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I am a health blogger, And I am committed to raising awareness against gynecological health issues in Singapore.

4 Essential Vaccines Every Woman Needs. A common myth amongst Singaporeans is that vaccination is primarily for travellers.

4 Essential Vaccines Every Woman Needs

This belief resulted in a low immunisation rate in Singapore, with less than twenty per cent for adults and less than ten per cent for those aged fifty to sixty-nine. Contrary to what many Singaporeans believed, vaccination is essential, especially for ageing people, to give them the best shot of long-term health. Vaccination can protect women against certain preventable diseases. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention recommends women get an annual assessment for the risk of infections due to age, health, occupation, lifestyle, travel, and vaccination history. Here are some of the essential vaccines every Singaporean woman should take. HPV or Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Most cancers of the cervical are linked to the human papillomavirus or HPV. Girls ages eleven or twelve should get the vaccination. Varicella or Chickenpox Vaccine MMR Vaccine Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis Vaccine. What Are The Top 5 Adolescent Gynecology Problems? Adolescent gynaecology is a medical speciality that handles gynaecological issues of adolescent girls or younger females.

What Are The Top 5 Adolescent Gynecology Problems?

The World Health Organisation describes adolescence as those within the age group of ten to nineteen years. Unlike the body of a woman, an adolescent girl’s body is less developed and still growing. Gynaecological concerns in adolescents are typical. While severe pathology is rare, discomfort and distress can be significant. Recommended Women's Health Screenings for All Life Stages. Breast cancer is the most typical cancer among women in Singapore.

Recommended Women's Health Screenings for All Life Stages

Similar to most cancer types, breast cancers’ exact cause is unknown. Breast cancer cells typically develop a tumour that patients can typically feel as lumps or can be seen through an x-ray. All women are at risk of breast cancer, and the risk of developing it increases as she grows older. Guide to Managing a High-Risk Pregnancy - Healthy Mom. Some women may have a prior health condition leading to a complication during pregnancy, while others might have a health issue that arises during their pregnancy.

Guide to Managing a High-Risk Pregnancy - Healthy Mom

Understanding the potential areas of concerns is critical to ensure expectant mothers are prepared should they have a high-risk pregnancy. Pregnancy is generally considered high-risk where potential complications exist, which affects the baby, the mother or both. High-risk pregnancies need special management by specialists to ensure the best result from both mother and child. Tips for Preventing a Recurrence of Breast Cancer.

While initial breast cancer treatment may eliminate all cancer cells, a few may have escaped the treatment and managed to survive.

Tips for Preventing a Recurrence of Breast Cancer

Recurrent breast cancer may happen months or years after the initial treatment. The tumour may either grow in the same location as original cancer (known as local recurrence) or may spread to other body areas (known as distant recurrence) Knowing that you have recurrent breast cancer may even be more challenging than dealing with the initial diagnosis. Hence, reducing and preventing the chance of breast cancer recurrence is critical. Here are the best tips to help you better cope with breast cancer treatment’s side effects and to decrease the risk of breast cancer recurrence.

To be mentally healthy, be sure sometimes to put your needs first. If you have any concern or fear, do not be afraid to reach out and speak with your doctor. Fibroids During Pregnancy: Symptoms, Effects, and Treatments. Blog Post - Health Corner SG. See your ideas come to life.

Blog Post - Health Corner SG

Create your FREE website today! How to Deal with Morning Sickness: 7 Effective Tips - healthcorner. The horrible vomiting and nausea, which many Singaporean pregnant women experience, can occur at any time of the day despite being called morning sickness.

How to Deal with Morning Sickness: 7 Effective Tips - healthcorner

It is usually diagnosed according to the pregnant woman’s signs and symptoms. It can begin as soon as six weeks into pregnancy and peak as the mother reaches around eight to ninth weeks of pregnancy. Morning sickness can make you feel distressed and uncomfortable. Severe morning sickness can even impact your daily life. Fortunately, this is a treatable condition. 8 Warning Signs of Gynaecologic Cancer Women Should Not Ignore. While it is natural for a woman’s body to go through some changes over time, some changes can be a sign of cancer.

