the big one, increased legal fees. As the costs rise, the profit margins diminish. Naturally, the carriers are seeking to reduce their risks to maintain acceptable profit margins. This has led to a “hard market” where risks that were previously accepted are now being cancelled or non-renewed. Staying “Off the Radar” Tips On Keeping Your Employees Happy and Productive. Human Resources does not have to be your Main Business. Tips To Choose The Right Human Resource Outsourcing... - EmployerNomics. Tips To Choose The Right Human Resource Outsourcing Agency For Your Business. Tips On Keeping Your Employees Happy and Productive. Trends To Look Out In Human Resource Outsourcing. HR Trends tend to come and go at a fast speed.

Trends To Look Out In Human Resource Outsourcing

But not everyone is worth keeping, there are some that are fleeting and some that are worth taking notice of and implement. HR Outsourcing plays an imperative role in broader strategic approach to growth of a business. HR Outsourcing provides you with wide range of benefits in terms of improved accuracy and compliance, strategy focused, cost reduction and HRO expertise among many others.

There are some latest trends rocking the HR outsourcing scenario which are worth noticing. Here’s a look at these latest and future trends: Automation - Process Automation is the most important trend in this sector. Tips To Choose The Right Human Resource Outsourcing Agency For Your Business. It has been believed that Human Resource(HR) department is one of the core component of business.

Tips To Choose The Right Human Resource Outsourcing Agency For Your Business

Human resource is responsible for searching applicants, hiring new employees, processing payroll, appraisal and training and development of the employees. The decision to choose the right recruitment agency is often difficult and extremely significant task. 5 Tips On Keeping Your Employees Happy and Productive. It is vital to understand that employees are an asset to the organization.

5 Tips On Keeping Your Employees Happy and Productive

In the today’s fast paced world where your business would have to compete with a lot of businesses that already exist in the market, you surely need focussed and dedicated employees. It is a common sense that happy employees are more productive and tend to deliver better quality work. As a result, the organization grows and tend to extend its services for a better organization structure. Getting a good productivity and keeping employees happy and burden free sound two different things.

However, it is not true. 1. 6 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Human Resource Operations. Human Resource (HR) is an integral part of an organization, which has become immensely complex since a few years.

6 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Human Resource Operations

The functions of the HR department have surmounted to a whole new level as various new policies & regulations are emerging in heightened proportions and this is a challenging task for the employers. Companies which are small and doesn’t have the required personnel or funds; are unable to keep pace with the upcoming regulations, therefore HR outsourcing comes as the best solution for them. It helps you in managing your HR functions efficiently and effectively through experts, while granting you more time, funds and focus for your main priorities. Human resource pertains to the searching, screening, training and development of the job applicants along with administering the appraisal and employee benefit program. Outsourcing refers to the practise in which a company take up to perform the tasks of other company. 1. 2. 3. 4. How to Incorporate Employee Training into a Busy Schedule.

By HR Advice on April 13th, 2016 As a business owner, training your employees is a necessary yet time-consuming activity.

How to Incorporate Employee Training into a Busy Schedule

While it may take investments in effort and resources, 31 percent of employees say that training/education are benefits that would increase their workplace engagement and loyalty. In the long run, investing in employee training and other human resources strategies can free you up to focus on the major responsibilities of growing your business. Here are a few ways how: Cross-training – This method, used by 42 percent of organizations to develop employees’ skills not directly related to their jobs, is a great way to improve the overall coherence of your company. PEO vs. Staffing Company. By The Adminator on November 21st, 2016 What’s The Difference?

PEO vs. Staffing Company

In many ways, PEOs and Staffing companies are similar, but in fact they cover the opposite ends of the HR spectrum. In this article, John Will Tenney of EmployerNomics and PEO Pros explains the history and formation of PEOs and a little of the differences and similarities between PEOs and Staffing. A Brief History of Staffing and Employee Leasing Companies (which are now called PEOs) In the early 80’s, a few enterprising, hi-tech individuals left their large traditional companies and formed their own hi-tech firms, with an emphasis on bidding on large government contracts, including military and other DOD contracts. The Right Way to Hire/Fire Employees. By The Adminator on August 19th, 2016 Can making a mistake in hiring or firing an employee cost you money?

The Right Way to Hire/Fire Employees

Your business? Your personal possessions? In this litigious society, what do you think? You may be expecting an insurance agency to recommend getting Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) and it’s not a bad idea, but how about avoiding the need for it as much as possible in the first place? What Solutions Will a PEO Offer. By HR Advice on November 02nd, 2016 What Solutions Will a PEO Offer to Help Your Small Business Grow.

What Solutions Will a PEO Offer

For a number of small businesses, managing administrative tasks such as payroll, human resources, employee benefits, workers’ compensation and even recruiting can be so time consuming, owners will lose their focus on what really matters: growing their business. Because of this, 95 percent of small businesses will fail within the first five years. Make Payroll Reporting Easier. By HR Advice on November 01st, 2016 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 75 percent of businesses do not have a payroll department.

Workers Compensation Insurance & Quote, Florida. Workers’ Compensation Insurance Through a PEO Finding workers’ comp coverage can be difficult for a small business owner. Sometimes a PEO is the best option, or even the only option other than an assigned risk pool. Franchise Opportunity Now Available with EmployerNomics. By The Adminator on August 17th, 2016 It took a lot of time, energy and resources, but EmployerNomics is now a nationally available franchise. With help from Franchise Marketing Systems, we have completed our compliance and due diligence. We are still finishing up the licensing in some states but that should be done very shortly. Use the contact form below to get more information on franchising.

If you are looking for a low overhead, low maintenance business with long term residual income, we may be the answer for you. Consider these points: Social Media Policies. By The Adminator on August 19th, 2016 In today’s digital world, the opportunities for business growth, expansion and connection are nearly limitless. With that opportunity comes some very real risks — from reputation damage to hostile employees. In fact there is even a new type of insurance, cyber insurance, for dealing with errors related to mishandling data on the internet, which includes social media mistakes. How can a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) Serve as Your Partner. Reasons to Hire a Payroll Company. Proposed Changes to FL Workers’ Comp Rates. Three Reasons to Use a PEO. PEOs assist your exit strategy.