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Get Reliable Services of Famous Charleston DUI Lawyer. Popular Charleston Personal Injury Lawyer. Hire Trusted Charleston Divorce Lawyer. Famous Charleston Divorce Lawyer. Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney Charleston, SC. Specialist Charleston Personal Injury Lawyers. Yourfoundationexperts. Public Yourfoundationexperts created using Create your own infographic template published by emilyjames18 Views.


Reporting Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect in South Carolina. As a nursing home abuse lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina, I’ve dealt with some heartbreaking cases involving abuse and neglect of the elderly and disabled.

Reporting Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect in South Carolina

Unfortunately, incidents of nursing home abuse and neglect occur far too often in South Carolina and the Charleston area including a woman who was found dead in a James Island marsh after she wandered off from an adult assisted living facility in May 2016. Two months later, another woman, Bonnie Walker, was found dead in a retention pond after being reported missing from Brookdale Senior Living Center in Charleston. Hire DUI Lawyer in Charleston to Get Relief.

As DUI defense attorneys in Charleston, we frequently get questions from lawyers in other states when a South Carolina resident gets a DUI in another state.

Hire DUI Lawyer in Charleston to Get Relief

They want to know what will happen to the person’s driver’s license in South Carolina because that is usually more important than what the person’s home state does before agreeing to a plea deal. In this article, we examine the laws and the procedures for South Carolina drivers who get a DUI in another state. Criminal Defense Attorney Charleston SC. Bond Court – After you are arrested, fingerprinted, and jailed, you’ll appear before a magistrate judge in bond court.

Criminal Defense Attorney Charleston SC

In Charleston, this is done by video conference. You have a right to an attorney during your bond hearing. Personal Injury Lawyer Charleston, SC - Futeral & Nelson. DUI Attorney Charleston SC. If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Charleston, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, or the surrounding areas, you’re probably worried about your license, your job or school, and your future.

DUI Attorney Charleston SC

Let a Charleston DUI attorney from Futeral & Nelson help you get back on the road. Stephan Futeral and Thomas Nelson have over 30 years of combined experience defending folks who’ve been arrested for DUI. Meet with a top-rated Charleston DUI defense attorney from Futeral & Nelson for FREE and find out why we’re the right defense team for you. Facing a DUI is expensive enough without being charged a fortune for your defense.

Hiring a DUI attorney from Futeral & Nelson is more affordable than you might think. Charleston Family Law Attorney, Divorce Lawyer & Criminal Lawyer.