8 Warning Signs of Gynaecologic Cancer Women Should Not Ignore

The Singapore Cancer Society reported that gynaecological cancers are amongst the top ten most common cancers affecting women in Singapore today. The key to spotting the difference between normal and abnormal, cancerous development in your body is by understanding your body well and seeking medical attention promptly. Here are the signs and symptoms of gynaecologic cancer women should not ignore. 10 Critical Tips to Prevent Infection During Pregnancy - VipsPatel. Viral and bacterial infections can be devastating for many people.

10 Critical Tips to Prevent Infection During Pregnancy - VipsPatel

Infections that happen either before or during pregnancy can affect both the mother and the developing baby. It can lead to severe disease, congenital issues, and lifelong disabilities, including learning disabilities and hearing loss. Therefore, pregnant women should take precautions. Planning to Conceive? Here’s What You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Fertility. Pre-Pregnancy vs. Fertility Check: What’s the Difference? - Health Corner Singapore. One of the most exciting choices couples would make is to have a baby.

Pre-Pregnancy vs. Fertility Check: What’s the Difference? - Health Corner Singapore

Before having a baby, they would typically undergo some screening examination to improve their chances of having a healthy pregnancy. Common screening tests they have to go through are the pre-pregnancy and fertility checks. While both of these tests seem similar, they are entirely different. This article will walk you through the key differences between a pre-pregnancy check and a fertility check, and which test you should take. 7 Expert Tips for Maintaining Vaginal Health - gynae singapore gynae clinic vaginal health. A Beginner’s Guide to Deal with Menopause. 5 Effective Gynaecologists Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant - Health Corner : powered by Doodlekit. A First-Time Mother’s Guide to the Common Childbirth and Delivery Options in Singapore. Vaginal delivery is the oldest and most natural way of giving birth.

In a normal vaginal delivery, the mother would experience every early phase of labour. The initial stage includes water-breaking, which involves the bursting of the amniotic sac, a membrane filled with fluid that surrounds and protects the baby inside the mother’s womb, releasing a clear, odourless fluid. 5 Common Health Issues Faced By Singaporean Women. While women and men share certain common health risks, women have a higher risk of some diseases, particularly those relating to maternal problems and the reproductive system.

Some of the health problems that women in Singapore experience are a result of their fast-paced modern lifestyle or due to their specific build. To detect these illnesses in their early stage and get proper treatment fast, women should go for regular screening to recommended women’s clinic Singapore. This article shares the five common types of women’s health concerns in Singapore. SingHealth reported that over twenty-five per cent of all cancers diagnosed in women is breast cancer, which makes it the most common cancer type amongst Singaporean women. Emily Teo — 5 Common Health Issues Faced By Singaporean Women... 4 Disadvantages When Skipping Regular Gynaecologist Visit. Gynaecologists handle diseases related to the female reproductive system.

6 Essential Things to Know Before Your First Gynecology Examination. Posted by EmilyTeo on June 25th, 2020 Visiting a gynaecologist is inevitable if you are a woman. But the first gynaecology examination may sound terrifying for many women. What You Need to Know About Caring for Women’s Health in Singapore. The rapid economic progress of Singapore has triggered significant social transformation, including an increasing number of women entering the workforce. Why You Should Visit a Gynaecologist in Singapore? - Emily Teo - Medium.

Top Considerations When Choosing Your Gynaecologist in Singapore – Health Corner Singapore. Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Gynaecologist During Your Pregnancy - Health Corner By Emily Teo. Having a baby is one of the most joyful moments in the life of any woman. And yet, it may also be the most stressful period of time, especially for the first-time mother. Most of them find it awkward to open up delicate issues to a doctor, needing time, and the right chemistry to build enough trust with one another.