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Patrick Scalisi's Blog - MTG Comics Reread: Jeff Gomez Interview - August 12, 2018 13:17. As a capstone to the MTG Comics Reread Project, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Jeff Gomez.

Patrick Scalisi's Blog - MTG Comics Reread: Jeff Gomez Interview - August 12, 2018 13:17

Corresponding with Jeff first on Twitter and then via email was a great delight. Getting to pick his brain about the Armada MTG comics was something my younger self could have never imagined when I was buying these comics with my mom all those years ago. If you’ve been reading these entries as frequently as I’ve been writing them, you know that Jeff was the guiding editorial force behind the Armada MTG comics. An avid gamer, Jeff started his career in gaming journalism at Gateways magazine before moving to Valiant Comics in 1992.

After leaving the comics and video game industry in the late-1990s, Jeff co-founded Starlight Runner Entertainment in 2000 with Mark Pensavalle and Chrysoula Artemis. Yrjola Sonja. Definition and Examples of Plots in Narratives. Kurt Vonnegut On The Relationship Between Plot And Literature. “When you exclude plot, when you exclude anyone’s wanting anything, you exclude the reader, which is a mean-spirited thing to do.” — Kurt Vonnegut By now you’ve likely heard about Matthew L.

Kurt Vonnegut On The Relationship Between Plot And Literature

Jockers and his program (Syuzhet) designed to reveal the underlying plot structure of stories by analyzing sentiment. Breaking the Digital Fourth Wall Through Experiential Storytelling - Brian Solis. The fourth wall is the space that separates a performer or performance from an audience.

Breaking the Digital Fourth Wall Through Experiential Storytelling - Brian Solis

A character, actor, author or storyteller “breaks the fourth wall” when they address the audience directly. As an analyst, author, blogger, podcaster and creator, I am by default, in the content business. How Storytelling Functions in Video Games (Part 2): Defining Video Games, Stories and Play – Research, Reviews, and Stories. For this second entry of the series, I define some essential terms such as games, video games, and stories.

How Storytelling Functions in Video Games (Part 2): Defining Video Games, Stories and Play – Research, Reviews, and Stories

It is surprisingly complicated to define these terms and I do so in order to ensure future reference to the gameplay in a video game, for instance, cannot be misunderstood or misinterpreted. In other words, you are in for a few theoretical definitions, but I promise it is quite interesting to know the difference between these terms. Comments added specifically for this blog post are in bold formatting. The following is an extract from the Thesis, Video Game Storytelling: How storytelling functions in an interactive medium (2017)

The Timeliness of Time : Keywords Session Follow-up. Although this follow-up for the second session of the Keywords for Video Games Studies is not very timely, the topic of TIME in games was (and is)!

The Timeliness of Time : Keywords Session Follow-up

We framed the discussion with an image showing a set of topics that emerge as discourse on games begins to consider time as a design focus and the diverse temporalities of gameplay as a topic of critical interest. You can view it here (click to enlarge): Why Your Stories Should Always Contain Conflict – Kenzie Creative. Watch: Hayao Miyazaki's Tried and True Storytelling Recipe. In Miyazaki’s case, a movie "formula" might be a good thing.

Watch: Hayao Miyazaki's Tried and True Storytelling Recipe

It’s been said that there are only four or five stories that are told over and over again. In other words, there’s nothing new, so it’s all about the way the story is retold. As a filmmaker, you may find that the more films you make, the truer and truer this becomes for you: you may find yourself returning to certain story lines or themes that interest you or inspire you, and that most of your films are built around these elements. In the new video essay at YouTube's Film Thought channel about Hayao Miyazaki, who showed up on several recent lists of best films of the 21st century, the essayist points out that Miyazaki’s repetition has gelled, more or less, into a formula.

Despite whatever negative connotations that word might have, Miyazaki’s "formula" for the benefit of the films. Take our playbook: NPR’s guide to building immersive storytelling projects. The Hypothesis-Driven Design process can help your team figure out how all the pieces fit together in a complex storytelling project.

Take our playbook: NPR’s guide to building immersive storytelling projects

(Deborah Lee/NPR) More than ever, news organizations want to build immersive storytelling experiences for audiences, where users can interact with visuals, audio and data — sometimes all at once. But the pace of technological change and our desire to tell stories in new and innovative ways often outstrip the capabilities of our content management systems and existing workflows. Applying Data to Story Structure. 4 rjavanshir. Elements of a Story. Storytelling Techniques: 9 Traits of a Hero - Do plot holes matter. Plot holes are one of the most-discussed film topics on the internet.

Do plot holes matter

People never grow tired of dissecting film narratives in search of logical errors that harm the authenticity of the story. Half of the time what people call plot holes aren’t actually plot holes but mere inconsistencies, or nonexistent nitpicked problems fabricated by personal reactions to a film. Other plot holes are endlessly discussed as explanations are conceived. But do they really matter? Yes and no -- many notable filmmakers feel it all depends on the severity of the plot hole, how it impacts the viewing experience, and who you're asking. If a plot hole is so glaring that it takes the viewer out of the story, breaking the suspension of disbelief and causing harm to the enjoyment of the narrative, most people would say it matters.

This speaks directly to the point -- emotions matter more than logic. Howard Hawks had similar sentiment when discussing his confusing masterpiece The Big Sleep (1946). Telling Children Stories Impacts Them Profoundly. Immersive World Goals. With both Dead Space 2 released and Dead Space 2: Severed announced I have been thinking a lot about potential side-projects for my suddenly free evenings.

