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10 Simple Coding Tips for Bloggers by @TeacherToolkit@TeacherToolkit. This is a blog about simple coding techniques to use in your articles to help drive a wider audience to your website. I’ve been using the following technique for the past 12 months. I actually came across this technique following a YouTube video posted by Canadian-born, Lilly Singh; who goes by the Twitter handle @iiSuperwomanii.

She is a self-made blogger who has generated over 5 million subscribers. I have blogged about Singh here after watching one of her popular videos on Types of Teachers. In this blog, I teach you how you can learn a fairly simple, yet sophisticated technique to drive more audience to each and every individual blogpost. This blog explains how it works and asks you, the reader to click and play around with the coding before walking you through the stages so that you can implement this for yourself.

If I can, then so can you … Step 1: Firstly, make sure you are logged onto Twitter and then click the following image to see what happens. Image: Codebusters Step 2: Step 3: Learn. Coding for the Common Core – Apps for Integrating Coding With Math and ELA. Image Source Dr. Leslie Suters is a faculty member in the College of Education’s Curriculum & Instruction Department at Tennessee Tech University.

She will present the session “Coding for the Core: Using the iPad to Develop Computational Thinking and Mathematical Practices” at the 2015 Teaching and Learning with the iPad Conference this November in Raleigh, NC. By 2018 there is an expected shortage of 230,000 STEM workers with more than 70 percent of those being in Computer Science. Teachers at the elementary and middle school level are beginning to hear about the need to start preparing children for computer science; however, they are compelled to focus on math and literacy in their classrooms. Fortunately there are a number of coding and robotics tools that can be integrated with Common Core English Language Arts & mathematical content and practices. Check out these different tools and apps that focus on coding, ELA, and mathematics.

Lego® Mindstorms® EV3 Robot Free Apps for Ozobot Sphero.