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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence Unleashed - Free Download eBook - pdf. What to Do Before You Become a SharePoint Developer. By Wendy Neal | Oct 7, 2014 FILED UNDER: Social Business.

What to Do Before You Become a SharePoint Developer

So… You STILL Want to Be a SharePoint Developer? I wrote my very first blog post ever in December of 2008 with the question: So!

So… You STILL Want to Be a SharePoint Developer?

You think you want to be a SharePoint Developer???? And wow has a lot changed since then in the world of SharePoint development! Sandbox Solutions (introduced and now deprecated in some respects), the App Model, Office 365, Workflow Manager, Service Applications (does anyone still try to write these?) , the loss of design view in SPD, REST, CSOM, the recent demise of InfoPath (still giggling like a school girl), and the new introduction of OSLO and the new Office 365 APIs AND I’m sure I missed several important items!

Stop the madness! Office 365 / SharePoint Online Public Facing Websites - A Path Forward - Eric Overfield. I recently penned an article for SPTechCon commenting on Microsoft ending public facing sites for SharePoint Online and Office 365 (SPO/O365).

Office 365 / SharePoint Online Public Facing Websites - A Path Forward - Eric Overfield

At the time I wrote the article Microsoft had recommended 3rd party solution, yet had not endorsed any specific replacement solution. Two days after my article Microsoft endorsed two 3rd party vendors. Microsoft and Wix partner to bring simple website development to Office 365. Microsoft announced that it has teamed up with

Microsoft and Wix partner to bring simple website development to Office 365

Wix will be integrated with Office 365, and customers will be able to select Wix as a web-hosting provider — or just use Wix to build a website to be hosted with Microsoft. Natalie Gagliordi pointed out that the Wix fills a web development void that was created when Microsoft shut down the Public Website feature of SharePoint. Microsoft didn't feel the service was getting enough use to warrant continued investment and support.

Apparently, there is enough demand, however, that Microsoft felt it necessary to partner with a third-party to provide that service for Office 365 customers. What is Wix? Good question. Sharepoint Public Website End of Life - Affirma Consulting. Microsoft announced the deprecation of SharePoint Online Public Website feature as of January.

Sharepoint Public Website End of Life - Affirma Consulting

Microsoft has stated that existing customers will be able to continue using the feature for at least 2 years. In the meantime, customers using Sharepoint Online (O365) to host their public website will need to consider migration options. However, the challenges of making the switch without interfering with workflow, business to consumer interactions, and how to migrate content, data, and design appropriately to a third party provider are some of the major concerns that customers are grappling with. 30 Awesome SharePoint-powered Sites. Occasionally, people hear that I’m involved with SharePoint, and usually I get few basic questions about it.

30 Awesome SharePoint-powered Sites

Frequently, they just want some branding examples, so they can see what it looks like. Sometimes after branding question next question will concern the usage of SharePoint in the enterprise world. And one thing I often hear is something like, it just does document repository, if I have a business site, I would want other platform? It is true that SharePoint is used primarily as document repository but in reality, SharePoint is THE best CMS tool for managing a business site. When I tell people this, they often ask me for some examples of websites using SharePoint.

So, I ended up creating this awesome list of SharePoint-based websites that really stand out. SharePoint Designer and Developer Position Descriptions. I can't tell you how many resumes I've read and interviews I've performed in the name of finding a quality SharePoint developer.

SharePoint Designer and Developer Position Descriptions

After seeing my customer painstakingly struggle thru this same process, I finally decided to put together a couple short blurbs to cover what it is to be a SharePoint designer and a SharePoint developer. I lump administration and design/customization together because I honestly believe you can't have one without the other -- at least to some extent -- but I'm obviously looking more for the latter than the former. Let me just say that, if I was building up a team to build SharePoint solutions, I'd want at least one of each of these types. Obviously, you'll want someone more focused on administration, if you're also doing operations work, but I'm more focused on building solutions than hostings.

LightSwitch Help Website > Blog - How To Get Visual Studio LightSwitch For Free. SharePoint Apps with LightSwitch - Free Download eBook - pdf. Introducing SharePoint Designer 2010 - SharePoint Designer. Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 is a Web and application design program used to build and customize SharePoint sites and applications.

Introducing SharePoint Designer 2010 - SharePoint Designer

With SharePoint Designer 2010, you can create data-rich pages, build powerful workflow-enabled solutions, and design the look and feel of your site. The sites you create may range from small project management sites to dashboard-driven portal solutions for the enterprise. SharePoint Designer 2010 delivers a unique site authoring experience by providing one place where you can create a site; customize the components that make up the site; design the logic of the site around a business process; and deploy the site as a packaged solution. You can do all this without writing a line of code. In the following sections, you’ll learn about SharePoint Designer 2010 and how you can get started using it in your organization. SharePoint Apps in Minutes. Building a database-driven application for SharePoint is not an easy or headache-free task and requires a very deep understanding of SharePoint technology.

SharePoint Apps in Minutes

Here is an interesting product coming from Iron Speed, a leader in enterprise-class application generation, that helps you circumvent this obstacle. Iron Speed Designer generates relational database applications and reporting applications for SharePoint. Just point to an existing database and let Iron Speed Designer generate a visually stunning, feature-rich, database-driven Web 2.0 application that is simple to customize and ready to deploy.

By quickly creating database-driven applications for SharePoint, Iron Speed Designer reduces significantly the number of hours spent in the production of such applications, helping technology departments generate SharePoint application (pages, code and SQL DBs) in just minutes, without programming skills. How to learn SharePoint (for beginners) A question that has come up many times on the and also on the SharePoint Community LinkedIn Group is around getting access to decent resources to help learn SharePoint.

How to learn SharePoint (for beginners)

This post will attempt to point you in the right direction. Learning from SP24, SPBiz and Collab365 Conference We recently delivered a free virtual SharePoint Conference called SP24 to over 7500 attendees. Now that it's all complete all 98 sessions are available on demand. Learning - How can I learn the basics of SharePoint 2013 in a few days? Is Microsoft Sharepoint hard to learn? Or is it easy enough to learn that I could learn it in a couple of weeks for a job? I am filling out an application for a job that fits my profile really well. A large part of the job looks like it will involve data management, which actually sounds great to me. This is not high-level data management, of course.

I don't do programming or real database design. However, a large part of what I did for my previous job included working with and eventually learning to make some kind of complex updates to the design of a Microsoft Access database.