Immersive World Goals

Going through the processes of defining what sort of game I would make got me thinking more about my overall design philosophy and I hope to record a few of those ideas here. Transmedia Producer. Jenkins, Henry 2006 Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide 2 This book is about the relationship between three concepts – media convergence, participatory culture, and collective intelligence.” 2f Definition-convergence “By convergence, I mean the flow of content across multiple media platforms, the cooperation between multiple media industries, and the migratory behavior of media audiences who will go almost anywhere in search of the kinds of entertainment experiences they want.

Transmedia Producer

Convergence is a word that manages to describe technological, industrial,cultural, and social changes depending on who’s speaking and what they think they are talking about.” Premise and Interactivity. I wanted to quickly reiterate that this blog is a place for me to throw out ideas, not a place where I publish my finished ideas. When I have a theory on interactive storytelling that I think is relatively finished, I’ll write a book or something. For now, I’m just going to post ideas here. Biology of Story. Connected Museums and Connected Learning. Introduction to Transmedia Storytelling - Robert Pratten. Negative Capability - Keats' Kingdom. A term used many times on this website... 'The concept of Negative Capability is the ability to contemplate the world without the desire to try and reconcile contradictory aspects or fit it into closed and rational systems.'

Screenwriting from Iowa. November 17, 2011 by Scott W. Smith “(James Cameron) gets a lot of points for being a techno-brat, but he is a very emotional storyteller.”Steven Speilberg “James Cameron has made the two biggest movies ever made, and say what you will about his dialogue or his characterizations, but every single one of his movies obviously have resonated with a HUGE audience across the world. They all back up the eye-melting spectacle on display with an emotional story, and that is absolutely no accident.”Nate Newton. Why DARPA is Researching Storytelling. 3p is proud to partner with the Presidio Graduate School’s Managerial Marketing course on a blogging series about “sustainable marketing.”

This post is part of that series. To follow along, please click here. By Allan Enemark When was the last time you heard a good story? While images of Dr. Secrets of the Engagement Pyramid. Storyworlds: Cooperation in Transmedia – how does it work? FAQ/ Startups (download pdf) Interactive “enhanced” books pose huge challenges for publishers, in terms of both production and marketing, and the publishers need competent partners in this area. That usually means working with start-ups in the games or software sectors, as very few publishers have the necessary competences in-house. Frankfurt Academy Quarterly (FAQ) has looked at some of the most prominent examples and asks, how well does the cooperation work? Badges and rewards in transmedia. On Transmedia and Education: A Conversation With Robot Heart Stories’ Jen Begeal and Inanimate Alice’s Laura Fleming.

Robot Heart Stories Case Study. On Transmedia and Education: A Conversation With Robot Heart Stories’ Jen Begeal and Inanimate Alice’s Laura Fleming. Storytelling Activities & Lesson Ideas. Storytelling Activities & Lesson Ideas This collection of storytelling activities-developed by storyteller/author Heather Forest for her storytelling workshops with students, teachers, and librarians-can be expanded by educators into language arts lesson plans to support speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Storytelling in Schools. Resources: Bibliography by Dr.

Multi Platform Storytelling : Transmedia Storytelling Resources. On Transmedia and Education: A Conversation With Robot Heart Stories’ Jen Begeal and Inanimate Alice’s Laura Fleming. On Transmedia and Education: A Conversation With Robot Heart Stories’ Jen Begeal and Inanimate Alice’s Laura Fleming. Every Platform Tells a Story: Transmedia has the power to make any topic more vivid and personal. By Peter Gutierrez When Andy Plemmons, a progressive media specialist at David C.

Barrow Elementary in Athens, GA, was asked to help create a set of interdisciplinary lessons for fifth graders to learn about September 11, 2001, he naturally took a transmedia approach. Plemmons remembers turning to TV, radio, and the Web to try to find out what was going on that day. Case Studies « TMCResourceKit. Glossary: Terms & Resources « TMCResourceKit. Teaching Transmedia with Comics: A Conversation with Tyler Weaver.

{*style:<b> </b>*} Transmedia in Schools and Libraries: Thoughts and Strategies from Tyler Weaver. 6 lessons on how to produce a transmedia experience. How to Analyze Transmedia Narratives? par Renira Gambarato sur Prezi. World Bibles and World Wikis. This is the third in a series of posts regarding shared story world design. What makes the perfect Transmedia Producer?… …and the truth about ARGs. Creating Transmedia Narratives: The Structure & Design of Stories T... Creating StoryWorlds for Transmedia Kids. “I want to create experiences that allow the audience to step into the shoes of the protagonist.” -Lance Weiler When I talk to most people in publishing and tell them I am creating character bibles & StoryWorlds for kids IP, they usually look at me kind of funny and ignore what I say or ask, “what?”

TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING RESOURCES. The Transmedia Hierarchy of Needs. Have about 22 draft posts sitting in my WordPress Post box, so a bit of catch-up in next week or two to clear some out! Outside of the talk of what ‘transmedia’ actually is, the next key topic of controversy is how can you make money from it vs spending marketing money ‘on it’ to promote a traditional product/project. Transmedia Project Reference Guide (bible) A Manifesto for Media Education. Educators need to utilise digital writing. Spécial transmédia – ressources et hyperliens. Developing a transmedia game at a history museum. Articles, Research and Resources - Transmedia Resources. 2011: Are You a Writer or Creator? TEDxTransmedia - Jeff Gomez - DAREtoCHANGE. Transmedia Storytelling.