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Low Light Photography Tips. Low light photography is something that we all must deal with as photographers.

Low Light Photography Tips

Whether you’re taking photos with a point and shoot during an evening out, shooting a wedding party or capturing a landscape at dusk it’s important to understand the basics of shooting with low light. Photography is all about light, low light photography is no different and it offers new challenges and opportunities for creativity. Here is a helpful infographic on the subject: Low Light Photography Infographic (Click for Larger Version) Additional Low Light Photography Tips: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Information provided courtesy of Snapsort and their article on Low Light Photography. Sodapop design - Part 3. Homemade Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows {Easy & Inexpensive Gift Idea} I adore the holidays and I love to give gifts…to everyone.

Homemade Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows {Easy & Inexpensive Gift Idea}

I thought I would share a gift today that could easily be put together in a crunch and given to those on your list that you simply want to show a little appreciation. It doesn’t take much to put together, but it is sure to bring a little smile to those who may not be expecting anything at all. Nothing is more comforting after a long day in the snow then soothing hot chocolate {and yummy marshmallows}; it’s a wintertime staple sure to please. If you are in a snow bound area, like myself, this is the perfect little gift to drop off to any neighbors on your ‘list’. I love to wait until the snowflakes start to fall and hand these out when my friends are outside hard at work, shoveling the aftermath.

Both the hot chocolate mix and the marshmallows can be homemade to perfection with just a couple key ingredients you may already have at home. {Hot Chocolate} Adapted from Martha Stewart for Kids {Marshmallows} Makes 40+ Large Marshmallows. Oversized Wooden Abacus. Bystephanielynn Under the Table and Dreaming 28 July 2013 The Sunday Showcase Party | No. 205 posted by Stephanie Lynn Welcome to The Sunday Showcase Party Thank you for taking the time to stop by and share your creations & ideas.

Oversized Wooden Abacus

Dee Dee Taylor Eustace | Style at Home | full boards and direct pins can be found here Just a Few Things Prior to Submitting Your Links *This Party is open to any project or idea you have made or created and would like to showcase this week. *Please do not link to Etsy shops, selling sites or to a giveaway *Please add the party button to your post {code below} or a visible link back to the party so others can be inspired to join in the fun *I love to feature projects and share them throughout the week – by submitting a link to this party you are allowing authorization for your project to be featured. I’m excited to see what you’ve been working on. Have a fabulous week ~ enjoy. Sunday Showcase Party No. 205 (Linkup closed) powered by InLinkz You may also like - Comments. More Playroom Wall Art - Inspirational & Inexpensive.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

More Playroom Wall Art - Inspirational & Inexpensive

I have got my hands in a dozen projects right now. As the seasons change and rearranging occurs I always find myself adding many projects to my to-do list. My mind moves much quicker than I can ever possibly keep up physically. At least it keeps me busy. Just wanted to share another wall art project with you all. I started with a large 36X24 blank canvas. Once the paint was completely dry I used sand paper to heavily distress the edges and random spots among the entire canvas.

I rubbed the sandpaper in one direction on the surface to create a worn wooden grain feel. Once I had a good enough distressed look, I was ready to apply my letters. Once I applied the paint to the stamp I blotted on a paper towel so the letters would not be solid and have a ‘handwritten’ look to them. I am very please with how it turned out and can’t beat the cost for a custom piece at this size. Buffet-Schrank aufarbeiten - woodworker.

Download Free Writing Fonts. We have put together our hand-picked selection of free handwriting fonts.

Download Free Writing Fonts

All these fonts are available to use with our handwritten letter application. Of course having your own handwriting in a font is first choice but these can be very useful if you need a range of styles or want something more specific to use in a design or presentation. Of course you can always use our writing converter for your font.. This fonts are sourced from different places so be sure to read the disclaimers about use. You are free to use them all for non-commercial purposes but some of them have restrictions for commercial use. DIY: Decoupage. Don't you guys love Pinterest?

DIY: Decoupage

That's where I found this idea. Here's a great way to save some money on your craft addictions; make you own Decoupage! And it really works plus it's easy to do. You need.... A jar Elmers Glue Water Empty the glue into a jar. Add Water. Shake shake shake And you are done!! I know it works because i used it to paste this paper label onto the jar :) It could make a great gift for your crafting buddies Do you have QUESTIONS about this? Recycling Candles. I got lucky this year.

