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Rihanna poses with shirtless love interest Travis Scott in advert for Puma collection. By Fehintola Betiku for MailOnline Published: 13:40 GMT, 16 September 2015 | Updated: 23:32 GMT, 16 September 2015 They appeared to confirm that they're more than friends when they put on a steamy display at a recent New York Fashion Week party.

Rihanna poses with shirtless love interest Travis Scott in advert for Puma collection

Gigi Hadid Balmain For HM Dress NYFW. Luxury brands: higher standards or just a higher mark-up? Do expensive clothes come with a guarantee of ethics?

Luxury brands: higher standards or just a higher mark-up?

If you pay more for clothing, do workers on assembly lines and in cotton fields automatically get paid more? Cheap retailers such as Primark, Tesco and Asda are generally held up as the villains of the industry: accused of driving wages and working conditions down through their desire to sell clothes at extraordinarily cheap prices. Buying expensive clothes is often suggested as an ethical option, with the idea being that designer brands somehow use their profit margins to benefit their workforce. However, a high price tag is no guarantee of ethical practices. Numerous high-end brands including Prada, Hugo Boss and Dolce and Gabbana have been highlighted in a recent Clean Clothes Campaign report on conditions in the “Euro-Mediterranean textile cluster” – the former Soviet countries of eastern Europe plus Turkey. It is low minimum wages that draw corporations to the global south.

How Not to Extend Your Luxury Brand. In 1972, Diane von Furstenberg created the multifunctional wrap dress, which captured the imagination—and the pocketbooks—of a generation.

How Not to Extend Your Luxury Brand

By 1976, she had sold more than five million of her designs and was hailed by Newsweek as “the most marketable woman in fashion since Coco Chanel.” Von Furstenberg didn’t stop there: She developed a line of beauty products and fragrances and stamped her name on everything from luggage to eyewear to jeans to books. From Givenchy and Alexander Wang, Competing Visions of New York. Photo On Sept. 11, as the sun set over the Hudson and bathed in silver and rose, Givenchy held a fashion show on Pier 26, on the far western edges of TriBeCa, in the shadows of the skyline.

From Givenchy and Alexander Wang, Competing Visions of New York

The decision, when first announced, seemed tone deaf. After all, fashion, especially very expensive fashion, with its implied frivolity and self-indulgence (and self-aggrandizement) is generally seen as occupying the opposite extreme from tragedy and sacrifice. To juxtapose the two was to invite public opprobrium. Best designer collaborations in high street history. How did you fare with Alexander Wang X H&M?

Best designer collaborations in high street history

As we countdown to Simone Rocha X Jbrand and Mary Katrantzou X adidas Originals, we recall the best designer collaborations to grace the high street and our wardrobes BY Stephanie Hirschmiller | 06 November 2014 Designer collaboration season is upon us once more and as we begin to plan our campaign for securing Alexander Wang x H&M (gird your loins for November 6) with a military precision guaranteed to surpass the United States' foreign policy, we turn to reflect on our favourite high street capsules in recent memory - of battles lost and won, ones that got away and pangs of buyer's remorse. Everything we know about Balmain for H&M.

Luxury brands still reluctant to embrace e-commerce|WCT. A Chanel outlet in China.

Luxury brands still reluctant to embrace e-commerce|WCT

(Photo/CFP) Many global high-end fashion brands are still hesitant to fully embrace e-commerce despite consumers all over the world showing interest in buying goods online, according to the website of Shanghai's China Business News. Many global luxury brands believe that high-end fashion should have its own unique sales strategies and that embracing the e-commerce would disrupt industry marketing models, the report said. Luxury brands consider that embracing e-commerce channels would unsettle production and sales schedules, said the report. Prestige brands threaten to close Hong Kong stores amid high rents and falling sales. Hong Kong's retail leasing market is in its biggest state of turmoil for a decade - with even global brands warning landlords they will close their stores if rents continue to soar amid falling sales.

Prestige brands threaten to close Hong Kong stores amid high rents and falling sales

As more tourists omit Hong Kong from their shopping itineraries, Helen Mak, senior director at commercial real estate company Colliers International, said: "Luxury retailers are braced for tougher sales, and the industry problem has been compounded by the sharp fall in the [buying power of] the euro and yen. " Luxury brands need to broaden from selling unattainable products to luxury moments. Over the years the word luxury has become so overused that it can now be applied to everything from hotels to toilet paper During the baby boomer generation, must-have designer logos typified the height of luxury.

Luxury brands need to broaden from selling unattainable products to luxury moments

Their unattainability for the masses was seen as the ultimate luxury status symbol. However, over the years the word luxury has become so overused that it can now be applied to everything from hotels to toilet paper. With predictions that the number of luxury consumers will rise to between 380 million and 500 million by 2020, luxury is fast becoming mass-produced. Recent figures show that Europe’s luxury goods stocks were among the worst performers after China devalued its Yuan currency last week. Cartier and Prada Become Bargains Amid Brazil Troubles. Cartier and Louis Vuitton, those global symbols of opulence, suddenly look like bargains in one of the world’s economic trouble spots: Brazil.

