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Inside Fashion’s Instagram Wars | Intelligence, Fashion-Tech. NEW YORK, United States — Throughout the year, Proenza Schouler designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez and their team use Instagram to communicate with more than 342,000 followers, posting images that represent the world of the brand. But as fashion week kicks off, the Proenza boys, as they are known in the industry, are upping their game. For Spring 2016, the designers have partnered with reportage and portraiture photographer Landon Nordeman to capture and convey the brand’s take on the season with a total of five images posted over five days. “This project explores different elements of our design process: everything from more abstract inspiration and research, to sketching and sample making in our atelier,” Hernandez says. “It is a more intimate look,” McCollough continues.

Proenza Schouler Instagram image | Photo: Landon Nordeman) Hernandez calls Instagram the “perfect platform for innovative storytelling.” Instagram has become the water cooler of the fashion community. How 'smart fashion' could transform the mobile workforce. The future of wearables could be in 'smart clothes' that blend fashion with tech Picture this: A customer service representative is helping an irate customer on the phone and becoming flustered and frustrated.

Rather than hearing about the incident after the interaction has escalated, customer service managers are able to step in and offer assistance because they have access to the rep’s vital signs and health signals. Or, imagine one of your fleet drivers becoming tired and falling asleep at the wheel and a fleet manager having the ability to talk him through getting to a rest area safely, thanks to having access to his health signals. All of this, and more, is possible, thanks to wearable technology and smart clothes. The rise of wearable rechnology Wearable technology is nothing new, but its applications to the enterprise and customer service are just now being realised in a major way. As reported for RealBusiness by Shane Schutte, lead researcher Dr.

Smart clothes as a tool for business. Ralph Lauren Unveils PoloTech Smart Shirt. Instagram Now Used to Predict Fashion Models' Popularity. #FASHTAG: Fashion walks on new runway as it embraces modern technology. By Radhika Bhalla Published: 22:25 GMT, 3 September 2015 | Updated: 22:25 GMT, 3 September 2015 By now most people in the fashion industry are familiar with the somewhat new (but very apt) adage — ‘if it’s up on Instagram, it’s legit’. Fine, I made that one up, but only if you’re living under a rock would you be fairly clueless about the force that the photo-sharing app has become on the style scene.

It’s the hippest news-feed in the digital space, with emojis and hashtags for every alternate word, and one of the best sources of up-to-date coverage for fashion events. This model from Rohit Bal's show had the look shared on social networking Aditi Rao Hydari for Ritu Kumar and Ujjwala Raut for Monisha Jaising are popular online Complete with sound and video recording in real-time, and you can forget newspapers, magazines and even Google news — the action is taking place in a different space altogether. Nargis Fakhri from MUsaba Gupta's online show, and Lisa Haydon for Swati Vijaivargie right. unites fashion and tech for $8m investment. Online personal styling service for men has completed an $8m Series A funding round backed by big name investors spanning the fashion and technology industries.

Thread’s portfolio of investors include Demis Hassabis and Mustafa Suleyman, the co-founders of Google-owned DeepMind, an artificial intelligence startup which the search giant acquired for over £400m in 2014. Other backers include Andrew Jennings, former president of Saks Fifth Avenue, Sebastian Picardo, chief retail officer at Lane Crawford, and Maurice Helfgott, former board director at M&S.

The funds will be used to grow Thread’s fast-expanding customer base, which now stands at over 200,000 men in the UK. The funding sees Terry Betts, part of the founding team at Mr. Betts will be expanding Thread’s industry partnerships, which already include leading fashion retailers such as Liberty, Harvey Nichols and Urban Outfitters, and brands such as Sunspel, Hardy Amies, Richard James, YMC, Folk, Oliver Spencer and Jigsaw.

Burberry turns to Snapchat before runway to debut London Fashion Week show. The first look at Burberry’s latest collection won’t be seen on the runway. Instead, the fashions will be previewed on Snapchat in what the designer is calling “the first ever" Snapchat fashion show. The luxury brand famous for its trench coats will give fans an inside look at its newest styles on its Snapchat account Saturday. The next day, Snapchat plans to feature clips from Burberry’s London Fashion Week runway show in the app’s “Stories” section. It’s a big play for Burberry to get the young adults and teenagers who dominate Snapchat to interact more with the brand. Snapchat has had a big digital presence during this week’s New York Fashion Week.

