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Manuel Apreku

I am an artist, who like to design many things. I also love natural remedies and try my best to rely on them.

17 Bad Body Odor Home Remedies That Work. Bad body odor occurs mainly because of what we eat, indigestion problems, and bacteria that works on body sweat to produce odor.There are many special natural remedies that you can use to solve this problem.

17 Bad Body Odor Home Remedies That Work

Go through them and find out which ones are easy for you to come by. Home remedies for body odor Herbal drink for bad body odor Combine little bit of ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon powder in a glass of water and drink it to reduce indigestion that is caused by too much stomach acid. Special herbal tea When your body odor is the result of poor elimination of waste, you can rely on this herbal tea to clean your system and free you from the body odor problem. YarrowCalendulaCleaversRed cloverPeppermint4 cups of warm water Mix equal parts of the herbs in a bowl and add 1 tablespoon of the mixture to the 4 cups of water.

Digestive bitters Your system needs a very efficient ongoing digestive action and one of the best treatment remedies is Natureworks herbal bitters (Sweedish bitters). Detoxing Your Body Naturally. How does the whole body detox system function?

Detoxing Your Body Naturally

Your system has its own natural way of detoxing your body. This is the first thing you need to know before getting involved in any kind of detoxification plan. This natural body cleansing system enables it to eliminate natural toxins, waste products from food, dead bacteria and debris from millions of new body cells that are produced each day. Home Remedies for Dark Spots, Freckles And Age Spot. So can I use home remedies for dark spots?

Home Remedies for Dark Spots, Freckles And Age Spot

Yes I can. Dark spots also known as hyper-pigmentation can be caused by many different factors. Too much exposure to sunlight outside or sun rays from artificial sources like tanning booth can result into dark spots like freckles or age spots (sun spots) over the exposed body. This is because the body produces more melanin as a protection against the sun rays. Seasonal Influenza Treatments. You can be able to control flu with home remedies for flu treatment if it is not accompanied by high fever temperature between 102°F - 104°F.

Seasonal Influenza Treatments

When it is this high you need to see a doctor. You must also see a doctor immediately if the flu symptoms last more than 5 days or you experience chest pains, brown, bloody or green phlegm or bloody nasal mucus. Beside these major issues, normal flu can be treated with home remedies for flu within 24 hours though some may take longer time.

A low grade flu-fever between 99° - 100°F usually triggers your immune system to fight it off effectively. Though normal flu usually goes away without any complication it needs to be stopped before it develops infections that can move into the lung and cause viral or bacterial pneumonia. Home Remedies For Knee Pain Treatment. If you have knee problems don’t overlook home remedies for knee pain.

Home Remedies For Knee Pain Treatment

Yes, you might need to consult your physician if needed but natural healing methods do help a lot in instances that do not call for serious medical attention. The knee has two bones called femur and tibia. They balance on one another and are laced with muscles and connective tissue. BruceBlaus:Wikimedia Your knee pain can also be caused by too much body weight on your ankle which can lead to ankle alignment problem. Dry Cracked Feet Home Remedies. Dry cracked feet occurs because the skin of the feet is exposed to excessive dryness due to lack of moisture.

Dry Cracked Feet Home Remedies

This may cause painful cracks on the heels which may lead to other foot problems such as foot pain. Easy Home Remedies for Cough Treatment. Let us explore some home remedies for cough in this section today.

Easy Home Remedies for Cough Treatment

I hope that you can find your own in the collection.Coughing is a normal part of the body’s immune system and respiratory defense system. It is a reaction to an irritant, such as respiratory infection, bacteria, or allergen that stimulates the production of mucus in the airways. There are two types of cough: a dry, hard tickly cough and a wet rattling cough with phlegm. Home Remedies For Constipation. These home remedies for constipation are considerably helpful.

Home Remedies For Constipation

If your bowel movement is less than three times in seven days, you may be experiencing constipation. During constipation, you may experience hard stool, or irregular bowel movement, abdominal pain, or any other related symptoms. There are some special natural home remedies for constipation that have done a lot for some people, and I want to share that with you here. The instant bomber method There is a special hundred percent prune juice you can get at the Family Dollar store. Please be advised not to go anywhere or else you will be heavily embarrassed when nature calls because nothing can withhold it.

There are many stores that carry prune juice but they don’t work well except the Family Dollar shop one. Juice always helps The inability to pass stool can affect digestion, prevent toxins from leaving the body, and disturb how nutrients are absorbed by the body. Fiber comes from plants and helps food to digest smoothly. Easy Colon Cleanse Home Remedy. How does colon cleanse home remedy help you regain a better health system?

