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Fashion’s Fourth Industrial Revolution. Can New Technologies Thwart Counterfeiters? LONDON, United Kingdom — Earlier this month, Jack Ma, chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, made headlines when he declared that counterfeiters can “make better quality, better prices than the real product.”

Can New Technologies Thwart Counterfeiters?

Ma’s comment, made to investors at a company meeting, came during an ongoing dispute over Alibaba’s induction into the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC). After Alibaba joined in April, IACC members Michael Kors, Gucci America and Tiffany & Co. all quit the US-based lobbying group in protest over the sale of counterfeit goods on Alibaba and its affiliate sites.

7 Lessons For Retail in the Age of E-Commerce. Decoding Amazon's Fashion Ambitions. NEW YORK, United States — In 2012, Amazon debuted its first fashion advertisement.

Decoding Amazon's Fashion Ambitions

It was reminiscent of an American Vogue spread and featured a dolled up Chanel Iman in a taut, alert pose. Printed across her shins was the phrase “Smart is Beautiful,” a tagline still employed by the glossiest division of the e-commerce and cloud computing giant, which generated combined revenues of $107 billion in 2015. Over the past five years, Amazon has made a series of moves aimed at the fashion market that go far beyond print advertising.

Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos has long seen a presence in the fashion industry as critical to the company’s long-term ambition to surpass $200 billion in sales. Online-Only Asos Shines, Brexit Bad For Fashion. "Asos Outshines High-Street Rivals as Online-Only Model Bears Fruit" (The Financial Times) "The Aim-quoted online retailer is enjoying sales growth that its high-street rivals could not even dream of.

Online-Only Asos Shines, Brexit Bad For Fashion

" "Brexit: What Does It Mean for Online Retailers? " (The Guardian) "With currency fluctuations and the potential burden of tariffs and taxes, e-tailers worry that leaving the EU will come at an almighty cost. " "Using an Algorithm to Figure Out What Luxury Customers Really Want" (Harvard Business Review) "The enormous volume of data collected from mystery shoppers, online reviews, social media, blogs, and ratings agencies about customer preferences and experiences has become too overwhelming for any business to assess. " Death of Apple’s $17,000 Gold Watch Leaves Swiss Rivals Smiling. SAN FRANCISCO, United States — While Apple fans obsessed over the lack of a headphone jack in the company’s latest iPhone, its updated smartwatch also had a notable omission: over-the-top bling.

Death of Apple’s $17,000 Gold Watch Leaves Swiss Rivals Smiling

Apple’s “Series 2” watch line, unveiled Wednesday in San Francisco, includes models with leather bands made by French handbag maker Hermès. But Apple scrapped the 18-karat gold version worn by the likes of Beyonce that sold for as much as $17,000, replacing it with a ceramic piece that starts at $1,249. It is also collaborating with Nike Inc. on a co-branded timepiece aimed at runners. Littlewoods boss says mobile 'is where the action is' Image copyright Littlewoods Freed from "the shackles of the catalogue", Littlewoods has benefitted from the move to online shopping and in particular on mobile phones.

Littlewoods boss says mobile 'is where the action is'

The company's owner, Shop Direct, which also owns fashion website, has reported record profits. It estimates that its customers - usually female - spend about four hours a day on their phones. Chief executive Alex Baldock said smartphones are "where the action is for online". Shop Direct is focusing much of its energy on its fashion brand Very, which targets the "female striver and aspirer, aged 25 to 45", many of whom shop online. Given the stiff competition in this market, the company "effectively has a three second audition to stop her thumb from scrolling on", Mr Baldock told the BBC.

Click. Buy. Done. These 'M Commerce' Statistics Show That Smartphone Shopping is Viral. Just ten years ago, if someone had tried to sell you on the “mobile shopping experience,” it would have likely resulted in a bit of laughter and disbelief.

Click. Buy. Done. These 'M Commerce' Statistics Show That Smartphone Shopping is Viral

But today, the ecommerce industry caters to smartphone shoppers. In fact, mobile commerce (also referred to as “m commerce”) has become a staple to this industry. Search engine giant Google has even created an algorithm that penalizes sites that are not mobile-friendly to users, an event that was referred to by many as “Mobilegeddon.” Yep, it’s true, 4G LTE powers a great deal of the online shopping experience these days. According to a Marketingland report, nearly 55% of all web traffic that streams into the top sites comes from smartphone handsets. Smartphone Shopping is Trendy More than 1.2 billion people use their smartphone to access the internet daily, according to a Trinity Digital Marketing publication.

Fashion Needs a More Robust Approach to Technology Education. LONDON, United Kingdom — Fashion has undergone a rapid transformation over the past decade, with companies evolving their business models to meet the fast-pace of the digital world by changing runway to retail cycles, strengthening e-commerce offerings and dedicating entire teams to social media in a bid to keep pace with ever-changing consumer values.

Fashion Needs a More Robust Approach to Technology Education

A large part of this transformation can be attributed to the advancements in technology, which have helped push through some of the most significant changes in the fashion industry, redefining the way brands communicate and connect with customers, forcing fashion companies to rethink the format and purpose of their runway shows and restructure how they sell their collections. Indeed, one of the biggest changes to the industry was announced earlier this year by British luxury brand Burberry, which revealed its ambitious plans to sell its collections both online and in-stores as soon as its runway show ends this September. Design Courses. The Rise of Indie Fast Fashion.

NEW YORK, United States — The rise of fast fashion has been nothing short of meteoric.

The Rise of Indie Fast Fashion

Over the last decade, giants like Zara and H&M have conquered large parts of the market thanks to a powerful mix of runway-inspired product, cut-rate prices and large store networks.