The National Football League, Univision and Live Nation have also struck agreements with Snapchat to help promote their events. Burberry’s announcement included a rare statement from Snapchat Chief Executive Evan Spiegel, whose style preference is usually fashionable kicks, black jeans and a V-neck shirt. Burberry turns to Snapchat before runway to debut London Fashion Week show.

Wearable technology for fashion-conscious. With the volatile stock market news continuing to keep investors on edge, members of the sophisticated set are putting their money in handbags. Literally. Along with their lipstick, handkerchiefs and cell phones. Fashionistas have been investing in high-dollar bags for years. But New York-based designer Diana Broussard is taking “the look” to a new level. Her handbags play classical music by composer David Lang. And they feature LCD screens that can be customized with videos to suit the wearers. Other wearable technology is more practical. Ralph Lauren designed a “smart” shirt that customizes a workout for men based on information embedded sensors provide on their vital signs. Smart watches and smart glasses are fonts of information, and other handbags are designed to charge smartphones. But a handbag that provides soothing music might be just the ticket to calm investors until the stock market settles down. TV Review: Fashionable ‘Tool Time' meets tech couture in 'Project Runway' - The Post: Blogs.

The designers got a little home improvement crazy with protective goggles and hammers galore, but the outcome was pretty remarkable.... Fashion and technology merge to improve consumer experience | euronews, hi-tech. With the Internet revolutionising the way we shop, customers are increasingly avoiding dressing rooms, opting instead for the comfort of online shopping that usually offers liberal return policies. In a bid to entice customers back, some shops have been testing various amenities including so-called intelligent dressing rooms that allow users to “try on” different items without having to actually change clothes. Going one step further, the recent Fashion Tech in Tel Aviv aimed at bringing together the worlds of fashion and technology to see how the two can work together. Yael Kochman is the organiser of the event: “With technology you can change the way that people consume fashion, whether it’s online or in store, in real life, you can also do an omni-channel experience and combine the online and the offline together, and those startups really take it to the next level,” she said.

But the true answer to customers’ desires could lie with with 3D printers. New York Fashion Week springs forward with drones and other haute tech. The drones at New York Fashion Week weren't exhausted fashion editors or undernourished models. Hovering overhead, the miniature aircraft carried cameras to film the shows of designers such as Cynthia Rowley and Rebecca Minkoff. They're not the only way cutting-edge technology is interfacing with fashion. Here are five brands that are celebrating its capabilities on the spring-summer 2016 runways. Rebecca Minkoff: With Marianne Faithfull as a muse and Intel drones as her witness, Rebecca Minkoff's show in New York crossed the miniskirts and mod jewelry of London in the 1960s with tech-cessories meant for millennials. Minkoff collaborated with Case-Mate on small leather goods that included a wristlet folio with built-in charging capability and a collection of Apple Watch bands — available now, ahead of French brand Hermes' options that debut in October.

The embrace of Periscope coincides with Ralph Lauren's debut of a PoloTech wearable-technology smartshirt. Can Fashion and Technology Coexist Without Any Stunts? The worlds of fashion and technology are coming closer and closer together. While technology companies have paid a lot of attention to industrial design in recent times, the use of technology in fashion, and fashion in technology, is still developing. Apple tied up with Hermes, a French luxury house for its latest Apple Watch and French luxury goods maker Dior was taking its admirers backstage with a virtual reality set, Dior Eyes.

Apple's Sir Jonathan Ive made it to Vanity Fair's annual best dressed list and Ralph Lauren launched a biometric t-shirt stuffed with an accelerometer, gyroscope, and a heartbeat monitor. Of course, there were some spectators who were in denial until recently. Luxury analog watch companies were saying that they weren't threatened by "clunky" smartwatches creeping in. "Well, they seem to be okay with spending money on a wine bottle that costs half the price of a smartwatch and lasts an evening. A bridge too far? The Chromat-Intel Tech Sports Bra That Stops Boob Sweat.

