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   Harry/Draco Slash Fanfiction Fanlisting. Life & Death of Worlds Through Words ~ Irana Darkling... - Veela Fic List. Hpficmasterlist: HARRY POTTER - DRACO MALFOY. Hp_hardcore - Community Profile. Severus felt Sirius's body shudder and then only the competing rhythms of his ragged breathing and pounding heart. "Bet you liked that, didn't you? " asked Sirius, withdrawing the knife.When he got no response, he pressed the blade back against the soft tissue of Severus's throat. "You liked it, didn't you?

"Severus nodded. "You fuckin' poof, you make me sick. " HP_Hardcore: putting the 'slash' back in slash fics. Hello. Thanks to all the strangers that have borrowed and, in some cases, directly quoted our custom-made community information and interests for their own communities! If you would like more information on what this community is about, click here.To find out how to review a story for hp_hardcore, click here.Take the official hp_hardcore quiz here.Get your official hp_hardcore Hardcore Valentines here. This community is maintained and aroused by djseverus_snape and pottermemoirs. Please visit these other. Ruby tuesday - Typically for me, I felt a little tired of fandom recently, so I decided to embark on a huge, over-ambitious project involving it.

ruby tuesday -

Here is my attempt at making some kind of linking system to HP character and pairing resources. I've excluded the 'big' ships: Harry/Ginny, Harry/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ron, Harry/Luna, Harry/Snape, Snape/Hermione, Remus/Sirius, Remus/Tonks, Draco/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, Draco/Harry, Harry/Neville, Snape/Sirius, Lily/Snape, Snape/Remus and Lily/Remus. Whatever else is absent is down to either personal taste or accident, but I've made an attempt to list as many as possible. I got most of them from the list at FAP. I've also left out any livejournal communities that are empty, with few entries or abandoned; or that are general reccing journals or the writing of only one author. Please let me know if this is at all useful to anyone. Character specific communities: Coffee and Chocolate: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction Recs Site.

Themed lists : painless_j. Themed lists compiled by others : painless_j. Posted on March 3, 2008Filed Under HP themed lists | A fair warning: I’ve been out of HP fandom for quite a while by now.

Themed lists compiled by others : painless_j

As I read HP fiction nearly not at all nowadays, please don’t expect these listings of mine to be kept up to date. If you report a broken link or suggest a new addition, I might fix/add it… in half a year. So please don’t use these lists as a proper gateway but rather as a general guidance for what look in other places if you find a dead end here. For new stuff, check comments. A couple of words first Please, don’t ask me to re-make some of these lists because I’d “do it better.” I don’t know whether they are updated regularly or not and which of them are. All these lists have different structures, but usually the compilers explain their rules. NB: List of Lists, compiled by s8219: a large collection of links to themed and pairing lists. Harry Abuse. HomeCommunityBooksHarry Potter Harry Abuse Harry Abuse Little One by hyper active pixiereviews Severus and Lily made up before the Potters died.Positive that Harry is being pampered more then his Godson Draco Malfoy, Severus doesnt look into it.But something Dumbledore says at an Order meeting gets to Severus...he just has to be sure he's not right.

Harry Abuse

Harry is messed up. HomeCommunityBooksHarry Potter Harry is messed up Harry is messed up Harry Potter: Chosen One by Ravenclaw-Girl28reviews Harry and Hayden are twins.

Harry is messed up

Hayden is presumed to be the BWL while Harry is forgotten. Harry lives with the Dursleys, Hayden lives with his parents. Ickle Harry Gets A Taste Of Pain. HomeCommunityBooksHarry Potter Homosexual Harry ;) Homosexual Harry ;) Their Verdict of Vagaries by Angstierreviews • "All who fall under your gaze become accused of a silent crime… and I am yet to understand why.

Ickle Harry Gets A Taste Of Pain

" -Riddle. Gray! A Bit of Everything. HomeCommunityBooksHarry Potter A Bit of Everything A Bit of Everything A Brother Divided by Indie-Modreviews Harry Potter.

A Bit of Everything

Neville Longbottom. Violet Potter. Twin. Mad Martha's Library. List of Lists. All Public Lists. REC & THEMED MASTER LISTS. Harry Potter Communities.