Easy Colon Cleanse Home Remedy

The colon organ takes care of the body’s waste, but sticky junk and mucus can fasten to the colon walls causing it to serve as a magnet for producing virus, parasite and unusable bacteria. Over 80 percent of the diseases encountered in the USA, are related in some way to unhealthy colon. Diseases such as bad breath, arthritis, fatigue, senility, skin blemishes, and heart problems can be linked to colon congestion.

However the other 20 percent may not be related to colon problems so it is best to get a checkup before embarking on colon cleance home remedy for good health. The blood of your body nourishes the cells. Cold Sore Home Remedies To Cure Fever Blisters. It may be your time to try cold sore home remedies after other formal treatments have not helped very much.

Cold Sore Home Remedies To Cure Fever Blisters

These sores are such a nuisance they go for a season and come back a gain. This time, I thing we need more determined or robust home remedies for cold sores to deal with this so that it does not come back so soon. Cold sores are small fever blisters that come up around the mouth and nostrils. They usually appear toward the end of a cold. Detoxing Your Body Naturally. Diet For High Blood Pressure Treatment. Actually, diet for high blood pressure is highly recommended by the medical establishment because of its impact. Interestingly, the number one choice for many people is to eat their way out of high blood pressure. You can get drugs in foods which possess surprising power to lower blood pressure.

Foods that lower blood pressure may also include Vitamin C foods, Calcium foods, fiber foods. Potassium foods and Olive oil. Home Remedies For Bad Breath – Halitosis Treatment. When it comes to halitosis, you can depend on home remedies for bad breath for treatment. You can try using mouthwashes and mints but they are temporary cover ups. The mints and the sugar in the mouthwashes are not healthy options for fresh breath. Bad breath is mostly caused by bacteria in the mouth that produces bad gases from fragments of food mouth debris tapped between the teeth and the rough mushroom shape texture of the tongue. There may be other causes of bad breath that originate from stomach problems. Home Remedies For Asthma Treatment. There are so many home remedies for asthma relief around us.

All we have to do is turn around and pay close attention to them. Asthma occurs when the main passage of your lungs called bronchial tubes become inflamed. The muscles of bronchial wall tighten, and extra mucus is produced. Air flow out of your lungs is limited, often causing wheezing. Effective Diet For Rheumatoid Arthritis. A reasonable diet for rheumatoid arthritis will go a long way to help arthritis patients. This is a major area that needs to be taken seriously. This diet plan is very helpful for all kinds of arthritis, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Body Tattoo Designs - Body Piercing. Here is what we can do. First of all the tattoos with covenants have to be broken because there is a possession beneath it.

This can only be done through real men of God filled with the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:38-39. How To Pray To God Effectively. Presumptuous sins – Psalm 19:13 Willful sins can prevent God from hearing our prayers. For example, we cannot be smoking and still expect God to hear our requests effectively. We cannot lust after the opposite sex and still pray effectively. Wrong motives – Matthew 6:5 Do we pray for others to hear and praise us for how good we pray?

Vain repetition – Matthew 6:7. Is Gambling A Sin? What Does God Say About It? Is gambling a sin to avoid? What if something good like money comes out of gambling, should we reject it or take it? Best Christian Songs And True Gospel Music. Ephesians 5:19 says we must sing particular type of songs Psalms The Psalms include praises, adoration, worship, and thanksgiving. Christian Worship Music Or Songs Of Devils. Home Remedy For Arthritis Pain Relief. A home remedy for arthritis treatment can go a long way in alleviating the pains and discomfort associated with it. However do not replace your medication for natural cures but you may apply it upon the consent of your medical adviser. Arthritis is pain in the body joints that can cause swellings. This is caused by the wearing away of protective cartridge around the bones. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the common ones that affect many people. Home Remedies For Anxiety – Panic Disorders.

You are safer to depend on home remedies for anxiety these days than trying out all those competitive drugs that flood the market. 12 Home Remedies For Allergies. Best Acne Scar Treatment With Home Remedies. Acne Natural Treatments With Home Remedies. It is clear that acne natural treatment is the ultimate permanent remedy to your problem. The chemical treatments help for a while but the acne and pimples come back again most of the time. Home Remedies For Acid Reflux And Burning Throat. How To Quit Drinking Alcohol Naturally. How To Quit Smoking Naturally In 72 Hours. 10 Day Sugar Detox Plan For Overcoming Addictions. 12 Days Caffeine Overdose Free With Detox Plan.