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10 Serious Road Trip Tips [DON'T MISS] With the sudden strike of an unknown virus, life on planet Earth will never be the same again!

10 Serious Road Trip Tips [DON'T MISS]

Ok. Cutting off with too much drama, let’s get straight to the point. When we think of road trips a lot comes to mind. At once. Too many thoughts… it safe? What are the odds? But wait, stop take a deep breath and read on. Road trips are so much fun and cozy when it comes to traveling. What can be better than having your family in your own car, enjoying the road for days on end? Honestly, it will be the most memorable experience of your life. It will be your own unique story and in the end, you will get a bag full of memories. I have been to many road trips within India, so far. And from personal experience and expert guidance I would say the right question to ask is, “what mistakes to avoid when on a road trip?”

To answer the latter, of course, you should go! 1. When your sole means of transport for the entire vacay is your private vehicle, you cannot afford to be whimsical. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Top 5 Travel Photography Tips and Techniques to Slay An Instagram Feed. Most GenX travelers are equally excited about taking good pics as they for traveling to a new destination.

Top 5 Travel Photography Tips and Techniques to Slay An Instagram Feed

And understandably so. With our smartphone more and more equipped with high-end cameras, we are spoilt with the greed of good pics. One does not need to be a professional to take good pictures today. With a little know-how of some travel photography tips and techniques, we all can click eyeball grabbing pic on our next vacation. Hop on our photography tips ride today. 5 Outstanding Travel Photography Tips From The Masters. 10 Best Travel Apps You Must Install While Traveling.

With the onset of technology, traveling has become much more manageable.

10 Best Travel Apps You Must Install While Traveling

Traveling folks are just a few steps away from certain magical and the best travel apps in their smart devices by which they can experience a hassle-free holiday. We have decided to compile a list of some basic yet essential travel apps for android or iOS that you must download before you head out for your next trip. Do note that some functionalities of some apps are restricted by region and local policies. Top 10 Summer Travel Essentials You Must Carry. Summer smells of holidays.

Top 10 Summer Travel Essentials You Must Carry

The best tourist spots are the busiest when the sun shines it’s hottest. Travelers face a lot of issues when they travel in really hot and humid areas. In some places, summers are the best season, so much so that a bunch of Sonnets was inspired by it (Yes, I am referring to England). Traveling in summer is a tab bit different and so here’s our roundup of top 10 summer travel essentials you must carry. 7 Most Beautiful Places in the World [Roundup] When we say the most beautiful places in the world, it doesn’t refer to just the unidirectional beauty of some common destination.

7 Most Beautiful Places in the World [Roundup]

Again, it doesn’t refer to some exotic location that is too good to look at. The definition of beauty in this article is deeper. It is in the story behind the place, the past a certain location still clings to, the time it has existed, nature, it’s ethos, and so on. This is our roundup of the top 7 beautiful places you must visit before you die Be it nature itself, or nature’s most amazing creation- humans, both have played interdependent roles in shaping the planet where we live in.

How Ritchie Achieves Printer-Like Perfection In His Art. Zurich-based letterer Ritchie’s art is mostly all about alphabets.

How Ritchie Achieves Printer-Like Perfection In His Art

Words, short sentences, and so on, done to an electrifying perfection. Some would call it Graffiti, while some would think of it as 3D art. And to how Ritchie explains, we guess his work is multitalented to feel like both the ways. What Ritchie’s nearly 80k fans on Instagram admire and love about his work is perhaps a destiny the artist has tapped through years of evolution and grappling with talent. A combination of techniques and an urge to add more visual effects, his works are exuberant to a point you will feel they’re freshly printed from a high-resolution printer. “Actually everything (started) with graffiti when I was around 16 years old,” Ritchie tells WeTheWorld Magazine about his art form. Artist's balloon sculptures are so realistic, one of them triggered my arachnophobia. A Yokohama-based artist is spinning everyone’s head with his art.