Recycling Candles

My sister-in-law gave me a Scentsy candle warmer for Christmas. (I didn't even know what a Scentsy candle warmer was until November, but that's beside the point.) I was/am super excited! But at the same time, I was a little sad because Scentsy doesn't have my all-time favorite candle sent: Grapefruit Vanilla. And what was I supposed to do with my precious candle? Umm. First, I melted it down using a candle warmer. Then I poured it into an ice cube tray, and set it in the freezer for about 20 minutes for it to harden. I got excited, and did the same to every candle in the house! ***ETA: Apparently, I've upset some people. For the record, I am a Scentsy customer.

Also, for those of you who own other warmers or (taking the above into consideration) still want to try this trick, I haven't had any issues with the couple of Salt City candles I "converted. " They're Ready For Their Closeups. I'm happy to report, that my photo booth wall is done, baby.

They're Ready For Their Closeups.

And my crotch of a stairwell? Looking a lot less crotch-y. So, do ya wanna know how I did mine? Crappily. Oh. Well, I'll tell you anyways. Spray adhesive. Yep-- I ordered 8x12's from Costco (about $1, by the by-- I could have gotten them cheaper on the interwebs if I didn't always have ants in my pants and didn't have to have them now! Plywood is again here to save the day--I ripped some scraps to one inch larger than my photos. Spray adheseeeve and then some thin and purty trim on the sides and between each photo secured by my trusty nailgun and shortest nails possible, and we are ready to rock. I didn't even 45 my trim. Allow me to share my secret, crabby-patty formula on how to properly space your photo booth wall as they ascend the stairs: Finding the trajectory of my chair molding, I measured 8 inches above and drew a parallel line.

Sorry. And then, I still got it wrong. And then I just screw it all and put them up all wrong. Bubble Chandelier DIY ~ Frou Frou Fashionista - Luxury Lingerie Blog. At long last we are excited to share the process of how we created the Champagne Bubbles "Frou Frou Chandelier" for our boutique (aka Bubble Chandelier for those of you who want a simpler name for it)!

Bubble Chandelier DIY ~ Frou Frou Fashionista - Luxury Lingerie Blog

Instead of paying $3,000-$7,000 for a chandelier, we thought it would be much more rewarding to create our own for just a few hundred dollars. This is a step-by-step guide for how we made the chandelier you see at Faire Frou Frou. Our chandelier measures 2'x4' which we needed to make large enough to make a statement in our boutique. Of course you can create any size or shape that you wish. Supplies: 2'x4' white wire grid panel (though you can do any shape or size) (about $15-$23)CB2 Bubble Balls (50 small & 40 large) ($1.95 ea small, $3.95 ea large)Silver Christmas ball ornaments (80 small, 80 medium)Fishing line (we bought high knot strength /30 lb.) $3One spool of sterling silver wire (20-22 gauge).

See the little silver toggles on the table? Fastening the fishing line to the wire grid. Recreate... For 2012: Make a Memory Jar. Friday, January 4, 2013 This idea was so popular last year that I’m reposting it again!

For 2012: Make a Memory Jar

Happy New Year everyone! ~Jaden I always say that time goes by too fast. Every. single. year. Of course, all the big memories are never forgotten, but it’s the little joys, the teensy things that tend to get forgotten. We keep this vintage pale blue canning jar on the kitchen counter with a stack of colorful paper and a marker. Next year, a new jar to begin again — and the best part is we can bring out past jars anytime to remember the little things that shaped our lives. A memory jar is more fun than a journal – as anyone in the family can contribute to it. Inside the jar, we also keep little silver trinkets and charms.

The charms are indeed magical – and I encourage my kids to give them to a friend or stranger who could use a bit of magic. If you’d like to create a memory jar, here’s what I used: Vintage mason jar – quart size: you can find these on eBay or Etsy. From Cartelle $28: From Design Sponge: Home. Floral Pillows with Ultrasuede Petals - Martha Stewart Good Things. Organizing Measuring Cups and Spoons.