Forbes Welcome. This London Fashion Week, We're Uniting the Realms of Fashion and Technology | Henry Holland. I cannot believe it is almost that time of the year again - London Fashion Week. With just four days to go until the big night - Saturday 19 September, when friends, family and the media will gather to support my spring summer collection - the office is beyond crazy. Everything kind of builds to a grand crescendo as we frantically get every item of clothing finished to perfection, keeping everything and everyone involved in check. Little sleep, early starts, and lots of caffeine. So much more goes into a fashion show than just the amazing clothes and to call it "full-on" would be an understatement.

And as all of this preparation takes place, I obviously need to continue running my business. So, yes, it's all a bit manic but it's rather fun manic. As well as previewing my collection, my catwalk show is set to be extra fascinating this year, thanks to a project I've been working on with the techies over at Visa's innovation hub, Visa Europe Collab. How Intel infiltrated New York Fashion Week. © Time Inc. All rights reserved. is a part of the network of sites. Powered by VIP Email address or Password is incorrect Forgot Password? Want the Full Story? Privacy Policy Thank you for your interest in licensing Fortune content. 1. The Best Of Tech Coming Up At London Fashion Week - Forbes. London Fashion Week kicked off this morning, and while there might not be quite as much buzz around tech or digital ideas at the shows as there was in New York this season, there are still a handful of things worth knowing about.

Here’s a highlight of the best: Burberry’s early Snapchat reveal The digital pioneer that is Burberry inevitably came out with something else that ticked that box ahead of its show on Monday. The British heritage brand will take to Snapchat to reveal its new collection to fans not just moments ahead of the audience in attendance as it has in the past, but an entire evening before. The “Snapchat Show” will debut on the app at 7pm London time (2pm EST), and consist of access to the brand’s design studio in London as the finishing touches are put on the looks.

That content will of course then disappear within 24 hours. Burberry has teamed up with Snapchat this season Hunter’s mobile gigs on Periscope Topshop’s Pinterest Palettes Henry Holland’s NFC-enabled wearables. Problem loading page. ​How "smart mirrors" are boosting clothing sales. Fitting rooms haven't exactly kept up with the times.

Many are dingy, with bad lighting that makes almost anyone look worse for wear. But a new twist on the old fitting room basic is changing the way people shop for clothing, with upscale retailers finding so-called "smart mirrors" are actually boosting sales. The mirrors take videos and photos of shoppers in new outfits, allowing the consumers to compare side-by-side images of which ensemble is most flattering. Neiman Marcus, for one, is testing smart mirrors from maker MemoMi in three locations: Walnut Creek, California; San Francisco and Willow Bend, outside of Dallas. The mirrors, which were developed in a top-secret innovation lab in Dallas, are located out on the selling floor, rather than inside the dressing rooms, because of concerns about privacy.

Customers have had a very positive response, which is helping to improve engagement with consumers, said spokeswoman Mimi Sterling. © 2015 CBS Interactive Inc.. The tech we were wearing before wearable tech. At first glance, the building blocks of our wardrobes have barely changed in the last hundred years – or have they? The still-pervasive use of synthetic fabrics, cotton and animal skin may suggest we’re cut from the same cloth, but technology is being ingrained in the DNA of our clothing like never before. Technical fabrics – pervasive on the runway – provide the starting point for clothes that will eventually compute.

Much like “selfie” and “GIF” before it, the term “wearables” is on the fast-track to becoming the zeitgeisty, OED-approved word of the year. 2014 has seen it take on new life at an alarming rate: Google Glass, the smart eyewear derided for looking like something a long-sighted android dreamt up, is proudly on sale at Net-a-Porter. Meanwhile, the highly-anticipated Apple Watch had a launch during Paris Fashion Week, with model Liu Wen’s attendance sparking rumours that she could be the product’s new stylish face. What to wear when it’s raining drones? “Pure Magic”. Art & Science Journal — Technology meets Fashion meets Art: The Beautiful... Fashion meets the future as garments go hi-tech. London fashion week: why technology is in fashion | Media Network. How technology has changed student life.