Artist's balloon sculptures are so realistic, one of them triggered my arachnophobia

How? Simply using balloons. Yes, that’s right. Masayoshi Matsumoto, from Japan, portrays creatures from a heartwarming poodle dog to a voracious vermin, all using balloons. Balloon art in itself is common, with vendors, and street-sellers and artists making different elements from it. I mean, speaking about me as an arachnophobic, which I am, I am trying not to look at the artist’s spider and other arachnids in his repertoire. Ten images captured by Kolkata photographer show India is a world in itself - We The World Magazine. You have been photographing for so many years now, we tell Deb Lahiri — former Deputy Vice President of Reliance Life Insurance Company, who’s currently self-employed — yet your captures show the mastery of a full-time photographer, how do you manage?

Ten images captured by Kolkata photographer show India is a world in itself - We The World Magazine

He answers: job and passion are two different things. “By profession, Insurance may be my employment, but by heart, I am a visual artist.” He doesn’t believe he is a landscape photographer, perhaps too humble to do so, but his work is there to balance his humbleness. Ten images captured by Kolkata photographer show India is a world in itself - We The World Magazine. Singapore's adorable otters are showing their daring side. Singapore’s otters, which are often adored for their slippy-sloppy antics have recently raised alarms over some daring activities the animals have shown with the city mostly in lockdown.

Singapore's adorable otters are showing their daring side

The animals have started to show up in unusual places of Singapore like shopping malls, as the city-state observes strict lockdown to contain the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. And some of their dos are a little too daring to adore. Recently, they’ve been spotted sauntering through a hospital corridor and even hanging out on a shopping center.

But a group of otters feasting over a thousand dollars fish from a spa pond has sparked outrage, Agence France Presse reports. Three cities in China permanently banned wildlife meat trade. China’s capital city Beijing has announced a permanent ban on wildlife meat trade in the city, along with forbidding dog and cat-eating.

Three cities in China permanently banned wildlife meat trade

This announcement is followed by two other Chinese cities of Shenzhen and Zhuhai, according to reports. With many countries across the globe pointing fingers at China for negligence in spreading the COVID pandemic to the world, the country is constantly facing severe criticism. It is not unknown that the Chinese population consumes a variety of wild creatures that many people even find gross. China is also associated with cruel practices in the realm of using animals for consumption or as a commodity. Hundreds of sheep invade town in Turkey, while people see them from indoors - We The World Magazine.

Hundreds of sheep flocked the empty streets of the Turkish town of Samsun, footage captured by a local reported show the amazing display. Not everyday city-dwellers get to see a whole fleet of the fluffy animals parading the empty streets. Whereas how the animals came remains unclear, the sight was certainly worth watching. 12 funny animal compilations that prove they're the ultimate entertainers. We’re surrounded by animals all the time. Birds, cats, dogs, cows, squirrels. And since they’re so much a part of our lives, we tend to forget how entertainers they’re unless some hilarious moments are captured and shared by pet owners who found them in the humorous acts. Analysis finds THIS is Hollywood's most difficult accent to master.

Are you the one to wince every time an actor mispronounces English while trying to emulate a particular accent? Do you have your opinion on which accent is the hardest to master and which isn’t? Are you accent-nazi? Well, tune-in with a recent analysis that states which English accent is the most difficult to master and which movies from Hollywood did the worse to retain it. Check out if you were correct or wrong all along.

This sunglass from Futuremood is going to change the way you feel. You can’t wear them while driving, Futuremood warns, “because the effects can be intense.” A California-based optics company is betting to usher a new era of sunglasses. This time, apart from delivering style, UV protection, and all the usuals, you will pop on a pair of future on your eyes (with swag) to change your mood. And it is not all talks. Futuremood, the company behind this potentially game-changing glasses has science backing their venture. Billie Eilish's new short film is a resounding 'I don't care' to shammers - We The World Magazine. Billie Eilish’s 3:41-min short film slaps the shammers with a resounding narrative concluding no one should take the responsibility of other’s opinion.

The teen-icon is often vocal about the body-issue and this new shortfilm shouts out loud in her siganture whisper-tone. In the clip, Eilish can be seen alone, wearing a baggy hoodie and the camera gradually pans towards her in the dark backdrop. The singer slowly unzips the outfit- a rare revealing for the pop-singer who is mostly seen in signature baggy outfits. Then she asks a series of questions: “Do you know me? Really know me?” You might also like “Some people hate what I wear, some people praise it,” she goes on. “… But I feel you watching. Dr. Li Wenliang, the virus whistleblower, now in a storybook by NYT bestseller author.