Cartier and Prada Become Bargains Amid Brazil Troubles

Because of a plunge in the value of Brazil’s currency, the real, many marquee-name luxury products are now cheaper in Sao Paulo than they are in New York. Not that many ordinary Brazilians can afford the baubles. At Cidade Jardim, an open-air mall with views of Sao Paulo’s business districts, a Cartier Tank Anglaise watch, in gold and steel, costs 32,700 reais, the equivalent of $9,326. On Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, the same watch costs $580 more, taking various sales taxes into account. Celebrities Endorsing luxury Brands.

Forbes Life. Yves Saint Laurent is making a couture comeback.

Forbes Life

The French fashion powerhouse recently unveiled a collection of exclusive pieces for both men and women—the first couture line since the designer took his last bow during his 200th fashion show in 2002. Commanded by the brand’s creative director Hedi Slimane, the collection will be produced at the brand’s new atelier in Paris, tucked inside Hôtel de Sénecterre—a 17th-century mansion along Rue de l’Université—and adorned with art and furnishings sourced from Slimane’s personal archive and the house’s private cache.

Divided into three parts (the Atelier Tailleur, for tailoring; the Atelier Flou, for dressmaking; and the Salon Couture, a dedicated dressing room), the atelier solely fabricates bespoke, handmade garments. Luxury-Brand-Management-18.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 421 pixels) Luxe Strategy: Luxury Brands Using Social Media. Louis Vuitton - Ad Campaign How Should Luxury Brands Engage in Social Media? Luxury Marketing Campaigns. Top 10 luxury brand digital campaigns of Q1. Fabergé 3D window display at Harrods Digital campaigns are an integral element to any brand’s marketing strategy, and many luxury brands introduced new projects to expand their digital offerings in the first quarter of 2015.

Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest users ignore the ads - Fortune. In recent months, it feels like the advertising world’s worst fears have erupted into a full-blown panic. Use of ad blockers is running rampant (last week, Howard Stern introduced ad blockers to a whole new mainstream audience). Click fraud is even more rampant. Fears of cord cutting have finally begun to affect media stocks. And the ad money simply isn’t following the readers to mobile devices. Social media has positioned itself as the savior to these problems, because ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest mimic the activity that regular users are already doing – they just happen to be sponsored. But a new study shows that, ten years into the social media phenomenon, the noise has increased, but engagement has decreased.

According to Forrester, brands are using more social media than ever. Luxury Daily. Luxury faces tough quest for next big market. The author is a Reuters Breakingviews columnist. The opinions expressed are her own. With China demand slowing and a weaker yuan, luxury brands face less fashionable growth. Digital Marketing Strategies of a Luxury Brand. Building a Global Luxury Brand. Luxury brands look to lifestyle. Louis Vuitton, Chanel Rise as Prada Falls in Luxury Brand Survey. Louis Vuitton and Chanel were the only big luxury brands to increase in value last year as the industry grappled with slowing sales in China and Russia, research company Millward Brown said Wednesday in the 2015 BrandZ study. Vuitton gained 6 percent to $27.4 billion, placing LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE’s biggest brand atop the luxury ranking for the 10th straight year.

Chanel’s value rose 15 percent to $9 billion, propelling it to fourth in the list behind second-place Hermes and Kering SA’s Gucci. The value of the top 10 luxury-goods brands -- based on interviews with more than three million consumers and an analysis of companies’ performance -- fell 6 percent, or $7.1 billion, to $105 billion as companies from Prada SpA to Cartier declined. 20 Predictions for the Luxury Goods Industry in 2015 - Luxury Society - Analysis. Welcome to Forbes. Fortune. The luxury brands that bring home the bling - In Photos: World's Most Valuable Luxury Brands. What does the rise of digital marketing mean for luxury brands? The rise of digital marketing is changing the way luxury brands engage with customers, and traditional companies must embrace what is now possible in today’s connected and mobile world or be left behind. Beyond the bling: the most pointless luxuries ever.

Try to imagine a hat made out of golden fleece, a fleece very like the one that Jason brought back from Colchis. The gold has been spun into the finest of threads, one-fifth of a human hair in diameter, before being woven and braided into a close-fitting cap that looks as if it belongs to a particularly flashy Cossack. Hermes second-quarter sales boosted by Japan. Hermes, maker of the £50,000 crocodile skin Birkin bag and the £195 keyring, has weathered the downturn in demand for luxury goods in Hong Kong, unveiling a 9% surge in first-half revenues. Designer retailers have reported a collapse in demand from the key Hong Kong market since the democracy demonstrations earlier this year, but wealthy Chinese shoppers have taken their business elsewhere, and have been taking advantage of exchange rate fluctuations to buy at lower prices in Japan and Europe. Jane Birkin asks Hermès to remove her name from handbag after Peta exposé. Untitled. The suffering of crocodiles at leather farms for Hermes bags into exposed in video.

What Makes a Luxury Brand? Burberry’s CEO on Turning an Aging British Icon into a Global Luxury Brand. Photography: Getty Images The Idea: Before Angela Ahrendts became Burberry’s CEO, licensing threatened to destroy the brand’s unique strengths. Market turmoil hitting luxury brands - Business Insider. REUTERS/Hannibal HanschkeA member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) covered with artificial blood, stands on fur during a protest against the use of fur in front of a boutique of luxury goods company Burberry in Berlin April 12, 2007. Is Luxury Branding Bad for Society? The Economist explains: China's addiction to luxury goods.

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