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FPV-France • Afficher le sujet - Le C250 en Fibre de carbone chinois pour moins de 23€ !!! Petite présentation du châssis chinois que l'on trouve a moins de 30€ sur le net avec les FDP compris ! Il est vendu comme étant en fibre de carbone mais je pense que c'est de la fibre de verre avec le tramage fibre de carbone à l'intérieur. Un illusion d'optique ou ombre chinoise D'ailleurs vous pourrez le trouver sur le net avec plusieurs noms ...QAV250, C250, MH250 etc Le châssis semble très robuste néanmoins j'ai été confronté à des problèmes de qualités importants au niveau des différents trous !

Du coup j'ai passé 1h a refaire certain trou pour mes moteurs ... (oui je n'ai pas encore de drémelle). Passer ces petits problèmes, ce châssis fait super bien son taff ! Par contre, il me semble assez petit et je pense qu'il va etre difficile d'insérer le matériel FPV dedans. Voici le châssis a poil : Le châssis monté vue de coté : Le châssis de dessus : Sans la mobius et la batterie, ce mini H du pauvre pèse 325gr. Drone: Production. Comment construire un quadcopter? RemzibiOSD. To get OSD please write me email (exchange # to @) This web side is place to collect most actual descriptions , software , firmwares , hardware problems , tricks and tips for remzibiOSD project .

Basically remzibi OSD is an electronic device able to add some configurable on-screen information to camera picture . Device was designed for RC flying crafts , however possible use in any other devices like boats or cars . The idea, hardware design and micro controller program was wrote by me, nickname remzibi (Poland) . GUI (Graphical User Interface) configuration program for PC was wrote by Paul, nickname HappyKillMore (USA) . A funny thing is, that we never meet each other in real, all cooperation was made by internet - what simply prove how amazing times we live.

I need to say sorry for my English as is not my native language, fortunate Google Chrome helps a lot, to at least keep good spelling . The main discussion in English is here at rcgroups : Arducam-osd - Arduino based Camera Control and OSD for UAVs. The most reliable RC Calculators on the Web for electric Motors.


Pocket Quad V1.1 Ultra-Micro DSM2 MultiWii Quadcopter (PNF) <div class="noscript"> JavaScript is turned off in your web browser. Turn it on to take full advantage of this site, then refresh the page. </div> Globalwarehouse Page 1 of 1 Bargain Bin BESTOFFER! Mw-wingui - Windows GUI for MultiWii. MultiWii WinGUI is a .NET based configuration and GCS interface for the famous MultiWii multicopter controller software. It does not intend to replace the original MultiWiiConf utility, but trying to offer a richer user experience by sacrificing multi platform capabilities. You find the install files at The WinGUI needs .NET2.0 and .NET4 frameworks, plus a VSC++2008 runtime to run correctly (Aforge video libs are for .net2.0, and FFMPG library is using VSC runtime) On an average Win7 installation these components are already installed.

If not, you can find the installers at the downloads section on googlecode. If you don’t trust those downloads then you can get the components from the following links : Visual C++ 2008 redistributable library .NET framework 2.0 Well, this is how artificial horizons are working. HobbyKing Pocket Quad Ultra-Micro DSM2 MultiWii Quadcopter. Procédure pour débutant (comme moi). Merci à toute personne qui apportera des modifications à cette procédure pour que tout le monde puissent utiliser le HobbyKing Pocket Quad Ultra-Micro DSM2 MultiWii Quadcopter. 1- Charger les programme suivant : ARDUINO : ( j’ai installé la version Arduino 1.5.2) MULTIWII GUI : (j’ai installé la version MultiWii release 2.2) Le programme de CESCO MultiWii_2_2_pocket 8khz : 2- Installer les drivers USB pour ARDUINO LEONARDO.

Deziper le Logiciel ARDUINO. 3- Installer le logiciel MultiWii_2_2_pocket 8khz de CESCO dans votre MultiWii_2_2_pocket 8khz. 4- BIND du satellite DSM2. 5- Monter l’ensemble des composants de votre MultiWii Quadcopter. Mon fichier de programmation de DX8 mode 2 : 7- Branchement du MultiWii Quadcopter sur l’interface MULTIWII GUI. 8- Premier vol. H4 Copter Multi-Rotor Quadcopter Frame 470mm. The Hobbyking H4 Copter offers the ideal aerial video platform thanks to its innovative design. Traditional quadcopters tend to obstruct the view of cameras with the frame arms. The H4 eliminates this problem by positioning the arms perpendicular to the main frame in an "H" shape.

This offers maximum field of view for your camera. The H4 is constructed from lightweight yet rigid glass fiber and aluminium. It features raised mounting plates great for electronics placement, as well as alloy landing skids giving the frame adequate ground clearance. The glass fiber motor mounts will accomodate a wide range of motor sizes (16~25mm motor mount bolt holes). The arms of this model conveniently fold in to the sides, a great feature for transport and storage. We offer a full line of multi-rotor electronics such as multi-rotor control board, ESC, motors and more, so it has never been easier or more affordable to get a quad in the air!

X-4 FPV Fiberglass Quadcopter Frame 485mm. Just when you thought that all multi-rotor frames looked the same...the X-4 FPV appeared on the scene and is breaking all the rules! Featuring fiberglass construction with ply reinforcement, the X-4 is super rigid yet lightweight. Its high gloss paint job is impressive to look at making it really stand out in the air.

This is the first purpose built fiberglass FPV multi-rotor frame on the market today and is very unique. It features a very large internal canopy space allowing for mounting of all your electronic components including your FPV system. It even provides mounting grooves for LED light strips on the bottom of the arms making it perfect to setup for night flying as well! The unique fiberglass body design is beautifully finished and fully enclosed. It even includes top and bottom motor covers to hide all of the wires making for a super sleek and futuristic look. The X-4 arrives mostly pre-built and with all necessary hardware.