Dr. JK Rowling's all-new fairytale 'The Ickabog' is in, read it free online. Could a bottle of hand sanitizer in hot car explode? Here's clearing the controversy - We The World Magazine. Could a bottle of hand sanitizer in hot car explode? Turns out, PK's 'Tapasvi Maharaj' was just ahead of time as Faiths around the world go online - We The World Magazine. Adding 'Garam Masala' among other spices linked to lower inflammation in the body, Study finds - We The World Magazine. A recent study published in the journal of nutrition found individuals who consumed a mix of six spices with their high fat and carbohydrate meal, had lesser markers of inflammation, than those who did not have the spices in their meal. The researchers used a blend of black pepper, bay leaf, cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, coriander, all of which qualify in the common Indian spice blend called ‘Garam masala,’ used extensively in households. Other spices used in the study were turmeric, basil, ginger, red pepper, parsley, oregano, rosemary, and thyme, for the free controlling and randomized study.

While the study specifically doesn’t mention Garam masala, it definitely includes spices that is perhaps present in almost every Indian household including ginger, turmeric, red pepper, and basil at times. “We can’t say from this study if it was one spice in particular, but this specific blend seemed to be beneficial,” associate professor of nutritional sciences Cony Rodgers was quoted as saying. Inspiration behind JK Rowling’s Harry Potter- Revealed!!! - We The World Magazine.

Harry Potter never grows old. Sometimes through conspiracy theories, through speculations or sometimes through fond remembrance, Harry Potter finds its way back to its fans across the globe almost every year, long after the last book was published or the previous movie released. Coronavirus: Las Vegas artists honor healthcare workers in powerful painting - We The World Magazine.

'An incalculable loss;' New York Times' front page marks heartbreaking US virus milestone - We The World Magazine. The front page of Sunday’s New York Times has no image, no news headlines, no advertisements whatsoever. Study finds penguin poop contains intense amounts of laughing gas - We The World Magazine.

Penguin poop can ruin your whole trip to Antarctica by making you laugh left and right! Sounds crazy? 10 Mental Health Practices You Shouldn't Miss. Of all the scary by-products of a pandemic, mental health issues during COVID 19 has become worth concern. From shooting & suffocating animals to Coronavirus hotspots, the grim truth of slaughterhouses will make you skip the meat - We The World Magazine. Salvage firm to access the forbidden ruins of the Titanic after modified court ruling - We The World Magazine.

'Money Heist' star Alba Flores (Nairobi) features in stunning new PETA ad, urges fans to go veg - We The World Magazine. The Zen way of living is so close to what I need to stay centered in this trying times - We The World Magazine. Fell in love with criminals of Money Heist? It’s the power of storytelling to uphold resistance - We The World Magazine. Constipated lizard broke record of having the largest amount of poop in any animals - We The World Magazine. In picture: fans recreate Met Gala looks for the virtual #Met Gala Challenge - We The World Magazine. Dad gives funny kids' drawings real-life rendition and the results are hilarious - We The World Magazine. EXCLUSIVE: Japanese artist talks about ‘Zen art’ on bread which is winning the world's heart - We The World Magazine.

Homecoming after 20-years: Thailand elephants return ‘home’ as tourism stutters - We The World Magazine. Swiss project ‘Urine Express’ to put human pee into sustainable use - We The World Magazine. 12 funny animal compilations that prove they're the ultimate entertainers. What kids around the world stash into their pockets? Here's an adorable journey into their world - We The World Magazine. WARNING: Museums around the world share their scary collections - We The World Magazine. Urban Farming: A New Hope In The Horizon Of Indian Agriculture - We The World Magazine. Hyperloop plan targets Paris to Amsterdam in 90 minutes - We The World Magazine. Furry Instagram dog hosts virtual trip to Switzerland for his followers - We The World Magazine. We The World Magazine - Trending.